Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 357

Chapter 357 suppressed
Chapter 357 - Suppressed

What exactly are the rewards for completing this honorable quest?

Qin Nan asked.

When the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground is active, the Qinglong Sacred Area and the Feiyang Sacred Area will send six peak Martial Emperor Realm disciples each to participate in the trial. Apart from the two Sacred Areas, the rogue cultivators and the geniuses representing each country would take part in it too. The custodian continued, The trial of the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground has three winners in total, and if you are one of them, you will be rewarded with three Primary Stones. If you are able to lead two other disciples of the Sacred Area and assist them in also becoming winners, you will be rewarded with ten Primary Stones!

Ten Primary Stones!

A fiery glow burst out from Qin Nans eyes.

He had only managed to acquire one hundred and ten thousand Contribution Points after robbing every single participant in the competition at the City of Black Hands, not to mention that he was only allowed to trade the points for at most three Primary Stones each day. In comparison, the reward for the quest was no doubt incredible.

Furthermore, Qin Nans cultivation had reached the peak Martial Emperor Realm, allowing him to take part in this trial of the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground to further improve his cultivation by acquiring the fortunate encounter.

Thanks, senior!

Qin Nan brought his fists together at the custodian before he left the Quest Hall under his astonished gaze and reverted back to his true appearance.

I shall participate with my real identity. Lets hope the geniuses at the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground dare to compete with me this time!

A smile appeared on Qin Nans face.

Now that his name had been made known to the entire lower district, unlike before, not many cultivators dared to trouble him.

However, if his opponents did not even have the courage to challenge him, he would completely lose interest in it.

Time to accept the quest!

Qin Nan took out the Qinglong Scroll and accepted the honorable quest.

Congratulations Prospective Saint Qin Nan for accepting the honorable quest. Now that all six candidates have been found, please head straight to Duanmu Peaks training ground A voice was transmitted from the Qinglong Scroll into his mind.

Qin Nan kicked his foot at the ground and headed straight to the dojo.

...Meanwhile, in the Quest Hall...

A cultivator suddenly screamed after seeing the names listed on the honorable quest that was just being accepted.

Holy shit! Qin Nan is going to the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground!

The scream served as a bomb exploding in the ears of the crowd.


HAHA, those bastards from the Feiyang Sacred Area are going to suffer this time!

Tsk tsk, the Feiyang Sacred Area was the winner last year, but we Qinglong Sacred Area are definitely going to be the winner this time!

Not a single cultivator was not startled by the news.

Since the honorable quests would bring great honor to the sect, not only did the sects authorities care, the disciples of the sect cared too.

Sometimes, its all about the fame when cultivators compete with one another!

Qin Nan? Did Qin Nan take the last spot? Sigh, it seems like the young disciple that came here just now ran out of luck!

The custodian who was chatting with Qin Nan previously let out a sigh. In his opinion, this newly recruited disciple of Sacred Leader Qinglong could not be weaker than Qin Nan, but it was unfortunate that he was a step slower.

...Duanmu Peaks dojo...

Above the dojo, an old blue-haired man floated in mid-air as his body emitted a terrifying aura of the Martial Dominator Realm.

Below him were five disciples, with a few sitting down meditating while the others were immersed in their own thoughts.


The old blue-haired man suddenly wore an excited expression as he burst out yelling, Qin Nan is taking part in the trial of the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground!

The five disciples were startled after hearing the words. Following this, their eyes started flickering while their minds were filled with various complicated thoughts.

Elder, Im Qin Nan!

At that instant, Qin Nan had arrived at the dojo, as he brought his fists together toward the old blue-haired man.

The five disciples gathered their focus onto Qin Nans figure, with complicated looks in their eyes.

The old blue-haired man wore a joyful expression as he spoke, I did not expect you to be interested in taking part in the trial. In all seriousness, you must try your best too, and teach those pricks from the Feiyang Sacred Area a nice lesson. Alrighty, these five disciples will be going to the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground too. They are all ranked in the top-ten of the Qinglong Disciples Ranking; their talents should not be underestimated.

Nice to meet you, Im Zhang Fei! A bulky man was the first one to greet him with a smile.

My name is Lin Xiaoyu. Among the five disciples, a weak-looking girl with a slightly nervous appearance said in a soft tone.

I am Wang Yang!

Hi Brother Qin, its fine to call me Xiao San.


The first four disciples were relatively welcoming; only the last young man wearing a black shirt let out a harrumph, with a disdainful look on his face.

The harrumph was quite loud, causing the group to be startled, and instinctively glance toward the young black-shirted man.

Liang Kai, whats with your attitude? The old blue-haired mans expression darkened as he snapped, Let me remind youJunior Brother Qin Nan is the Prospective Saint of the Qinglong Sacred Area, and is also the strongest disciple on your team. You guys will have to rely on him to complete the honorable quest. Mind your attitude!

Qin Nans expression remained calm. Not a single change to his emotions could be seen.

He was quite familiar with the name Liang Kai, who appeared to be the second-ranked disciple in the Qinglong Disciples Ranking, a rank lower than himself. With a glance, Qin Nan could see his Martial Spirit was sixth-grade Xuan ranked and his Martial Skill mastery had reached the Force Accumulating Realmworthy to be considered a peerless genius.

Rely on him?

Liang Kai let out a hollow laugh as he said, Custodian, I dont agree with your words! Although Qin Nan is strong, I dont think he alone is enough to compete with the others in the trial of the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground. I have to say, Im yet to be convinced of his talent!

Meanwhile, a ferocious aura was fired into the sky from his body.

As a peerless genius, Liang Kai thought he could receive all the attention after joining the Sacred Area. Unfortunately, Qin Nans sudden appearance had grabbed all the attention of the authorities, and robbed him of the first rank in the Qinglong Disciples Ranking. Besides that, he had initially planned to showcase his talent during the trial of the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground, but to his surprise, he had bumped into Qin Nan once again!

This caused him to feel extremely depressed, I never had any conflict with you, and yet why are you troubling me?

You The old blue-haired man was about to become enraged.

Custodian, hold up. Qin Nan let out a smile and said, Its his problem that he could not accept the truth. Theres no need to waste our time here, lets move out at once.

This The old blue-haired man was slightly hesitant. He had been planning to make Liang Kai mad with his words so that Qin Nan would interfere by showing his stance, but the outcome was not what he had expected.

Who the hell said Qin Nan was a hot-tempered person?

Why was he not showing any reaction?

Theres no need to waste our time here?

Liang Kai became furious after hearing this as he snapped, Qin Nan, I challenge you to a duel, eat this!

This Liang Kai was instead quite hot-tempered, who dashed forward like a missile without any hesitation, while hurling his punch in Qin Nans direction.

The punch was nothing ordinary; the Force Accumulating Realms intent exploded from it, and it appeared that he had executed some Martial Skill causing the invisible force at the top of his fist to turn visible into a whirlpool spinning at an insane speed, as if it was able to crush anything it encountered. The other four disciples were stunned witnessing this. The attack had fully utilized the strength of the Force Accumulating Realm, something that they had yet to master.

Piss off!

Qin Nans eyes turned cold as a boundless imperious aura was emitted from his left eye.

Now that his cultivation had reached the peak Martial Emperor Realm, the power of his Suppression of the Divine God of Battle was much greater than before.


A loud explosion could be heard.

The whirlpool at the top of Liang Kais fist was instantly shattered, causing him to wear an astonished expression. He immediately tried to escape, but to his surprise, his reaction was too late, as his body was crushed by the Suppression of the Divine God of Battle.


A scream in pain could be heard, as if an enormous invisible mountain was crushing down onto Liang Kais figure, causing his body to bend forward. If Liang Kai did not try his best to resist it, his body would be crushed by the suppression immediately.


The four disciples were dumbfounded.

Even the old blue-haired man was shocked.

Was he still human?

Did he just defeat the second-ranked disciple in the Qinglong Disciples Ranking, Liang Kai, with just the words piss off?