Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 374

Chapter 374 the imperial exterminators arrival
Chapter 374 - The Imperial Exterminators Arrival


Qin Nan was startled.

The Demonic Spiritual Fire was unable to be detected. Even the power of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core was unable to defend against it.


Qin Nans face became twisted as he uttered a cry in agony.

The acute pain of the Demonic Spiritual Fire burning his soul was far more painful than the layers of his heart being sliced continuously!

HAHA, thats for threatening me!

The Demonic-Cored Highness burst out laughing.

Werent you being full of yourself just then?

Why werent you saying anything now!?

I shall devour your body first!

The Demonic-Cored Highness let out a hideous smile.

Even though he was a Martial Highness, his cultivation was not strong enough to rob Qin Nans flesh with brute force. His only option was to devour his flesh first, then his thoughts, and his soul last. Following this, Qin Nans will would be thoroughly eliminated.

When the time came, he could then use his demonic Martial Art to occupy his being.

The Art of Boundless Tranquility!

The stone figure of the Demonic-Cored Highness was covered with densely packed runes filled with the color of blood, which all ended up on his eyes, before a glow was emitted into Qin Nans body.


The flames encapsulating Qin Nans body were immediately extinguished. His flesh covered with bloody wounds suddenly stiffened, as if he had lost his senses.


Qin Nans twisted expression that was filled with utter pain stiffened too. His entire body was immobilized. Even the cry of pain he had just emitted was halted halfway.

In other words, Qin Nans flesh was now out of his control.

I shall devour your mind now!

The hideous smile on the Demonic-Cored Highness face grew thicker, as his eyes fired two rays of bloody light once again, penetrating Qin Nans mind.

Following this, a bloody figure gradually appeared in Qin Nans mind, which was none other than the Demonic-Cored Highness.

F**k! Nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang? And he also practiced some sort of Divine Sense technique?

The Demonic-Cored Highness was astounded.

Even he had not possessed such an outstanding Divine Sense when his cultivation had reached the peak Martial Emperor Realm.

Hmm? Whats this?

The Demonic-Cored Highness suddenly saw a copper mirror floating in the center of the Divine Sense.

It must be an incredible artifact!

The Demonic-Cored Highness was filled with a hint of joy when he realized that he was unable to peek through the copper mirror. This Qin Nan is giving me too many surprisesnot only did he have a powerful flesh, his Divine Sense is outstanding too, in addition to the artifact he saw!

I will surely become the ruler of the lower district. No, Ill be heading to the upper district!

The Demonic-Cored Highness was extremely excited. Without any hesitation, he immediately reached out his hand and executed a hand seal to execute the Mind-Restricting Technique.


Countless pitch-black chains could be seen bursting out from his body like snakes, aiming at Qin Nans Divine Sense.


The copper mirror in the center of the Divine Sense suddenly fired out a terrifying aura, as an icy female voice similar to the ancient thunder of the Nine Heavens said, How bold!

The Demonic-Cored Highness was exceedingly startled.

Why did the aura cause him to feel intimidated!?

Did that mean this copper mirror was actually a superb artifact?

At that instant, the Demonic-Cored Highness felt like he had stumbled into a great foe, but the copper mirror showed no reaction after a period of over ten breaths time, as if its atavistic power was being completely sealed off by a specific force.

HAHA, so it cant even exhort its power!

The Demonic-Cored Highness was instantly aware of this fact and turned joyful. He then executed his Mind-Restricting Technique, causing the chains to swiftly spread out and seal the entire Divine Sense!

The copper mirror was sealed by the chains as well without showing any reaction, allowing the Demonic-Cored Highness to let out a sigh of relief. The aura that had been emitted from the copper mirror before was too terrifying. Even he could not comprehend its secrets.

The flesh and the Divine Sense are both sealed off. Its time to thoroughly destroy his soul!

The Demonic-Cored Highness wore an excited expression while glancing at Qin Nans figure.

This was a peerless genius!

His talent and possessions are all going to be mine soon!

The Demonic Spiritual Fire refining nine-layers of the void, burn at once!

The Demonic-Cored Highness uttered a roar, causing his entire figure to be ignited with a blazing fire.

He had been forced to seal off his cultivation when he was being hunted by the two Sacred Areas. Although it had slowly recovered now, his power was not strong enough to execute the Soul-Burning Technique, thus he had no choice but to sacrifice his life force in exchange for a temporary burst of power!


A powerful Demonic Spiritual Fire burst out from the Demonic-Cored Highness figure, which was ten times stronger than the previous flames. The fire spread forward and fully encapsulated Qin Nans body.

Following this, a mystical glowan illusionary figure with Qin Nans appearanceslowly emerged from his body, wearing an agonized expression.

The figure was none other than Qin Nans spirit, his internal being.

Demonic Demonic-Cored High Highness, you better better stop it at once... Otherwise While screaming in agony, Qin Nan still managed to utter the words.

F**k, you still dare to threaten me under such circumstances! Be consumed!

The Demonic-Cored Highness became enraged.

Even though this guy possesses great talents, theres definitely something wrong with his brain!

He still dared to threaten him at this moment?

Following his anger, the Demonic Spiritual Flame grew even more ferocious. The glow of Qin Nans virtual figure continued to be weakened, as if it would completely dissipate at any time soon.

The Demonic-Cored Highness was excited seeing this, who could not help but burst out laughing, HAHA, Qin Nan, see that, once your soul was completely combusted, you will no longer exist in this world, and I shall acquire your tal

His laughter came to a stop all of a sudden, as the expression on his face stiffened.


The sky above the island trembled vigorously. A pressuring suppression could be felt being accumulated at the same time.


A piercing sound could be heard.

A pitch-black saber suddenly appeared above the island as if it had just traveled through a boundless distance. A murderous intent appeared from nowhere and encapsulated the entire area like a surging tide exploding when the valve was opened.

This is

The Demonic-Cored Highness was startled.

Why was this black saber so familiarwhere did I see it before?

For some reason, he failed to recall it.


The sky above the island suddenly crumbled as an old man slowly walked out from the crack.

The old man held the soaring saber firmly in his hand as he glanced downward at the island with a pair of deep-looking eyes.

Who the hell is this guy, capable of seeing through my forbidding aura!

The Demonic-Cored Highness face instantly turned pale.

He could sense that the old mans cultivation was extremely terrifying, indicating that he was currently in a grave danger!


The Demonic-Cored Highness immediately went mad. Either way, his priority now was to devour Qin Nan.

If this guy was one of the experts from the two Sacred Areas, after discovering that Qin Nan was devoured, he might spare my life and even recruit me to his Sacred Area due to my outstanding talents!

If Qin Nan were to die, he would become worthless, thus there was no point of avenging him!

The old man wore a calm expression and showed no sign of interfering. Instead, he said in a calm tone, Who are you? My name is Tang Qingshan!


The Demonic-Cored Highness felt like there was an explosion taking place in his mind, causing his actions to be halted.

Tang Tang Qingshan?