Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 396

Chapter 396 competing for the jade boats
Chapter 396 - Competing for the Jade Boats

Ying Xunlong and Xue Wuheng, they are both ranked in the top ten in the ranking among the custodians!

Why are they coming to the Triple Door?

Im afraid its because of the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains taking place in three months time!

The inn was immersed in a loud chatter.

These cultivators were here to cultivate in the Triple Door mainly to prepare themselves for the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains, as it was a grand annual occasion of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

Qin Nan entered the inn and brought his fists together toward the cultivator yelling and asked, Fellow cultivator, Im not too familiar with the Triple Door. Do you mind explaining it to me?

The cultivator was startled, and realized that the person before him was somewhat familiar, but he did not overthink it. He then waved his hand in an impatient manner and said, You are a new disciple, right? Dont ask me such a simple question! Listen to me guys, allow me to tell you about the pill that Qin Nan refined

The other cultivators in the inn ignored Qin Nans presence as their attention was attracted by the story.

After all, the pill that Qin Nan had refined not only shocked the entire Caomu Peak, it also staggered countless people of the Qinglong Sacred Area.

At that instant, a figure suddenly appeared.

It was a man wearing a long silver robe with his hair tied up in a bun that was held in place with a white feather. His eyes flickered with an energetic look, while his body emitted an exceptional aura as if he was beyond the world, causing the crowd to have the tendency to bow down to him.

While he was approaching them, he blatantly displayed his cultivation of the seventh-layer Martial Ancestor Realm in a ferocious manner, attracting the attention of everyone.

Isnt this Xue Wuheng!

Hes here!

The cultivators in the inn were astonished.

Xue Wuheng wore an icy expression. As he arrived ten meters away from the inns entrance, he suddenly frowned his eyebrows and spoke without glancing at Qin Nan, I have a rulethose below the fifth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm are not allowed within ten meters of me. Since its the first time that youve broken the rule, Ill forgive you for now, but do remember to take the initiative and keep a distance from me next time.

After saying this, he directly entered the inn without turning his head around. As expected, the cultivators immediately cleared a path for him, not daring to offend him.

After all, the difference between them and Xue Wuheng in terms of the ranking of custodians was extremely huge.

Qin Nan was left speechless. He had only intended to learn some information about the Triple Door, and not only was he ignored, someone even treated him like an annoyance.

Screw it, Ill ask someone else!

Qin Nan turned around and prepared to leave.

To his surprise, a blasting laugh could be heard all of a sudden, Xue Wuheng, how overbearing are you? Why isnt anyone allowed within ten meters of you?

A bulky young man could be seen arriving with big steps. Unlike Xue Wuheng, he was wearing a sackcloth, giving him a humble appearance.

That being said, everyone could sense a great force being concealed within his body, like a savage beast!

Its Ying Xunlong!

Many of the cultivators in the inn were astonished.

Xue Wuheng sat on the second-floor of the inn while saying with an expressionless face, Ying Xunlong, it seems like the lesson I taught you last time was not satisfying for you!

Hehe, what lesson? Let me tell you; I will surely defeat you in the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains in three months time!

Ying Xunlong let out a grin.

Although he was not strong enough to face Xue Wuheng, he always believed that he would surpass him one day.

At that instant, Ying Xulong let out a light exclamation as the person standing in front of him was exceedingly familiar, Hey buddy, do we know each other?

I dont think so. Qin Nan brought his fists together and said, Senior Brother Ying, do you mind telling me the rules of the Triple Door? Im not familiar with them yet.

The cultivators in the inn were bewildered.

This guy was so courageous to ask Ying Xunlong such a simple question.

To everyones surprise, Ying Xunlong showed no sign of becoming mad as he said with a laugh, Im sure that I know who you are, at least Ive seen you somewhere. I dont mind telling you the rules, but you must tell me your name in return!

Not a problem.

Qin Nan nodded his head.

Meanwhile, Xue Wuheng spoke in a cold tone, Ying Xulong, how boring are you? Are you seriously going to take note of this guys name?

Mind your own business!

Ying Xunlong rolled his eyes before he said, Brother, dont mind him. He always looks down on the others due to his big ego. Let me explain the Triple Door to youin three days time, a custodian will arrive here to lead us to the Triple Door. However, theres one thing you need to be aware of. Everyone who plans to go to the Triple Door will need to compete with one another for the jade boats. There are only a total of thirty boats, and they are the only way to enter the Triple Door!

A competition for the jade boats? I see

Qin Nans eyes flickered with passion.

This Triple Door was indeed interesting. Different from the other cultivation grounds, only a limited number of cultivators were allowed to enter.

Judging from the size of the town, there must be at least two hundred cultivators here, I guess?

Two hundred cultivators fighting for thirty spots, its going to be an intense battle.

Brother, whats your name?

Ying Xunlong asked.

Normally, he would not be fussy over someones name, but his instinct told him that if someone seemed to be familiar to him, that person could not be simple at all.

My name is Qin Nan. Thank you for telling me the rules. Ill excuse myself for now!

Qin Nan glanced at his surroundings and realized that there were too many people around. He then brought his fists together and immediately left the place.

Qin Nan?

Ying Xunlong was startled.

In addition to him, Xue Wuheng and other cultivators in the inn were astonished as well.

After a period of over ten breaths time, everyones expression had greatly changed!

No wonder that guy looked so familiar!

So he was Qin Nan!

The cultivator who had been yelling in the first place wore a regretful look, as he had impatiently rejected answering Qin Nans question in the beginning!

If I hadnt rejected him in the first place, did that mean Id be friends with Qin Nan now?

Not only was Qin Nan a genius, he was also an extremely talented Pill Alchemist!

HAHAHA, who could have thought that Qin Nan would be here. This is interesting. When the Triple Door is opened, I must compete with him! Ying Xunlongs face was filled with excitement.

As the genius among the custodians, he had always wanted to witness Qin Nans strength, but he did not know anyone who was close to him.

Now that he had a chance to meet Qin Nan, how could he not be excited?

A sudden thought came up in Ying Xunlongs mind as he turned to Xue Wuheng and said, I did mention not to be too full of yourself, right? You even demanded him to stay ten meters away from you? And even told him to be careful next time? Tsk tsk, Oh Xue Wuheng, you definitely amaze me!

The surrounding cultivators recovered from the astonishment and glanced at Xue Wuheng with strange looks.

They clearly knew how large Xue Wuhengs ego was, and they too were not fond of it. Therefore, when they realized that Xue Wuheng had stumbled into Qin Nan, it was quite an interesting encounter for them.

Qin Nan was no ordinary person, at least you, Xue Wuheng, didnt have the right to chase him away!

Xue Wuhengs face turned slightly pale. Under the crowds gaze, he could only feel his face turning scorching hot, as his expression turned dark.