Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 402

Chapter 402 staggering
Chapter 402 - Staggering

I must continue...moving forward

I must continue...moving forward

I must continue...moving forward

Qin Nan continuously groaned in his heart, as if the path before him was the only thing that existed in his vision. He could only achieve the final victory by finishing the path.

Under the terrifying pressure, he slowly raised his foot and landed it. His entire body felt like it had sunk into a swamp. Each step he took felt like he had defeated a powerful foe.

One step two steps three steps...

One hour two hours three hours....

It took Qin Nan six hours to reach the two hundred and thirty-ninth step. The previous blazing sun high up in the sky had been replaced by the countless stars in the midst of darkness, while the gentle light from the moon shone upon the land. The entire Triple Door served as a mystical view, as Qin Nans figure continued to tremble on the blue brick path. His heavy breathing felt like the eruption of a volcano. Sweat continued to be excreted from his body before it evaporated. Everyone could sense the fatigue after enduring the pressure for such a prolonged period of time from his appearance.

Court Master Jins crew and the crowd of cultivators on the shore never shifted their focus during the six hour period. While witnessing Qin Nan taking the difficult steps forward, they could feel their spirits being touched. They were especially nervous when Qin Nan arrived at the two hundred and thirty-ninth step.

There existed a great difference between the two hundred and thirty-ninth step and the two hundred and fortieth step. Even a genius like Ying Xunlong had experienced defeat here while it took Xue Wuheng three Emperor Weapons just to achieve this step.

Hehe. At that instant, Chen Ying surprisingly spoke, In my opinion, he can definitely overcome this two hundred and fortieth step.

Her tone immediately switched after finishing the sentence, If Ive guessed right, Qin Nan is about to unleash his Martial Spirit. After all, he is a genius with an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit! Without the help from his Martial Spirit, theres no way he could achieve this two hundred and fortieth step! Tsk tsk, trying to advance forward with the help of his Martial Spirit, isnt that the same as Xue Wuhengs previous action!

The cultivators frowned upon hearing this, but they did not refute her words.

In the Canglan Continent, a strict rule was applied to the ranks of Martial Spirits. As such, apart from being astonished when meeting a genius like Qin Nan who possessed an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, they would feel jealous too.

Just like Chen Ying had said, if it werent for the rank of Qin Nans Martial Spirit, he might not be more talented than them.

Stop saying nonsense here. Its impressive enough that Qin Nan has reached this stage without unleashing his Martial Spirit. Chen Fei glared at his sister. He was now regretting his decision to bring her here.

Chen Fei, Chen Ying is right. Once he relied on his Martial Spirit, it wont be impressive at all regardless the number of steps he ended up achieving.

Court Master Jin shook his head.

The Triple Door had been established to train ones determination. How was it training if the cultivators were relying on external assistance?

...Meanwhile, on the blue brick path of the Triple Door...

Xue Wuheng had not expected Qin Nans determination to be this shocking, allowing him to reach this far without unleashing his Martial Spirit, causing him to feel panic.

Qin Nan has an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit. Didnt that mean he could advance further once he unleashed his Martial Spirit?

Although reaching the three hundredth step was still considered to be impossible, as a safety measure, he immediately blurted out in a cold tone, Qin Nan, I dont agree that you are a peerless genius! If I too had an eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, my achievements would definitely be greater than yours! If you really are talented, prove it to me by advancing past this two hundred and thirty-ninth step without the help of your Martial Spirit!

As soon as he finished talking, Ying Xunlongwho was not far from himbecame enraged, Xue Wuheng, you shameless prick! Without the help of your Martial Spirit, are you kidding me? Why did you unleash your Martial Spirit, and use three Emperor Weapons on top of that?

He clearly knew how terrifying the pressure was due to his own experience. If it werent for his Martial Spirit, the pressure could even severely injure him!

Loser, shut the f**k Xue Wuheng swiftly snapped.

However, before he could finish, Qin Nan, who was only half a zhang away from him, suddenly moved while exhaling a thunderous breath. His initially twisted face due to the pain was filled with a hint of determination. It was as if he could not hear anything from his surroundings, as he slowly raised his right foot and stepped forward while enduring the tremendous pressure.

The insignificant action no doubt served as a great explosion in the eyes of the two geniuses, Court Master Jin, and the crowd of cultivators!

No sign of green light being emitted, which meant that Qin Nan had not unleashed his Martial Spirit!

Was he trying to reach the two hundred and fortieth step with only his determination?

This guy was absolutely crazy!

Qin Nan, watch out!

Ying Xunlongs expression changed greatly.

They could only see Qin Nans foot being raised less than half an inch off the ground when the bursting pressure became like the eruption of a volcano, in which the intensity was multiplied, crushing down onto his figure like an atavistic beast.


Qin Nans flesh that had completely lost its resistance due to the fatigue was instantly sent crushing into the ground. His skull, arms, chest, back, and legs exploded due to the pressure, causing blood to be splattered everywhere, resulting in a devastating scene.

HAHAHA! Xue Wuheng could not help but burst out laughing after being stunned for a brief moment, Qin Nan, you are really full of yourself to not unleash your Martial Spirit! Who do you think you are? Trying to overcome the pressure without the help of your Martial Spirit? What difference is there between you and an ordinary man without your Martial Spirit! Ridiculous, truly ridiculous. Once this is over, Ill definitely give you a slap to the face in front of the crowd

Ying Xunlong, Court Master Jin, Chen Fei, Chen Ying, and the crowd of cultivators were utterly stunned.

He really hadnt unleashed his Martial Spirit!

Qin Nan had not unleashed his Martial Spirit!

Chen Yings reaction was only a beat slower than Xue Wuheng as she coldly spoke, This Qin Nan is so easily provoked! However, you all saw that too, without unleashing his Martial Spirit, hes nothing but trash

Court Master Jin, Chen Fei, and the crowd shook their heads.

Although Chen Yings words sounded unpleasant, she was stating the truth.

Without unleashing his Martial Spirit, it was true that Qin Nan was no different than the others.

However, at that instant, Xue Wuheng and Chen Yings voices halted, while the crowd who had been shaking their heads were astonished.

I must continue...moving...forward... continue...moving...forward...

A faint and hoarse voice could be heard continuously, which was exceedingly clear under the moons glow.

Qin Nans flesh that was fully covered in blood slowly rose from the ground in a trembling fashion like a weak rice straw, while being supported by a determination coming from places unknown. He slowly raised his right foot and took a step forward.


The tip of his toe only left the ground for less than half an inch before the terrifying pressure struck again without mercy onto his figure, causing him to slam right into the ground once again. The wounds covering his body were intensified while his blood dyed the blue brick path red.

An endless painful sensation filled his mind like a series of hammers dropping down from the sky and heavily striking his brain. The combination of the fatigue that was accumulated after reaching the two hundred and thirty-ninth step and the pain that erupted like a volcano caused Qin Nans consciousness to be devoured completely.

Despite that, in the midst of the pain and the fatigue, there existed a ray of light; although it was extremely faint, it was extraordinarily firm!


Following the hoarse voice, Qin Nans figure moved forward once again in a staggering manner.