Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 413

Chapter 413 the unveiling of the conspiracy
Chapter 413 - The Unveiling of the Conspiracy

Several figures slowly appeared in mid-air and despite the fact that only their blurry silhouettes could be seen, each was accompanied by an extraordinary aura.

In just the blink of an eye, sixteen figures in total had arrived. In other words, every Peak Leader was present at the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains.

So that is Peak Leader Yang from the sixteenth peak?

Qin Nan unleashed his left eye while glancing at one of the figures. To his disappointment, the aura of the figure was incredibly mysterious, like a layer of mist was preventing him from peeking through.

The figure of Peak Leader Yang appeared to be aware of Qin Nans gaze as he glanced downward at Qin Nan, causing his body to turn tense, as if all his secrets were being exposed.

Sima Kongs face turned pale as he finally came to a realization.

This Qin Nan was such a f**king bait!

He had initially planned to cooperate Qin Nan, but he had had no idea that not only was this guy having a conflict with Yang Taitian, he seemed to be enemies with some other geniuses too!

And now you are telling me that even the Peak Leader of the sixteenth peek has a grudge against him!

What the hell was this Qin Nan thinking?

Why was the whole world full of his enemies!

Fortunately, Peak Leader Yang did not stare at them for long. After a slight ponder, he then directed his focus elsewhere, allowing Qin Nan and Sima Kong to be relieved.

It really didnt feel good to be stared at by a Martial Highness.

Qin Nan!

At that instant, Peak Leader Duanmus voice appeared in Qin Nans mind, Weve finally found some clues from our recent investigation. There is no doubt that this Peak Leader Yang is the one targeting you in the Qinglong Sacred Area, and he is also trying to deal with us at the same time as well.

Its really him?

Qin Nan squinted his eyes. He had been suspicious of Peak Leader Yang just then, but it turned out that he was really the culprit, Senior, why is he targeting me?

Following this, Peak Leader Zhangs voice could be heard too, Several hundred years ago, when Tang Qingshan went to the Ocean of Death, he ended up being hunted by a powerful faction from the lower district after stumbling onto some ancient secrets there. As a result, our Junior Sister died. This Peak Leader Yang was one of the people in charge of that particular faction.

A great crowd had gathered here for the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains and among them, Qin Nan was listening to the secrets of the incident that took place multiple years ago.

Now that Tang Qingshan has shown himself once again, he has attracted the attention of his enemiesthe same goes with you. Do you remember that Tang Qingshan asked you to display your Martial Skill talent when you were still at the Mystic Spirit Sect?

When the Ocean of Death is activated, its secrets are tightly related to ones Martial Skill talent. Therefore, your performance during the selection of the two Sacred Areas astonished the enemies. In order to prevent their plan from being disturbed, they decided to eliminate you before you grew stronger!

Qin Nan immediately understood the situation after hearing the words.

In simpler words, the enemies had their eyes on a certain treasure or fortunate encounter hidden within the Ocean of Death for the past several hundred years. Unfortunately, Tang Qingshan was targeted by them as he had accidentally stumbled onto the secrets, resulting in the death of his Junior Sister.

Now that several hundred years had passed, the enemies could still not acquire that particular treasure or fortunate encounter. However, Qin Nans law-defying talent had attracted their attention, thus they decided to slay Qin Nan to avoid any possible disturbances to their plan.

Qin Nan, you have no obligation to be involved in the mess we created. We wont blame you if you decide to quit now.

Both Peak Leader Duanmu and Peak Leader Zhang spoke in a serious tone.

The secrets related to the Ocean of Death had surpassed their imagination.

Seniors, please dont say that. It doesnt matter who the enemies are, Ill still head to the Ocean of Death.

Qin Nans expression remained the same.



Bring it on!

He was never intimidated!

Great! Peak Leader Duanmu hesitated for a moment before saying, A few hundred years ago, we were only a bunch of Martial Dominators, thus we stood no chance against them. Now after so long, we are no longer the same as before. Therefore, you wont need to worry about the formidable experts among them, well try our best to protect you. However, you will need to deal with the geniuses of the younger generations under their command on your own!

Qin Nans eyes flickered with excitement after hearing this.

Only the geniuses?

As he wished!

He had always desired to battle against the geniuses since he had first joined the Sacred Area!

The two Peak Leaders no longer transmitted their voices to Qin Nan. After organizing his thoughts, he turned around and glanced at Sima Kong, Do you still want to cooperate with me?

Cooperate my ass!

Sima Kong felt like vomiting blood.

His only desire now was to stay a great distance away from Qin Nan. However, Yang Taitian had already discovered that he was standing close to Qin Nan from the previous encounter, thus marking him as his enemy as well. Even if he were to stay away from Qin Nan now, he would still be hunted down by Yang Taitian.

Thats fine.

Qin Nan shook his head.

Sima Kong was marked with five black lines by the Trading Alliance. There was no way he would believe Sima Kong was intimidated.

Meanwhile, after all the Peak Leaders landed on the ground, Peak Leader Duanmu leading them spoke with a blasting voice that filled the entire Duanmu Peak, Every year, the Qinglong Sacred Area holds the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains. The aim of the competition is to allow the disciples from various peaks to compete against each other. Of course, the participants are not allowed to murder anyone during the competition. Otherwise, it doesnt matter who you are, you will be punished according to the rules of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

The cultivators nodded their heads.

The Qinglong Sacred Area was different compared to the Feiyang Sacred Area, thus the crowd was not surprised by the rule.

Well now activate the Qinglong Mystical Ground. All participating disciples are not allowed to move after entering the Mystical Ground. Otherwise, you will be disqualified! Peak Leader Duanmu said.

After he finished speaking, the other fifteen Peak Leaders raised their palms. A badge then appeared in each of their palms.

The badge was incredibly mysterious, and the Peak Leaders possessed one badge each.

By gathering all sixteen badges, it would allow them to activate the Qinglong Mystical Ground.

However, at that instant, a rare phenomenon took place.

The sky above Duanmu Peak suddenly darkened while the space shattered into pieces. A figure slowly appeared from the gap.

The one arriving was none other than Sacred Leader Qinglong!

Sacred... Leader?

The sixteen Peak Leaders were utterly astonished.

For the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains in the previous years, the Sacred Leader had never shown himself. Why was he here in person today?

The crowd of cultivators was stunned too!

Thats Sacred Leader Qinglong right there, who rarely showed himself for numerous years, a rare sight indeed. He usually only appeared when there was a peerless genius like Qin Nan joining the Sacred Area!

The Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains will be held in the Qinglong Mystical Ground. Sacred Leader Qinglongs eyes were filled with a deep look as his voice penetrated everyones hearts, Ive left my succession inside the Qinglong Mystical Ground. If anyone is able to find it, that person will be inheriting everything of mine!