Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 417

Chapter 417 the first encounter
Chapter 417 - The First Encounter

What the hell?

Qin Nan was startled.

His left eye of the Divine God of Battle had absorbed the power of the Martial Highness Realms Tribulation, granting it the discerning thunderous force of the Heavens and Earth, capable of destroying any demonic presence. Despite that, the six eyes before him appeared to be unharmed?

Were they really invincible?

Left eye of the Divine God of Battle, tribulation punishment!

Qin Nan immediately made up his mind as his left eye emitted a ferocious thunderous glow, further increasing its strength and destroyed the six eyes immediately.

Such a powerful eye-technique! Yang Taitians surprised voice could be heard once again. The destructive strength displayed was no doubt on par with his, However, you will never destroy these six eyes!

Yang Taitians tone was filled with a hint of pride.

Meanwhile, the six eyes were summoned once again in mid-air, staring at Qin Nans figure.

With a kick, Qin Nans body was engulfed in bursting thunderous flames as he exerted his greatest strength to dash forward, shattering the trees in the way into pieces, like a surging tide crushing down at a terrifying speed.

However, it was as if the six eyes in the sky were locked onto Qin Nans figure. No matter how fast Qin Nan was, they still followed behind him.


Yang Taitians prideful laughter filled the Heavens and Earth.

Qin Nans expression turned dark but showed no hint of being panicked. He continued to exert a bursting speed trying to run away from the eyes.

Meanwhile, a few hundred li away from Qin Nan, on top of a tiny hill.

Yang Taitians robe flapped due to the wind as eight mystical rays of light were emitted from his back. A demonic ape with six eyes stood firmly between the Heavens and Earth while emitting a sinister aura.

Qin Nan, are you still trying to escape? Thats impossible!

Yang Taitian licked his lips.

Previously while Qin Nan was battling against the three sixth-layer Martial Ancestor Realm cultivators at Duanmu Peak, although Qin Nan had managed to defeat his opponents, it allowed Yang Taitian to successfully keep track of Qin Nans aura from the battle.

His Six-Eyed Demonic Ape was capable of tracking a cultivators aura, and no one was able to escape from it!

Youre going to die soon!

Yang Taitians eyes flickered with a hideous look as his figure sprang forward with a kick like a raging dragon.

If anyone were to glance downward from above, the person would discover Qin Nans figure to randomly moving left and right, and sometimes hide in concealed spots. Nevertheless, the six eyes in the sky still managed to track him down. Meanwhile, Yang Taitianwho was a few hundred li awaywas now heading straight in Qin Nans location with the assistance of the eyes, shortening the distance between them.

After all, Yang Taitian was ranked first on the custodian ranking, indicating him to possess a remarkable cultivation.

Qin Nan still could not stand a chance against him.

I cant let this continue!

Qin Nan was figuring out a way to avoid being tracked by the eyes.

He clearly knew that with the eyes following him, there was no doubt that Yang Taitian was on the way here too, and he would catch up to him soon.

Although Qin Nan was never afraid of anything, his rationality clearly told him that he would surely be defeated if he were to stumble into Yang Taitian. The difference in terms of strength between them two was too huge.

I could execute the strongest blow with the Seven-Dragon-Lined Golden Nascent Soul and the left eye of the Divine God of Battle, but the chance of eliminating those six eyes is pretty slim.

I could also unleash my Divine Battle Spirit to suppress his Martial Spirit, but those six eyes are merely the ability of the Martial Spirit, thus they might not even be suppressed!

So the only way is to alter my appearance with the Mortal Appearance-Changing Technique?

Countless different thoughts flashed across Qin Nans mind.

The only possible way was using the Mortal Appearance-Changing Technique, but there was some risk to it. Since the six eyes were staring at his figure from above, despite how he changed his appearance, Yang Taitian could still see the process through the eyes.

So theres no way I can escape?

Qin Nan held his breath, as his eyes were filled with a fiery look.

If thats the case, then lets battle!

I dont care if hes Yang Taitian or anyone else, I shall fight until the very end!

Calm down, now is not the time to go all out. With my current speed, it will take some time for Yang Taitian to catch up to me. Within this period of time, no one can predict what would happen!

Qin Nan took a deep breath.

The Divine God of Battle would not act recklessly either!

Eighty li!

Seventy li!

Sixty li!

Fifty li!

When the distance between the two came down to thirty li, the six eyes in mid-air suddenly emitted a brilliant glow, as countless runes were unleashed from it. Meanwhile, the vague silhouette of a demonic ape slowly appeared.

As the distance grew closer, the power of the six eyes became increasingly terrifying!

Six-Eyed Destructive Beam!

Yang Taitians voice could be heard coming from the sky. At a distance of thirty li away, he controlled the eyes to fire a series of light beams, each possessing a terrifying destructive force while landing onto Qin Nans figure like raindrops.

The area within fifty li of Qin Nan was thoroughly bombarded with light beams.

The Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling!

Qin Nans figure came to a stop as he uttered a blasting roar and summoned a giant bell, which let out a chime, shattering the light beams.

That being said, the attack had hindered his movement. In just less than a few breaths time, only a distance of twenty five li remained between them!

Destructive Beam!

Yang Taitians voice was filled with excitement, while the eyes continued to fire continuous waves of light beams.

Shit, hes trying to trap me here!

Qin Nans expression changed slightly as he glanced toward the surroundings.

He was currently in an open ground, thus there was nowhere to hide.

Hmm? There seems to be a woods closeby?

Qin Nan suddenly discovered an ancient woods located five li away. He immediately made a decision. It was impossible to escape from Yang Taitians tracking for the time being, thus the only way was to enter the woods and somehow utilize its geography to outrun the hunt.

Thunderous Fire Blow!

Qin Nan uttered a cry while covering his figure in thunderous flames, destroying everything in his path as he dashed forward swiftly.

Trying to enter the woods?

Yang Taitian was aware of the woods through the eyes. Furthermore, he could sense something sinister hiding inside the woods, as if several powerful auras had been awakened within it.

Not good, I cant let him escape deep into the woods. It would be a disaster if he were to attract the terrifying beasts on the Beast Ranking!

Yang Taitian was obviously not an idiot as he was able to be ranked first on the ranking. He immediately analyzed the situation and took out a talisman before pinching it into pieces. An evil grin then appeared on his face.

Its time to eliminate Qin Nan right at the entrance of the woods!

The talisman was engulfed in flames, summoning a raging tornado that encapsulated Yang Taitians figure, causing his speed to skyrocket.

The talisman was a once-off Emperor Weapon, named the Talisman of Raing Tornado, capable of boosting ones speed by five times!

Qin Nan, who was advancing forward while trying to resist the light beams fired by the eyes, suddenly heard a piercing sound behind him. With the help of his extraordinary eye, he immediately discovered Yang Taitians figure to be approaching him like a raging tornado!

Only fifteen li remained between the two!


Qin Nans face turned slightly pale. Following a roar, seven ancient sabers sprang into the sky while emitting rumbling auras of Saber Intent that surrounded the eyes. Meanwhile, he swiftly dashed in the direction of the ancient woods.


A series of explosions took place.

Ferocious Blood Psychic Burrow!

After seeing this, Yang Taitians expression immediately turned hideous as he sacrificed his life force to execute the forbidden ability, further boosting his speed!

They were only ten li away from one another!

This Yang Taitian really should not be underestimated!

Qin Nans eyes flickered with determination as he raised his speed further. He was now two li away from the ancient woods.

With him executing his greatest speed, he could easily arrive at the woods in less than ten breaths time!

Six Eyes Space Shift!

The eyes in the sky suddenly fired a glow, which transformed into a giant hand that grabbed Yang Taitians figure and pulled it forward, allowing him to fly five li forward.

Only less than five li remained between him and Qin Nan!

Qin Nan, die!

Yang Taitian yelled while emitting a ferocious aura. It appeared that he was planning to slay Qin Nan from five li away!