Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 426

Chapter 426 shocking news
Chapter 426 - Shocking News

Yan Zihan wore an agitated expression while her face blushed, giving her an adorable appearance.

After they had fled from the scene previously, Sima Kong was extremely confident that Qin Nan would survive for sure, thus the three decided to take turns to guard the place until Qin Nans return.

It was her time to guard the place today, and Sima Kong had been right with his assumption; Qin Nan did end up returning unharmed. He did not die!

Have you been waiting for me here all along?

Qin Nan was slightly startled.

We take turns to guard this place. Ill notify Sima Kong and Zhou Liqing at once! Yan Zihan raised her hand and fired a message. A brief while later, Sima Kong and Zhou Liqing approached them hurriedly. Despite their rapid pants, their faces were filled with excited looks.

HAHA, I knew you wouldnt be dead!

Sima Kong took a deep breath before he let out a series of laughs.

Zhou Liqing initially wanted to say something, but he realized that he could not say anything when he met Qin Nan in person. He could only wear a wry smile on his face.

Qin Nans heart was filled with a warm sensation.

Since the previous incident, the relationship between them had obviously improved by a significant margin.

Qin Nan, your aura

Yan Zihan was the first one to discover something extraordinary.

Although Qin Nans aura was still at the peak Martial Emperor Realm, it was as if there existed a powerful rumbling force inside his body. Even she felt slightly intimidated by the force.

Sima Kong and Zhou Liqing collected their thoughts as well. Their faces were filled with shocked looks when they inspected Qin Nans aura carefully.

Qin Nan let out a smile before explaining the series of events that had taken place to him in detail. That being said, he did not tell them about the Chaos Qi, but instead explained that it was because he was close with a senior who shared a close relationship with the two tribes.

The three were utterly astounded after hearing this, even their lips could not help but twitch.

Its damn infuriating to compare our luck with Qin Nans!

Not only was he able to resolve the danger, he ended up receiving great benefits!

By the way, did you just say that the two tribes would be looking after us? Sima Kong shuddered violently after certain words captured his attention.

Qin Nan nodded his head with a smile, causing Sima Kong, Yan Zihan and Zhou Liqing to inhale deeply. Following this, their faces were filled with excitement.

Being looked after by the two great tribes!

Who would they be afraid of now within the Qinglong Mystical Ground?

I forgot to mention. Sima Kong blurted out after being immersed in a great joy for a moment, Princess Miao Miao sent me a message just then. She asked you to head straight to the location where the succession of Sacred Leader Qinglong is!

The location of the Sacred Leader Qinglongs succession? Did she buy the map?

Qin Nan was startled.

Among the rankings of fortunate encounters, the map recording the location of Sacred Leader Qinglongs succession was priced with a terrifying figure!

Take a look at the ranking of the fortunate encounters. You will know what Princess Miao Miao did in the previous month! Sima Kong said in an admiring tone, with a slight hint of jealousy.

Yan Zihan and Zhou Liqing both wore respectful expressions.

Qin Nan immediately took a look at the Qinglong Scroll. He was utterly shocked after taking a glimpse.

The ranking of the fortunate encounters was replaced with various news: The three Martial Skills invented by the Divine Swordmaster was acquired by Princess Miao Miao. The fortunate encounter of the Cave of the Atavistic Demonic Turtle was acquired by Princess Miao Miao. The succession of Peak Leader Zhang was acquired by Princess Miao Miao...

There was a total of sixty three similar pieces of news!

How significant were sixty three pieces of news?

There was only a total of over a hundred fortunate encounters in this Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains, and Princess Miao Miao had already taken half of them!

This all had happened in just a months time.

Qin Nan also realized that even Yang Taitian could only discover two fortunate encounters that were ranked relatively behind, worse than the Cave of the Bloody Serpent.

Even Yang Taitian only achieved such a result, let alone the other geniuses!

Lets take a look at the disciple ranking!

Qin Nan soon calmed his thoughts and swiftly glanced at the ranking. He was astonished once again with a single glimpse.

First: Princess Miao Miao, ninety-nine million nine hundred and ninety thousand points.

Second: Yang Taitian, three million seven hundred and fourteen thousand points.

Third: Xue Wuji, one million and six hundred thousand points.


Thats ninety-nine million nine hundred and ninety thousand points!

It was over twenty times more than Yang Taitians points and over seventy times more than Xue Wujis points!

How many beasts did she actually kill?

Gasp, she is really making a fortune this time!

Qin Nan took a deep breath.

Without any doubt, she would definitely come first in the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains!

Besides that, Princess Miao Miao did collect various benefits. Once she left the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains, her cultivation would definitely skyrocket!

Buzz buzz.

At that instant, Sima Kongs Sound-Conducting Badge vigorously vibrated.

Its Princess Miao Miao. Sima Kong swiftly handed Qin nan his sound-conducting badge. He then said, She specifically gave this to us when we bumped into her previously, just so she could contact you.

Qin Nan immediately transmitted his voice using the badge.

Princess Miao Miaos pleasant voice immediately appeared, Qin Nan, are you proud of the Princess? Uhh, now is not the time to boast. Oh right, you should follow that cunning guy Sima Kong at once to the location of Sacred Leader Qinglongs succession. The Princess has learned something really fascinating that is closely related to you.

Whats that?

A question popped up in Qin Nans mind.

The succession of Sacred Leader Qinglong was something that Sacred Leader Qinglong had prepared. How was it related to me?

Princess Miao Miao went silent for a few breaths time before speaking in a serious tone, If Im not mistaken, this so-called succession of Sacred Leader Qinglong was entirely prepared for you. Im saying this because I could detect something inside it to be similar to the godly object we found at the Longhu Mountain Range, and I could feel a tremendous power from it!

Qin Nan was startled.

The godly object at the Longhu Mountain Range? Was she referring to the left eye of the Divine God of Battle?

At that instant, his expression changed greatly.

If the auras were similar, didnt that mean I would find a body part of the Divine God of Battle through the succession of Sacred Leader Qinglong?

Lets go, Sima Kong, take me there at once!

Qin Nan wasted no time and blurted out with a straightened face.


Sima Kong exchanged glances with his companions. Although he had no idea what was happening, judging from Qin Nans reaction, the succession of Sacred Leader Qinglong was definitely nothing ordinary.

Sima Kong led the team in front while Qin Nan followed behind. Despite the calm look on his face, his heart was filled with a succession of waves.

If I really found a body part of the Divine God of Battle through the succession of Sacred Leader Qinglong, then how did he obtain it in the first place?

Who exactly is Sacred Leader Qinglong? Why does he know this much?

Countless doubts spiraled in his mind like bees, causing it to buzz continuously.

The location of Sacred Leader Qinglongs succession was over five hundred li away from their previous location. Half an hour later, Qin Nans team had completed half the journey.

At that instant, a burning sensation could be felt coming from Qin Nans left eye.

Without any sign, the left eye of the Divine God of Battle began to vibrate softly as if it had detected something. The same thing took place when he was at Longhu Mountain Range before!

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and continued to press forward. After advancing another fifty li, the reaction of his left eye became stronger. It began to emit thumping sounds, like a beating heart.

Following this, he clenched his fists tightly!

The location of Sacred Leader Qinglongs succession It really contains a body part of the Divine God of Battle!