Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 427

Chapter 427 the successor of gambling city
Chapter 427 - The Successor of Gambling City

Dont overthink it. I shall head straight there and find the object first!

Qin Nan calmed himself down. There was no way he could solve all his doubts now, thus instead of pondering further, his priority now was to improve his cultivation to the peak Martial Ancestor Realm so he could pay a visit to Sacred Leader Qinglong to clear the doubts.

Following this, the four swiftly pressed forward, heading straight to the location of the succession.

...Meanwhile, on a mountain somewhere in the Qinglong Mystical Ground...

The peak of the mountain stood two figures. One of them was none other than Yang Taitian. As for the young man standing beside him who was clothed ordinarily, he wore a faint smile on his face while the pride in his bones was vaguely displayed from his aura.

If any other disciple were to be here, the person would discover that this young man was the second-ranked son among the three sons of Xiao Clan, the successor of the Gambling CityXiao Hong!

According to the intel, Princess Miao Miao is now heading to the location of Sacred Leader Qinglongs succession!

Yang Taitian wore an unpleasant face.

He followed his fathers instructions to participate in the Qinglong Mystical Ground Trial just to deal with Qin Nan. However, he ended up changing his mind when Sacred Leader Qinglong announced that his succession could be found here. That being said, he had not expected this Princess Miao Miao to be this powerful.

As such, not only did he fail to eliminate Qin Nan, he could not even acquire the location of Sacred Leader Qinglongs succession!

Dont worry, from my predictions, Princess Miao Miao would definitely summon Qin Nan to the location of Sacred Leader Qinglongs succession, Xiao Hong said in a calm tone, Once theyve gathered together, we would only need to find their location and deal with them all at once with the help from the two brothers, Xue Wuji and Xue Wuheng!

Yang Taitian wore a confused look, How are we able to find their location?

The Saintess Jiang Bilan had already expected this to happen. She specifically prepared an artifact for us. Its capable of finding the location of Sacred Leader Qinglongs succession!

Xiao Hong calmly said and flipped his right hand. An ancient mirror appeared in his palm.

The frame of the ancient mirror was carved with six dragons, each dragon having five golden claws, leaving it with an imperious appearance.

Five-clawed Golden Dragons peeking at the secrets of the Heavens, find the succession at once!

Xiao Hong let out a grunt as he inserted his force into the ancient mirror, causing it to instantly let out a series of roars. Six golden dragonseach with five clawscould be seen emerging from the ancient mirror and soaring into the sky.

A brief while after, a light dot flickered on the surface of the ancient mirror, which was just over a hundred li away from their current location.


Yang Taitian could not help but express his astonishment.

Its just a mere trick. Brother Yang, you would need to deal with Qin Nan when the time comes. Xiao Hong said with a firm tone.

That wont be a problem.

An icy grin appeared on Yang Taitians face.

His father was worried that Qin Nan would interfere with their plans at the Ocean of Death, thus he had prepared many ways to eliminate him in this Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains. However, he had not expected the eldest son of the Xiao Clan and the Saintess of the Trading Alliance were planning to deal with Qin Nan too, thus sending Xiao Hong here.

Now with the help of Xiao Hong and the Xue brothers, how could Qin Nan escape from death this time?

Ill send a message to Xue Wuji!

After Xiao Hong transmitted his voice, he exchanged glances with Yang Taitian, before the two immediately left the place without further ado.

Were here!

Sima Kong stopped in his tracks.

Qin Nan glanced at his surroundings. Before them lay a lake covered in a strange color of blood. An eerie aura could be felt emitting from it.

A stone pillar stood in the center of the lake, which surprisingly did not seem to be out of place.

The succession of Sacred Leader Qinglong is located at the stone pillar!

Qin Nans left eye vibrated even stronger here, but he did not make his move straight away. He could vaguely feel something bizarre about the lake, as if there existed some sort of danger in the lake.

Qin Nan!

At that instant, a pleasant voice could be heard.

A tall woman could be seen walking toward the team with her black hair tied up in a bun. Her eyes were gleaming while her face was astonishing, as if a fairy had just descended to Earth, surrounded by an elegant aura.

Sima Kong and Zhou Liqings eyes were filled with great astonishment.

Qin Nan displayed the same reaction too. Furthermore, it seemed to him that Princess Miao Miao had grown taller once again. She now looked eighteen years old instead of fifteen.

This lake is known as the Bloodlust Lake. Any living being would surely lose the ability to battle once entering it due to the corrosiveness of the water, leaving no corpse behind. Those with a cultivation below Martial Dominator Ream are prohibited from entering it. Princess Miao Miao glanced at Yan Zihan before continuing, Since weve found the succession of Sacred Leader Qinglong now, according to the rules, we will need to wait eight hours for the Bloodlust Lake to thoroughly dissipate.

Eight hours, huh?

Qin Nan was slightly startled. He could only take a deep breath to try and calm his thoughts.

By the way, someone was using some kind of artifact to peek here. Princess Miao Miao harrumphed and said, If my guess is on point, I believe the location of Sacred Leader Qinglongs succession has been exposed!

Qin Nan and Sima Kong gazed at one another. A name immediately appeared in both of their minds.

Yang Taitian!

If they were not mistaken, their enemies could easily conclude that they would head to the location of Sacred Leader Qinglongs succession. Therefore, their enemies would set their eyes upon here and head over here at once for the final battle!

Qin Nans eyes flickered coldly as he said in a calm tone, If they plan on coming here, let them be.

I agree, the Princess is a bit poor at the moment. A quick robbing would be desirable.

Princess Miao Miao wore a smile on her face. Her eyes squinted into the shape of crescents, giving her an adorable look.

Sima Kong and the others could feel their lips twitching. Was she really saying that she was poor after acquiring more than sixty fortunate encounters of the Qinglong Mystical Ground?

Lets be patient for now!

Qin Nan did not comment further. He withdrew his thoughts and sat down with his legs crossed.

Another body part of the Divine God of Battle had appeared once again, causing him to lose his usual steadiness. Therefore, it was a must for him to prepare himself for the upcoming battle in order to successfully acquire the body part of the Divine God of Battle!

Sima Kong, Yan Zihan and Zhou Liqing were aware of the situation at stake. Thus, they did not waste any more time and sat down to meditate.

Only Princess Miao Miao chose to sit on a huge boulder while holding her jaw with her jade-white hand. She stared at the stone pillar in the Bloodlust Lake while occasionally glanced at Qin Nan a few times with an excited look on her face. It was impossible to know what she currently had in mind.

Time gradually passed. Seven hours were gone in the blink of an eye.

The color of blood covering the surface of the Bloodlust Lake dissipated continuously and turned fainter, as if only a final layer of blood remained. In just a brief moment, the water of the lake would turn thoroughly clean.

At that instant, blasting laughter could be heard all of a sudden.

HAHAHA, Qin Nan, its been a long time!