Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 442

Chapter 442 the rising murderous intent
Chapter 442 - The Rising Murderous Intent

The entire lower district turned lively due to Xiao Zhonghuangs declaration. Countless cultivators were anticipating the opening of the Ocean of Death.

Although they assumed Qin Nan would lose the battle, they would like to personally witness the defeat of a peerless genius!

Meanwhile, Qin Nanwho was now right in the center of the whirlremained clueless about the whole conspiracy. He was now dragged by Princess Miao Miao toward the Demon Kings Valley.

Hey, listen carefully. Dont be careless later. Princess Miao Miao let out a harrumph, Ranking up to the Martial Dominator Realm is extremely important to me. If you dont give your best, Ill teach you a lesson

Qin Nan had a headache.

Throughout the journey of three hundred li, Princess Miao Miao had repeated the same thing at least over three hundred times.

Although Qin Nan was a little annoyed by it, he could tell that the usually imperious and ruthless Princess Miao Miao was really feeling nervous this time.

It seems like ranking up to the Martial Dominator Realm is really important to her.

Qin Nan mumbled and gazed at Princess Miao Miaos face from the side. He suddenly realized that he did not have the chance to look at her closely. She had already grown from a thirteen-year-old little girl into an adorable lady.

While looking at her face, Qin Nan lost his thoughts slightly.

You assh*le, what are you looking at? Princess Miao Miao could feel her face blushing. She was aware of Qin Nans gaze from the beginning, causing her to feel pleasant in her heart, thus she did not point it out. However, he continued to stare at her for a prolonged period.


Qin Nan collected his thoughts, his heart filled with slight astonishment.

Whats going on?

If you dare to stare at me again, Ill beat the crap out of you! Princess Miao Miao harrumphed and waved her fist around.

You sure? Qin Nan cracked up laughing, Im afraid you wont be able to defeat me now, dont you think so?

Qin Nan!

Princess Miao Miao straightened her gaze and reached out two claws aiming toward Qin Nans figure.

You dare to talk back now despite being so obedient before?

The others might overlook it, but the Princess will not.

The two arrived at the Demon Kings Valley whilst fooling around throughout the journey.

Two mountains stood firmly a distance away, covered in total darkness. An endless whining sound could be heard coming from the mountains, sending shivers down ones spine and resulting in their scalp turning numb.

An entrance could be seen between the two mountains, but it was impossible to see what was inside due to the lack of light. It was the only way into the valley.

As one of the Top Ten Forbidden Places, even though it was ranked the last, almost no cultivator would pay a visit here, except those who were here to cultivate certain unique Martial Arts.

Lets go!

Princess Miao Miaos aura changed tremendously, as if she had turned into a general who wore a stern look while leading the way, with Qin Nan following closely behind.

As soon as the two entered the valley, countless cries could be heard coming from the surroundings, together with continuous waves of skeletons and phantoms. These demonic presence uttered bizarre chuckles while staring at the two as if they were some delicacies.

Piss off!

Qin Nan let out a roar summoning the giant bell from his Divine Sense. It was surrounded by a tremendous amount of Qi when it let out a chime.


The demonic presence within three li immediately cried out in agony before they were shattered into pieces by an invisible force.

Qin Nan was no longer the same as before, whose strength was equivalent to the fifth-layer Martial Dominator Realm, thus foes of this level served as no threat to him.

The two pressed forward at a fast pace, massacring any demonic presences they stumbled into.

A brief while later, a strange sight could be seen. The presence of Demonic Qi was completely absent in the area within a li from the two, as if the place had been completely cleansed.

The Soul-sealing Dojo is right there!

Princess Miao Miao spoke suddenly.

Qin Nan immediately glanced forward and saw an ancient dojo covered in blood in the center of the Demon Kings Valley. The dojo was not enormous, covering only an area with a circumference of three li. On the dojo lay a pitch-black rotten corpse with a vague Martial Ancestor Realm aura, hinting at it being a Martial Ancestor Realm expert when it was still alive!


Qin Nans left eye flickered thunderously.

He could clearly detect a strong sealing force being concealed under the dojo with an ordinary appearance. Despite his strength at the Martial Dominator Realm, his heart was filled with a hint of intimidation toward the force.

Qin Nan, Ill head straight to the Soul-sealing Dojo to take advantage of the sealing force. Be aware that some powerful demonic presence will spawn later, so you will have to protect me! Princess Miao Miao said with a stern look, before she landed on the Soul-sealing Dojo with a single kick off the ground.

Jiu, Zhuan, Guang, Ling, Miao, Cheng, Tian![1]

Princess Miao Miao uttered a roar while making gestures with her hands. After uttering the last word, her pitch-black hair danced wildly in the wind as a terrifying glow was emitted, thoroughly lighting up the entire Demon Kings Valley.

At that moment, she was no longer the ruthless greedy Miao Miao, but a true princess of a great kingdom, granting her a noble aura!

Awaken, my Primary Force!

Princess Miao Miao yelled.

Her aura skyrocketed rapidly as if an ancient presence had been thoroughly awoken. The flowers, grass, and herbs within the three li of her that the glow encapsulated instantly blossomed, causing the Demon Kings Valley to turn into a wonderland.

Such a powerful energy!

Qin Nans pupils contracted.

Princess Miao Miaos aura greatly surpassed his current strength!


At that instant, a series of shocking cries could be heard within the Demon Kings Valley, as groups of pitch-black human figures surrounded by Demonic Qi could be seen charging at Princess Miao Miao, their red eyes glaring at Princess Miao Miaos figure.

These figures were the cultivators who had been demonized previously in the Demon Kings Valley!

Not today!

Qin Nans left eye emitted ferocious lightning sweeping the horde as if the God of Thunder had just descended.


On a mountain a hundred li away from Feiyang City!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

Following a series of piercing sounds, the sky above began to tremble vigorously.

A group of figures appeared immediately after, which turned out to be Peak Leader Yang, Peak Leader Han, the Slaughter City Lord, the Gambling City Lord, etc.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A few more figures appeared behind the Peak Leaders at the same time.

They were; the previous Saint of the Qinglong Sacred Area, Zhou Xuan; the Prospective Saints, Li Tao, Ye Hu, Wan Changyan, Dao Poli, Long Shuang, Long Xuan, Lu Jin; the Saint of Feiyang City, Lu Tiangang; the Saintess of the Trading Alliance, Jiang Bilan; and the man who was known as the top genius of the lower district, Xiao Zhonghuang!

This many Peak Leaders and geniuses were on the move!

Follow Jiang Bilans plan at all costs!

Remember, you only have half the period it takes an incense to burn. Within this period, you must eliminate the target!

Peak Leader Yang snapped while his eyes wore a hideous look.

Qin Nan!

This time I swear I will bury you myself!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Some sort of chant. I left it as RAWS because of the pauses in between. Jiu = Nine, Zhuan = Rotation, Guang = Light, Ling = Soul, Miao = Splendid, Cheng = Into, Tian = Sky/Heavens