Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 454

Chapter 454 the shaken lower district
Chapter 454 - The Shaken Lower District

The pupils of the old purple-robed man contracted vigorously while his figure began trembling.

He had done it!

Qin Nan had really done it!

As the Sect Leader of the Dao-Seeking Mountain, it was his first time encountering a mere ant who dared to go against his will right before him in the past few hundred years!

The people of the Feiyang Sacred Area were absolutely dumbstruck by the scene.

What kind of balls did this Qin Nan have!

Why would he dare to make his move under such circumstances!

How lawless!

Assholes of the Feiyang Sacred Area, listen carefully! It was as if Qin Nan had no idea what he had just done, who snapped with a ferocious aura, Tell Xiao Zhonghuang to get his ass here right now! Stop hiding like a f**king coward!

Crippling Jiang Bilan and the others was not enough to resolve his anger. Only by crippling Xiao Zhonghuang would his anger then be relinquished!

This man

Sacred Leader Feiyang and the rest of the crowd could feel their hearts skipping a beat.

He was now challenging the Feiyang Sacred Area and demanding to battle against Xiao Zhonghuang after opposing the Sect Leader!

Did he not place the Sect Leader in his eyes?

Qin Nan!

A tremendously raging roar exploded in the sky.

It was as if the previously sage-like old purple-robed man had turned into a demon at that instant. His aura caused the surroundings to tremble while his eyes glared at Qin Nan with a boundless murderous intent!

As the Sect Leader of the Dao-Seeking Mountain, it was his first time being so infuriated!

Since when did an ant dare to oppose his will right in front of him?

Progenitor Wen Dao[1]!

At that instant, a blasting roar could be heard, which turned out to be Sacred Leader Qinglong.

Progenitor Wen Dao was the name of the old purple-robed man.

A boundless battle intent could be felt rising inside Sacred Leader Qinglongs seemingly weak body, who burst out laughing, HAHAHA, since Qin Nan has eliminated over ten of your geniuses, its my time to shine now. Qin Nan, head back to the Sacred Area for now. Qingshan, lets do this!

Sacred Leader Qinglong flung his sleeves and executed a magical technique. Before Qin Nan could resist it, his figure was teleported back to the Qinglong Sacred Area.

Meanwhile, a tremendous murderous intent burst out from Tang Qingshans figure who was standing beside his Sacred Leader!

A Martial Sacred and a Martial Highness suddenly exploded, charging at the entire Sacred Area without any warning!

You maniacs

Progenitor Wen Dao, Sacred Leader Feiyang, and the rest felt like vomiting blood!

Didnt they say that they were not here to wage a war?

Why were they attacking now all of a sudden!

Shameless, shameless to the max!

At that instant, the entire Feiyang Sacred Area was immersed in a tragic battle that lasted the entire day.

The final outcome; Sacred Leader Qinglong displaying a terrifying cultivation and eliminating the clone of Progenitor Wen Dao and severely injuring Sacred Leader Feiyang. Tang Qingshan, on the other hand, was unmatched facing opponents within the same realm, killing six Peak Leaders in a row!

As a matter of fact, Sacred Leader Qinglong and Tang Qingshan only stopped killing after Progenitor Wen Dao emitted his murderous intent from the Eastern Continent.

The Feiyang Sacred Area had suffered a great loss!

...The following day in the lower district...

When the news regarding the battle that took place at the Feiyang Sacred Area was made known to the public, many countries were taken by surprise!

Qin Nan unleashed his fury by charging straight to the Feiyang Sacred Area and shattering the city gate with his fists, killing two Saints, crippling eighteen Prospective Saints. Every talented genius had their futures destroyed by Qin Nan!

Sacred Leader Qinglong and the Imperial Exterminator who had disappeared for many years killed six Peak Leaders and left Sacred Leader Feiyang with a serious injury!

Gasp, how crazy is this Qin Nan to dare to challenge the whole Feiyang Sacred Area on his own!

Terrifying, absolutely terrifying. However, Xiao Zhonghuang is currently cultivating in seclusion. Otherwise, it might have been a different story!

How naive, do you know who appeared in the end? The Sect Leader of one of the Four Great Factions of the Eastern Continent. Despite that, Qin Nan still crippled over ten Prospective Saints right in front of him, and continued to challenge Sacred Leader Feiyang!

Oh my, how bold of him. He is no doubt a maniac!

Even the Imperial Exterminator was not that crazy when he was young!

Every cultivator of the lower district was astonished.

At that instant, the title Qin Nan the Maniac was spread throughout the lower district!

Although the cultivators assumed that Qin Nan would be no match against Xiao Zhonghuang at the Ocean of Death in six months time, and would be doomed after Sacred Leader Qinglong died, they still respected him from the bottom of their hearts!

Who among the cultivators of the lower district was as insane as him?

No one!

...In a palace at the Qinglong Sacred Area...

The Longhu Ancestor Beast, Sima Kong, and Xiao Qingxue stared with their eyes open wide. They could not imagine the man in front of themwearing a peaceful smile while looking at Princess Miao Miaomanaging to cripple all geniuses of the Feiyang Sacred Area apart from Xiao Zhonghuang.

They could not believe that Tang Qingshan and Sacred Leader Qinglong would follow Qin Nan and fight like maniacs!

Three lunatics!

The same thought appeared in their minds.

Qin Nan sat on the side of the bed. While he was busy with his business, Princess Miao Miao had managed to recover rapidly. Her face was no longer pale and her aura was now normal.

However, she was wearing an icy look on her face.

Qin Nan, do you think you are impressive, challenging the entire Sacred Area on your own? Are you trying to be a hero? Princess Miao Miao burst out scolding, but soon clenched her teeth after seeing the shameless expression on his face. She then turned to Tang Qingshan and Sacred Leader Qinglong and snapped, You two old folks who have lived a few hundred years, arent you supposed to be controlling him instead of acting insanely like him? What are you guys thinking?

Sacred Leader Qinglong and Tang Qingshan could feel their lips twitching.

It was most likely their first time being scolded by a teenage girl!

Princess Miao Miao could not care less about their strength and cultivation as she scolded them for an hour.

Cough cough, Qin Nan, only six months are left until the Trial of the Ocean of Death. Make good use of the remaining time to cultivate. They will most likely come up with something after the loss this time Tang Qingshan advised Qin Nan and left with Sacred Leader Qinglong.

Ill be cultivating then. Qin Nan said with a smile while looking at Princess Miao Miao.

Princess Miao Miaos expression remained icy as she showed no intention of looking at him.

Qin Nan let out a smile and chatted for a while with the Longhu Ancestor Beast and Sima Kong before leaving.

I must focus on improving my strength!

Its a pity that I was unable to cripple Xiao Zhonghuang this time, but he wont be so lucky next time!


The Longhu Ancestor Beast spoke in a careful manner.

Leave for now, I would like to have some time alone. Princess Miao Miao replied coldly.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast, Sima Kong, and Xiao Qingxue exchanged glances with one another helplessly. They did not think that Qin Nan had done something wrong, but they were not willing to comment further since she was in a fit of anger.

As the people left, the place fell silent.

Princess Miao Miao lay on her bed staring at the ceiling while recollecting her memories. She finally collected her thoughts after a prolonged period, before she could feel her nose tingling as her eyes turned watery.

Although it appeared that she was going to cry, she burst out giggling.

That asshole

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[1] TL Note: Wen Dao here means Dao-Seeking. Im using the RAWS since its his name in this case. It also hints that his cultivation is the Martial Progenitor Realm.