Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 458

Chapter 458 open sesame
Chapter 458 - Open Sesame

The crowd was utterly shocked.

A hundred moves?

How scornful was that!

Xiao Zhonghuang was a peerless genius. Did Qin Nan think he could still win after letting him start with a hundred moves?

At that instant, the crowd glanced toward Xiao Zhonghuang. They were eager to know if he would accept the challenge.

Xiao Zhonghuangs expression stiffened. He did not expect Qin Nan to utter such disdainful words, which caused the rage inside his heart to rise unstoppably. However, as he was about to speak, he could sense the terrifying aura emitted from Qin Nans body, reminding him of the fact that Qin Nan had broken into his Sacred Area and slain eighteen Prospective Saints in a row. With this thought, it was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured onto the flames of rage in his heart.

If Qin Nan dared to utter such words, he must have the confidence to accomplish it!

This was a duel of life and death. If he failed to defeat Qin Nan within a hundred moves, didnt that mean he would be killed by Qin Nan in the end?

I Under the crowds gaze, Xiao Zhonghuang could feel his face burning as he spoke while clenching his teeth, Qin Nan, now that the Ocean of Death is accessible, our duel will be taking place at the Reapers Platform, instead of dueling here! Once we reached the Reapers Platform, Ill teach you how great the difference between our talent is!

The crowd of disciples was somehow disgusted by the words.

It was obvious that this Xiao Zhonghuang was afraid to take the challenge. How shameless of him, trying to make his words sound righteous.

Once they reached the Reapers Platform you, Xiao Zhonghuang, had a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and Qin Nan only had a tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit. Wasnt it obvious that Qin Nan would lose?

Qin Nan wore a cold expression while putting his saber into its sheath, I dont care if its the Reapers Platform or here, you will still lose either way!

After saying this, he showed no intention of looking at Xiao Zhonghuang.

Although Qin Nan really wanted to kill Xiao Zhonghuang, it was quite impossible to do it here with Progenitor Wen Dao keeping an eye on him. Therefore, he would have to wait until the Reapers Platform to defeat him, and acquire the godly object.

Im going to lose?

Xiao Zhonghuangs eyes flickered coldly. This Qin Nan was too full of himself.

Even though he did not dare to fight Qin Nan here, with the help of his first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, his Martial Skill Talent would be greater than Qin Nans without a doubt. Did Qin Nan really think he stood a chance with his mere tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit?

Besides, Progenitor Wen Dao already had something in mind to assist him!

Xiao Zhonghuang was about to utter some mocking comments, before a plan came up in his mind after he saw Miao Yuxin and the other geniuses. He immediately spoke to them, Fellow geniuses, I would never reject your requests, but theres only one of the herb that you requested. How about this? If any one of you are able to make Qin Nan drop to his knees, Ill give the herb to you. Deal?

The cultivators were startled, before they immediately came to a realization.

How vicious of this Xiao Zhonghuang, using the three factions to deal with Qin Nan!

Song Yu, Lu Jian, and Miao Yuxin clearly knew Xiao Zhonghuangs intention, but they could not care less about it. As long as they could acquire the herb, they were willing to eliminate Qin Nan, let alone forcing him to kneel down on the ground.

Qin Nan! Song Yu was the first to step forward, who placed his hands behind himself and said with an icy look, We of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom need the herb. If you are willing to kneel down before Xiao Zhonghuang and give him kowtows, the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom will grant you enormous rewards!

Cultivator Qin Nan, give Xiao Zhonghuang kowtows at once. We of the Wanxiang Pavilion will give you great benefits. On a side note, if you are not willing to do so, you will be regarded as an enemy of our Wanxiang Pavilion! Miao Yuxin stepped forward and said in a soft tone.

In comparison to them, Lu Jian was even more straightforward, as he drew out his long spear.

Qin Nan, either you give Xiao Zhonghuang kowtows, or Ill challenge you to a duel of life and death and kill you!

This Lu Jian was the custodian of the Trading Alliance, which was considered similar to the Inner Disciple of the other factions. His cultivation had reached the peak Martial Dominator Realm, thus his roar alone could result in a series of explosions.

The disciples of the Feiyang Sacred Area wore cold grins on their faces after seeing this.

Xiao Zhonghuang also wore a mocking smirk.

As for the crowd of cultivators, they immediately shook their heads seeing this.

Qin Nan had already offended Progenitor Wen Dao, and now the people of the other three factions were picking on him too. What could he possibly do?

If he chose not to drop to his knees, he would then offend all Four Great Factions of the upper districts Eastern Continent!

Qin Nans expression turned cold.

He never had any conflict with these three factions, but they all decided to pick on him after listening to Xiao Zhonghuangs words.

Did they all think he was someone to be bullied so easily?

If you are looking for a fight, bring it on. Im brave enough to offend Progenitor Wen Dao, let alone you three Inner Disciples! Qin Nan showed no mercy as he drew out his saber once again with a murderous aura.

Song Yu, Miao Yuxin, and Lu Jians expressions froze at that instant. How bold of this Qin Nan!

Meanwhile, Progenitor Wen Daowho was sitting on the purple gold thronecould feel his lips twitching.

Eat this!

Song Yu and Miao Yuxin were hesitant due to the presence of Sacred Leader Qinglong, but Lu Jian could not care less. His eyes emitted a glare as he sprang forward thrusting his spear in Qin Nans direction.

He immediately unleashed a terrifying killing blow as soon as he attacked.

The smirk on Xiao Zhonghuangs face grew thicker seeing this. It did not matter if Lu Jian were not able to kill Qin Nan in the end, since Qin Nan had now offended the other three factions!

Courting death!

Qin Nans eyes fired terrifying lightning as his figure fully evaded the incoming attacks at lightning speed.

The sight of this caused Lu Jian, Miao Yuxin, and Song Yu to wear astonished looks.

Such a terrifying movement technique!

Piss off!

Qin Nan had arrived before Lu Jian in the blink of an eye, and was now hurling punches at him.

Revolution Shield!

Lu Jians hair stood on end at that instant. He had not expected Qin Nans strength to be this terrifying, which was nowhere weaker than his. He immediately activated an Emperor Weapon shield.


The shield was shattered into pieces instantly, while the remaining force from the punch struck Lu Jians figure in a ferocious manner, knocking him back a few steps.

The crowd was stunned seeing this.

He was a genius from the upper district!

Did Qin Nan just knock him back with a single punch?

Xiao Zhonghuang, in particular, was now covered in cold sweat. He was nowhere close to matching Qin Nans strength, even if he let him have one hundred moves in advance!

What are you two waiting for? Attack together!"

Lu Jian turned his head around and snapped. Both Song Yu and Miao Yuxin hesitated for a brief moment before they stepped forward and prepared to unleash their moves.

Although it was not reasonable for three geniuses from the upper district to fight a mere genius of the lower district, but their aim was to make Qin Nan drop to his knees instead of competing against him.


At that moment, a shocking explosion took place on the Ocean of Death a distance away.

It appeared that the giant door of the Ocean of Death was completely opened now. Countless gusts of strong wind burst out from the door as if a giant peerless demon had opened its mouth wide.

The Door of Death was fully opened!