Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 467

Chapter 467 ambushed
Chapter 467 - Ambushed

Whos there?

Deaths Servant, Peak Leader Yang, and the others were shocked.

The aura was incredibly powerful, and was nowhere weaker than Qin Nans.

However, who exactly dared to oppose their Feiyang Sacred Area in order to assist Qin Nan?

At that instant, a figure flickered past in the minds of Deaths Servant, Peak Leader Yang, and the others, which turned out to be the seventh-ranked participant in the previous trial at the Bloodshed Tomb, the rogue cultivator with the name Zero.

This is

Even Princess Miao Miao was startled.

The figure with a terrifying aura turned his head around and let out a calm smile facing Qin Nan, I guess its been half a year since we last met, right? And you are still the same person I remembered!

The man was none other than Gong Yang!

He had been cultivating diligently since he had been chosen as the successor of the Nine Symbolic Words, while paying attention to the news of the lower district. When the Ocean of Death became accessible, he learned of Qin Nans current situation, and thus decided to come here to assist him!

Brother Yang!

Qin Nan was immersed in joy. He had not expected to reunite with his brother at this moment.

Princess Miao Miao collected her thoughts. It was a surprise to her to see Gong Yang here as well.

Well, now is not the time to have a little chat amongst ourselves. I will deal with these pricks. You better cross the bridge and catch up to Xiao Zhonghuang at once! Unlike when they had first met, Gong Yang now spoke in a firm tone, accompanied by a sense of imperiousness.


Qin Nan immediately unleashed his left eye of the Divine God of Battle and scanned Gong Yangs figure. After learning of his current cultivation, his soul shuddered violently, before replying without hesitating, Sure thing!

Following this, Qin Nan withdrew his Nascent Soul and sprang forward with a kick.

Trying to escape? Not on my watch!

Peak Leader Yang and the others were infuriated. Although they were clueless as to the identity of the man standing before them, it would be an utter humiliation for them if he was planning to intercept them here by himself!

Twenty-five auras at the peak of the Martial Dominator Realm burst out from their bodies, resulting in a terrifying scene.

Even though I cant kill all of you right away, keeping you here is more than enough!

Gong Yang uttered a roar as he flung his hand in the direction of his enemies. An ancient word Bing[1] emerged from his palm and descended upon them.


At that instant, a tremendous murderous aura filled the entire Underworld Bridge.

Countless atavistic figures were summonedeach with the appearance of a powerful brutal knightand they charged toward the twenty-five experts.

The Nine Symbolic Wordseach word contained formidable powers, thus many experts of the Canglan Continent coveted them.

Although the word Bing that Gong Yang unleashed had yet to display its full strength, it could still summon spirits of deceased heroes to fight for it.


Gong Yang did not stop there, as he uttered another roar. Following it, four ancient words Dou were fired into the bodies of the Longhu Dominator Beast, Princess Miao Miao, Sima Kong and, Zhao Fang, causing their auras to skyrocket instantly!

Such power!

The eyes of Princess Miao Miao, Sima Kong, and Zhao Fang flickered with astonishment. They did not expect Qin Nans brother to possess such formidable strength. They immediately cried out in excitement while charging toward the enemies.

Even though their cultivation could be considered relatively weak, each of them was a peerless genius with outstanding capabilities!

At that instant, the tables had been turned. The twenty-eight experts, including Peak Leader Yang, were trapped by Gong Yangs crew of five!

After taking a glimpse at the battle, Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and continued crossing the bridge at his fastest speed.

Every step he took, his ears would be filled with countless cries from the dead souls. Even Sima Kongs Dao Art had little effect nullifying them. Following this, his sight was filled with various illusions. He could see Qin Tian, Tie San, and many others who were close to him roaring at him with twisted expressions.

How firm is my Dao Heart, and you mere phantoms dare to manipulate my thoughts?

Qin Nan uttered a ferocious roar and summoned an ancient bell above him, which let out a blasting chime that shattered the mysterious force encapsulating the Underworld Bridge.

Qin Nan stomped his foot onto the ground, causing his figure to be thoroughly encapsulated in Sky Thunder.

The Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling, banishing all evil presences!

The Sky Thunder that originates from the atavistic galaxy, is impenetrable by evil presences!

Qin Nan boosted his speed significantly as he continued to chase behind Xiao Zhonghuang.

Xiao Zhonghuangs initially calm expression changed tremendously when he sensed the approaching aura from behind, and blurted out, Qin Nan, how did you


Qin Nans left eye of the Divine God of Battle emitted ferocious lightning while his Nascent Soul summoned an illusionary eye above Xiao Zhonghuang. The eye then fired countless rays of lightning aimed at him.

Xiao Zhonghuang was incredibly startled, his eyes filled with terror!

His cultivation was only at the the seventh-layer Martial Dominator Realm. He was nowhere close to matching Qin Nans strength!

If he were to fight Qin Nan here, he would be eliminated before stepping foot onto the Reapers Platform.


The faces of Peak Leader Yang and the others turned pale. They had not expected the tide to change all of a sudden, placing them in a disadvantaged position.

If Xiao Zhonghuang were to be slain in the second trail, how could they explain themselves to Progenitor Wen Dao?

Princess Miao Miao, the Longhu Dominator Beast, and the rest could feel their hearts skipping a beat while their eyes glistened.

If Xiao Zhonghuang were to be killed, everything would come to an end!

You have broken the rules. I will punish you on behalf of the Ocean of Death. Down you go!

At that instant, a shocking roar took place.

A murderous glow was emitted from Deaths Servants reddened eyes, whose hair danced wildly as he took a step forward and flung his palm toward Qin Nans figure.


Qin Nan was shocked.

This Deaths Servant possessed a cultivation of the half-Martial Sacred Realm, how could he stand a chance against him?

Before Qin Nan could react, he could only feel his figure being struck by the terrifying force of the palm, which instantly shattered his bones. Before the cracking sound of his bones, his body was sent flying.

Princess Miao Miao, Gong Yang, and the rest were taken by surprise. They never expected Deaths Servant to attack all of a sudden!

However, since Deaths Servants cultivation was too strong, it was impossible for them to stop it from happening!

When they had collected their thoughts, Qin Nans figure had been sent flying like an arrow released from a bow into the Mengpo River that was filled with countless cries of dead souls.

The countless dead souls in the river turned crazy as if they had just seen a rare delicacy.

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[1] TL Note: One of the Symbolic Words, which means soldiers or armies.

[2] TL Note: Another Symbolic Word, which means fight or battle.