Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 490

Chapter 490 rebuilding flesh
Chapter 490 - Rebuilding Flesh

...While the upper district was immersed in disarray, the lower district was relatively peaceful...

Since Sacred Leader Qinglong had slain Sacred Leader Feiyang and the Peak Leaders, the Feiyang Sacred Areas power had gone completely downhill.

The experts of the lower district were exceedingly confused. What exactly happened at the Ocean of Death?

...Meanwhile, in the Qinglong Sacred Area...

The Qinglong Sacred Areas condition was worse than the Feiyang Sacred Area. The sixteen mountains were completely damaged, leaving holes and pits everywhere, resulting in a miserable scene.

The reason being that when the experts of the Four Great Factions had come to the lower district to gather information, the Qinglong Sacred Area had been the first priority on their checklist. After failing to find Qin Nan there, they had conveniently destroyed the Qinglong Sacred Area.

...However, little did they know, deep within the Qinglong Sacred Area...

An ancient dragon sat in a relaxed position while its breathing produced the sound of terrifying explosions.

The giant dragon was the Dragon Vein of the Qinglong Sacred Area, that had had the chance to witness Qin Nans Divine Battle Spirit, which allowed it to rank up to the half-Martial Sacred Realm.

Currently, a young man was sitting above the dragons head with his legs crossed.

The person was none other than the one that the Four Great Factions had spent a tremendous amount of time and effort searching for, the one whose name had shaken the entire upper district and lower district: Qin Nan!


Qin Nan exhaled deeply as his eyes sprang open.

For the past half a month, he had been in a dazed state. His mind kept on repeating the words Nine Heavens, the scene in which Sacred Leader Qinglong had knelt down before him, and the battles he had experienced since Linshui City, before he had finally awakened at this time.

About time.

The giant dragon opened its eyes with a displeased look. For the past half a month, countless experts had been scanning the Qinglong Sacred Area with their divine sense, preventing it from having an undisturbed rest.

Thank you senior for the assistance.

Qin Nan let out a smile, his eyes filled with determination.

He had managed to answer many of his doubts in the past half a month.

Previously at the Longhu Mountain Range, the left eye of the Divine God of Battle had awaited him for a few thousand years. Meanwhile, the left arm of the Divine God of Battle had transfigured into a human figure and waited for his arrival for the past three hundred years.

This had allowed Qin Nan to come to a conclusion. Were the remaining body parts of the Divine God of Battle waiting and trying to find him too?

However, it also brought new doubts to him.

How did the Divine God of Battle die?

Was it really a mere coincidence that he was chosen by the Divine Battle Spirit?

Screw it. Ill surely find the answers to all these questions one day.

Qin Nan mumbled to himself. Following this, he recollected the things that Progenitor Wen Dao and the Death Emperor had done to him, causing his eyes to turn icy.

According to Sacred Leader Qinglongs words, he had chosen not to kill them just so Qin Nan could personally avenge himself!

Sacred Leader, dont you worry. I will never let you down!

Qin Nan took a deep breath while taking the left arm of the Divine God of Battle out from his storage bag.

Since his current flesh was crippled, the only way to recover was through this left arm of the Divine God of Battle.


Qin Nan bit the tip of his finger. A drop of fresh blood landed on the arm.


At that instant, a rare phenomenon took place.

The left arm of the Divine God of Battle emitted a terrifying aura, as if the Divine God of Battle had awakened, who planned to battle against the Heavens once again.

You bastard The giant dragon was awakened by the aura, causing it to burst out cursing. However, its curse halted as he saw the left arm of the Divine God of Battle, which caused his heart to shudder violently.

Even with its cultivation of the half-Martial Sacred Realm, its figure shivered violently while it was covered in the aura!


The left arm of the Divine God of Battle seemed to be alive, which rose into the air and flew into Qin Nans body, before merging with his left arm.


A series of explosions took place instantly.

Qin Nan could only sense a pure supply of a powerful force surging from his left arm, which flowed rapidly inside his body like dragons, repairing the broken meridians, etc.

Force of the Divine God of Battle, restore the Nascent Soul!

Qin Nan uttered a yell.

He fully focused his thoughts on transmitting the force from his left arm into his Nascent Soul.

The broken Nascent Soul swiftly recovered. Furthermore, an indescribable change occurred to the aura emitted by the Nascent Soul.

Initially, his Nascent Soul had been entwined with the Dragon Lines, granting him a formidable strength. However, since his Tribulation had been shattered by the Death Emperor, the Dragon Lines had disappeared, thus the Nascent Soul had lost all its strength.

Currently, an aura could be felt from the Nascent Soul.

The aura was equivalent to the ones emitted by the left eye and left arm of the Divine God of Battle; the aura of the Divine God of Battle itself!

Could it be that my Nascent Soul is transforming into the Nascent Soul of the Divine God of Battle?

Qin Nan held his breath.

The Nascent Soul of the Divine God of Battle!

How crazy would that be?

Time to calm my thoughts and focus on the process!

Qin Nan soon calmed himself while controlling the force of the Divine God of Battle to treat his wounds and repair his Nascent Soul. During the process, Qin Nan realized that his Divine Battle Spirit showed no sign of ranking up.

However, Qin Nan soon found the reason behind it. As he had devoured the blood of the left arm last time, it was reasonable that the Divine Battle Spirit would not rank up this time when he merged with the left arm.

...Time gradually passed. Ten days later...

Qin Nan remained seated above the giant dragon while emitting an extraordinary aura. Each of his breaths felt like the roar of an ocean.

After refining for the past ten days, he had managed to fully repair his meridians and Nascent Soul.

Furthermore, his Nascent Soul was completely different from before. It was now emitting a strong purple glow accompanied by a frightening aura.

Even though my Nascent Soul seems to be the same, I can feel that once I overcome the upcoming Tribulation, my Nascent Soul will evolve into a Divine Soul. Only then would it display its terrifying capabilities

Qin Nans eyes flickered with excitement.

After a Nascent Souls energy was fully accumulated, it could evolve into a Divine Soul after being baptized by the force of the Tribulation, allowing the cultivator to rank up to the Martial Dominator Realm.

However, in contrast to ordinary cultivators, Qin Nans strength had already reached the peak Martial Dominator Realm despite only having a Nascent Soul.

Most importantly, my left arm!

Qin Nan glanced at his left arm.

After merging with the left arm of the Divine God of Battle, it now possessed an unimaginable strength.

That being said, my current cultivation is still too low. I wont be able to fully unleash its power. I can only do so after my cultivation improves!

Qin Nan said to himself, before raising himself from the ground after a prolonged pause.

It had been a month since the incident at the Ocean of Death. It was time for him to head out.

In the following days, Qin Nan did not head straight to the upper district. He changed his appearance and returned to the Luohe Kingdom.

Xiao Qingxue had now returned to the Mystic Spirit Sect, and was appointed as the First Elder of the Inner Disciples, and was in charge of teaching the disciples.

Old Shans strength had improved further, reaching the peak of the Martial Dominator Realm.

Xiao Leng and the others had had their own fortunate encounters too, which allowed them to reach the Martial Emperor Realm. They were now the top inner disciples of the sect.

The Mystic Spirit Sect had grown even stronger in the Luohe Kingdom. The number of disciples had increased tremendously.

Tsk tsk, who would have thought this many statues of your figure would be built in Luohe Kingdom! An old man said smilingly to the young man beside him.

The elder was in fact the giant dragon.

Senior, Ive got a request. I hope you can protect the Luohe Kingdom for the next ten years. Qin Nan said while bringing his fists together.

Mm? The old man squinted his eyes.

Qin Nan did not say anything, but unleashed ten streams of Chaos Qi.

This is The old man was about to become infuriated, but his heart shuddered after seeing the Chaos Qi, which provoked him to immediately nod his head, Ten years, huh? Not a problem!

Thanks, senior!

Qin Nan said in a serious tone. After saying this, he dropped to his knees slowly while facing the Mystic Spirit Sect and gave three kowtows under the surprised gaze of the old man.

Goodbye, lower district.

Upper district...Here I come!