Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 495

Chapter 495 honorary supreme elder
Chapter 495 - Honorary Supreme Elder

Half a month ago, when the Four Great Factions had issued wanted posters for a genius with a sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, the entire upper district was shaken.

As the ninth city of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, normally the posters would be distributed and everyone would have known about it, but as the date of the Vermillion Bird Platoon Selection approached, both the Fan Clan and the City Lord Mansion were busy with its preparation, thus other work had been put aside.

This was the reason why Fan Xinru and the others had no idea who Qin Nan was.

Who would have thought that Id be able to stumble into Qin Nan here!

Fan Haos breathing intensified slightly as his blood flow increased in excitement.

Everyone knew that if anyone were able to bring Qin Nans news to the Four Great Factions, the person would be recruited as Progenitor Wen Daos disciple, and be given four Sacred Weapons!

With such a reward, the strength of their Fan Clan would improve significantly.

Calm down, calm down, I must hold onto myself at a time like this!

Fan Hao took a deep breath. His gaze toward Qin Nan became peaceful, as if he were looking at an old friend.

Fan Xinru and Qin Nan were both aware of this, causing them to be startled.

Following this, Fan Hao let out a gentle smile as he spoke, Xinru, whos this? Why arent you introducing him to your father?

Uhh Fan Xinru was still in the midst of her shock, who took a brief moment to recover. She did not overthink it as she said smilingly, Father, this is Brother Qin Nan. He came from the lower district and saved my life as I happened to encounter a half-Martial Dominator Realm beast along my journey. I also stumbled into the Blood-Eyed Bull, and

Fan Haos heart beat rapidly while listening to Fan Xinrus story.

Im right!

This man before me was Qin Nan indeed!

However, Fan Hao was stunned as he continued to listen to Fan Xinrus words, Did you just say a Blood-Eyed Bull King?

Yeah, a Blood-Eyed Bull King was killed by Brother Qin Nan with a single punch. Fan Xinru said smilingly. Her eyes were filled with great respect.


Fang Haos eyes were filled with astonishment. One would need to be at least in the seventh-layer Martial Dominator Realm to kill a Blood-Eyed Bull King with a single punch. However, on second thought, Fan Hao came to a realization. There must be something extraordinary about Qin Nan since he was being hunted by the Four Great Factions.

I shall collect more information before spreading the news out!

Fang Hao quickly made up his mind. His eyes flickered with determination.


Without any warning, Fang Hao hurled out a punch emitting a terrifying aura in Qin Nans direction.


Qin Nan had not expected Fan Hao to attack all of a sudden, but due to his tremendous experience in battle, he was able to quickly react by engulfing his figure in Phoenix Flames, before throwing a powerful punch forward as well.


As the two punches crashed into one another, the resulting force swept the walls of the hall, triggering the various formations protecting the hall to nullify the force.

Tap tap tap.

Qin Nans figure shuddered violently due to the force and he took three steps backward.

Father, what are you doing?

Fan Xinru panicked upon seeing this.

Patriarch Fan, I believe I havent done anything wrong, right? Why are you attacking me all of a sudden?

Qin Nans face coldened as a flame of anger rose within him, causing a murderous intent to burst out from his body.

Even though this Fan Hao was at the half-Martial Highness Realm, granting him an outstanding strength as he had begun to grasp the power of the Martial Highness Realm, if a battle were to break out here, he could easily withdraw safely with his current strength.


Fan Hao was shocked.

He had executed the punch with all his might. An ordinary peak Martial Dominator Realm would be struck dead or at least be sent flying.

But Qin Nan was only knocked three steps back?

Gasp! This mans strength is immeasurable. No wonder he is being hunted by the Four Great Factions! Even with the power of the entire clan, itd be almost impossible to detain him!

As expected of a Patriarch, Fan Hao quickly analyzed the situation, while his eyes flickered with greed.

Fan Hao was not an idiot. Qin Nan was able to possess this strength at such a young age with his sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, and was now being hunted by the Four Great Factions. It was highly possible that he had some kind of treasure or secret that the Four Great Factions were preying upon.

What if their Fan Clan were to acquire this treasure or mystery that even the Four Great Factions were crazy for?

I shall convince this guy to stay here and contact the clans progenitor at White Tiger City. It wouldnt be a problem to deal with Qin Nan if he were to come here!

Fan Hao immediately came up with a plan without displaying his emotions on his face. Facing Fan Xinru and Qin Nans questioning, he brought his fists together and said with a smile, Qin Nan, I was only testing your strength after hearing Xinrus words, please forgive me for doing so.

Qin Nans expression turned calmer after seeing his sincere attitude.

That being said, Qin Nan could vaguely feel something to be fishy, but he could not tell what.

Fan Hao glanced up and down at Qin Nans figure, before he spoke in a relieved tone, Qin Nan, Im impressed that youre able to possess such a great strength at such a young age. Ive got an Honorary Supreme Elder Badge of our clan here. With this badge, your status would be equivalent to the Supreme Elder, without any restrictions applied to you. I do hope that you are willing to take it. After all, without you, Im afraid that I wouldnt have been able to see my daughter again.

Fan Hao spoke with utter sincerity.

Fan Xinru was clueless as to her fathers real intentions. She let out a smile and said, Brother Qin Nan, just take it.


Qin Nan hesitated slightly before nodding his head. He was still new to the upper district, thus he would most likely stay at the Fan Clan for a few more days in order to learn more about the place.

It would be a lot easier with the badge.

By the way, Qin Nan, you came all the way here from the lower district to improve your strength, right? Fan Haos eyes glistened as he spoke in a steady tone.

Thats right. Qin Nan replied.

If thats the case Fan Hao wore a seemingly troubled expression, before he said while clenching his teeth, Since youve saved Xinrus life, a badge alone would not be enough for me to express my gratitude. Our Fan Clan was given two spots to participate in the Vermillion Bird Platoon Selection. Ill give one of them to you!

What? Fan Xinru cried out while covering her mouth with her hand. She was incredibly touched, as she had not expected her father to treat her this preciously.

A spot to participate in the selection?

Qin Nan was slightly startled.

Fan Hao straightened his face and his eyes let out a sharp glow, The Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom is led by the royal family. There are three armies under the royal family regarded as the Genius Troops, where all geniuses of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom gather! They are the Black Tortoise[1] Platoon, the Vermillion Bird Platoon, and the White Tiger Platoon!

Qin Nans eyes flickered upon hearing this.

A place where all the geniuses of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom gathered?

This Vermillion Bird Platoon sounded quite interesting!

A grin appeared on Fan Haos face as he observed Qin Nans reaction. It seemed like it wouldnt be a problem to keep Qin Nan here.

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[1] TL Note: The Black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, and White Tiger are three of the Four Sacred Beasts in Chinese mythology.