Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 502

Chapter 502 the howl of the weapon spirit
Chapter 502 - The Howl of the Weapon Spirit

Six golden rays were emitted, resulting in a blinding sight.

The Divine Battle Spirit stood firmly like a giant mountain descending upon the Aquamarine Crystal, accompanied by a boundless suppression.

This is

Ji Tianxiao, Fan Yu, Fan Xinru, and the six other geniuses were dumbfounded.

Six golden rays?

A sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit?

Are you kidding me!

That was a sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit right there!

He could be considered a top genius in the entire Eastern Continent!

How could a mere cultivator from the lower district possess such a terrifying Martial Spirit?

Suppression of the Martial Spirit!

Qin Nan snapped.

As the Divine Battle Spirit ranked up to the fifth-grade Di rank, it had awakened a new abilitythe ability to suppress all Martial Spirits of the same grade or lower, making them submit before the Divine Battle Spirit, losing their capabilities.

Since both Ji Tianxiao and Fan Yu only possessed third-grade Di ranked Martial Spirits, it was relatively easy to suppress their Martial Spirits.



Two cries of agony could be heard at that instant.

The Martial Spirits of Ji Tianxiao and Fan Yu crawled onto the ground and trembled vigorously. The golden rays emitted from them became incredibly dull, as if they were on the verge of being shattered.

At that instant, the two geniuses stared at Qin Nan in great terror.

It felt like they had lost the ability to communicate with their Martial Spirits, as they could not get any response from them.

Even if Qin Nans Martial Spirit was sixth-grade Di ranked, how could it possess such a terrifying ability?

Let me ask you again, whose Martial Spirit is stronger now?

Qin Nan said in an icy tone.

These two idiots had challenged him during their first meeting, and had even tried to suppress him with their Martial Spirits. Did they really think he would be bullied that easily?

Ji Tianxiao and Fan Yu opened their mouths wide, but were totally speechless.

So what if they were the two great geniuses of the Ninth City? So what if Qin Nan was from the lower district? The difference between them was equivalent to the distance between the Heavens and Earth.

Be modest next time.

Qin Nan mercilessly taught them a lesson in return. Following this, he switched his focus onto the Divine Battle Spirit.

Absorb them all!

Qin Nan communicated with the Divine Battle Spirit and uttered a roar.


A terrifying absorption force was emitted from the Divine Battle Spirit directed at the Aquamarine Crystal. It began to tremble violently as the pure energy contained within it was sucked away by the Divine Battle Spirit in a ferocious manner.


A series of explosions took place as the Divine Battle Spirit was absorbing the energy at a much too terrifying pace.

Fan Xinru and the rest of the geniuses stared at it with blank expressions. They subconsciously glanced downward, and were utterly astounded.

The Aquamarine Crystal had shrunk by a hundredth of its entire size in just the blink of an eye.

How significant was that!?

Even with their full speed, it would take them three days to do so, and it only took Qin Nan a single breath!

Keep it going!

It went without saying that Qin Nan would not let the chance go easily, as he continued to exert his full strength.

The Divine Battle Spirit was like an ancient Kunpeng soaring above the ocean. It was able to devour the entire ocean with a single breath.

The Aquamarine Crystal trembled vigorously as its energy was being sucked away.

One breath!

Two breaths!

Three breaths!

Thirty breaths after, a third of the Aquamarine Crystal had been sucked away. Even the green glow from the crystal had become dimmer.


Fan Xinru and the rest were left speechless.

This was no longer him absorbing the energy. It was a goddamned robbery!


At that instant, a howl could be heard coming from below the crystal. It appeared that the formation was aware of the loss of energy from the crystal, thus it immediately quickened its pace of absorbing the energy from the Weapon Spirit of the Ninth City in order to replenish it.


Qin Nans eyes glistened. He had already speculated this would happen when he had inspected the Weapon Spirit, thus he had made up his mind to absorb with his full strength.


However, despite the effort of the formation in trying to replenish the energy, the Aquamarine Crystal was only half of its original size after sixty breaths. The formation was unable to match Qin Nans speed!


Fan Xinru and the others immediately collected their thoughts and commanded their Martial Spirits to absorb the energy of the Aquamarine Crystal. Following this, their faces were filled with wry smiles.

The Aquamarine Crystal had reached its limit for the output of its energy, thus they were unable to absorb the energy.


However, at that instant, a shocking roar took place in the sky of the Ninth City.

It turned out that the Weapon Spirit had been awakened after being aware of its energy being sucked away at a rapid pace. Its eyes sprung open and it glanced toward Qin Nans figure.

With a glimpse, its eyes widened.

A sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

Damn it, the people of the Ninth City dared to let someone like him absorb the energy of the Aquamarine Crystal!

The Aquamarine Chamber was only opened three days every year to prevent an outstanding talent from absorbing more than half of the crystals energy, which would damage the Weapon Spirit.


The Weapon Spirit became infuriated as its figure struggled while letting out blasting roars.

At that moment, the cultivators of the Ninth City were absolutely stunned.

What is going on?

Has the Weapon Spirit gone mad?

Why would it do this all of a sudden?

It seems to be coming from the Southern Street, lets go and take a look!

Many experts began to make their way to the Southern Street.

Meanwhile, due to the struggle of the Weapon Spirit, countless palaces on the streets began to vibrate violently, resulting in a huge panic.

Ji Wuming and Fan Hao were startled by this too, as they immediately made their way to the Southern Street.

Magical Eyes Peeking at the Secrets!

Fan Hao uttered a roar while executing an eye-technique. His face instantly turned pale with a glimpse.

Theyd made a careless mistake!

They had only been focusing on how to make Qin Nan stay, but theyd completely forgotten about his Martial Spirit!

Open at once!

Ji Wuming was aware of the problem too, causing his face to darken. He immediately opened the Aquamarine Chamber with his badge.

As soon as the entrance was opened, the crowd of cultivators could feel a terrifying suppression being fired from the hole like a surging flood, causing their souls to shiver in fear!