Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 503

Chapter 503 flowerless fruit soul consuming fire
Chapter 503 - Flowerless Fruit, Soul-Consuming Fire

What is that

Despite the experiences of the Martial Ancestor Realm or even the Martial Dominator Realm cultivators, it was their first time witnessing an aura that could make their souls shiver.


Stop him, quick! He has a sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, he is going to suck all the energy from the Aquamarine Crystal!

At that instant, Fan Yu and Ji Tianxiao rushed out from the hole and blurted this out, as if they had found a ray of hope.

The words served as thunder out of the blue

The cultivators faces were filled with great astoundment.

A sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

Did that man from the lower district possess such a terrifying talent?

Stop him at once!

Meanwhile, a raging growl could be heard from the Weapon Spirit of the Ninth City.

If Qin Nan were to continue absorbing, it would lose at least a fifth of its energy!

The faces of Ji Wuming and Fan Yu immediately darkened. At the current stage, if they were to stop Qin Nan from cultivating here, he would most likely leave the Ninth City and cultivate at the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range.

Therefore, they were left with no choice.

Senior Weapon Spirit, please calm down. This man is the hope of our Ninth City. Three daysjust three days would be enough. Ill give you something in return Fan Hao took a deep breath and comforted the Weapon Spirit with his words.

The Weapon Spirit immediately burst out roaring, but the two humans before it showed no sign of compromising, thus it was left with no choice either. Since Qin Nan was cultivating through the Aquamarine Crystal, it could not attack him either; thus it could only accept Fan Haos request.

An uproar took place among the crowd.

City Lord, whats going on? If he continues to absorb the energy, it will affect the entire Ninth City!

Thats right, get him out!

We cant let him cultivate any longer!

The palaces, shops, and training grounds of the Ninth City were all supported by the Weapon Spirit. If the Weapon Spirits energy were to be consumed greatly, the resources given to them would be reduced too.

Fan Yu and Ji Tianxiao were joyful upon seeing the reaction of the crowd. They would be more than happy to stop Qin Nan from cultivating further.

Shut up! Ji Wuming snapped, The Aquamarine Chamber is always opened for three days. Its impossible to close it in advance. If anyone has any questions, come and talk to me at the City Lords Mansion!

Fan Haos eyes coldened too.


Fan Yu and Ji Tianxiao were both stunned.

The crowd was also startled. They had not expected them to be this stubborn and be partial toward Qin Nan. They immediately became silent, as no one dared to offend them both at the same time.

Little did they know that both Ji Tianxiao and Fan Hao were having a great heartache.

Once the Weapon Spirit was damaged, their clans would suffer the greatest loss from among all the factions in the city.

Most importantly, if the Weapon Spirit were to hold grudges against them, it would not cooperate with them any longer.

Just three days! After three days, we will be able to detain Qin Nan and obtain his secrets!

Ji Tianxiao and Fan Hao clenched their teeth. Some sacrifice had to be made in order for them to grow stronger!

...After the dispute had been settled, inside the Aquamarine Chamber...

Fan Xinru and the rest of the geniuses had left, as it was meaningless for them to stay any longer.

Cleanse the Nascent Soul!

Qin Nan uttered a roar while guiding the endless stream of energy from the Aquamarine Crystal into his Nascent Soul.

The Nascent Soul shone brightly while the purple glowing armor-plate solidified further.

Its not enough. Even if Im allowed to absorb for three days straight, the Nascent Soul of the Divine God of Battle will still not be completed.

Qin Nan frowned as he took out two items from his storage bag.

One of them was the Soul-Consuming Fire that Progenitor Wen Dao and his crew had been aiming for, while the other one was a fruit the size of a palm, covered in a dark blue color. Its surface was filled with runes while an enormous force was contained within it.

The fruit was known as the Flowerless Fruit. Once devoured, it could increase ones lifespan by a hundred years while boosting ones cultivation, thus it was considered an incredible treasure.

Among the seven treasures, there were two defensive equipments, a huge spear, the Heaven-Shrouding Herb, the Reincarnation Badge The Heaven-Shrouding Herb is extremely beneficial once consumed as well, but since the other three factions are keen to acquire it, it might come in handy later, hence I shall not devour it yet!

Qin Nan pondered for a moment before making up his mind. He then devoured the Flowerless Fruit and the Soul-Consuming Fire.

Without hesitating, he opened his mouth wide and shoved both of them into his mouth.

If any Ri-ranked Pill Alchemist were to witness this, they would surely go crazy immediately. A treasure like the Flowerless Fruit had to be refined into pills in order to fully utilize its efficacy. It was such a waste if one were to devour it immediately like Qin Nan had.


The Flowerless Fruit transformed into a boundless stream of energy that flowed into the Nascent Soul of the Divine God of Battle, causing it to tremble violently.

Meanwhile, the Soul-Consuming Fire entered Qin Nans body and intertwined with the Phoenix Flame. The two different fires began to battle with one another, as if they were not willing to admit to the others superiority.

Qin Nan began to multitask as he controlled the Sky Thunder to suppress the force of the two different flames while guiding the energy of the Flowerless Fruit into his Nascent Soul.

...Time gradually passed. Three days were gone in the blink of an eye...

Within this period, the entire Ninth City became dull as the palaces stopped glowing, with regular explosions taking place throughout the city.

The reason being that many of the defensive formations had crumbled due to the lack of support from the energy of the Weapon Spirit.

Fan Hao and Ji Wuming had not expected the damage to the city to be this serious. However, in order to acquire Qin Nans secrets, they chose to ignore all objections from the people, and even killed three Martial Dominator Realm experts to calm the crowd.

...Meanwhile, inside the Aquamarine Chamber...


The Soul-Consuming Fire and the Phoenix Flame inside Qin Nans body battled against one another for three days straight, before merging into a dim flame.

The flame was capable of burning ones soul in addition to burning something physically.

It had combined characteristics of both the Phoenix Flame and the Soul-Consuming Fire.

As the new flame was born, a thick stream of Qi was inserted into the Nascent Soul.

The Nascent Soul of the Divine God of Battle absorbed the force of the Flowerless Fruit, the new-born flame, and the energy of the Aquamarine Crystal. A loud explosion took place all of sudden as the purple armor-plate was finally completed.


It was as if a mysterious force had appeared above the Nascent Soul and descended upon it, landing onto the Nascent Souls forehead, which slowly transformed into the word Zhan[1].

As the word was formed, Qin Nans aura skyrocketed to its peak!

Buzz Buzz Buzz.

The force of the Heavens and Earth surrounding him became unstable as if it was aware of Qin Nans change.

The Nascent Soul of the Divine God of Battle raised its head slightly, staring into the sky as if it possessed some sort of intelligence, before emitting a mysterious absorption force.

Finally...Its time for the Tribulation!

Qin Nan became excited.

Meanwhile, Fan Hao and Ji Wuming were immersed in great joy.

The progenitors of the clans...were arriving soon!

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[1] TL Note: Zhan () here means battle.