Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 515

Chapter 515 duan qing is here
Chapter 515 - Duan Qing is Here

Under the Princess guidance, Qin Nan soon found a stalk of Seven-Starred Herb. Its effectiveness was on par with the Flowerless Fruits, and it was incredibly rare.

Xiao Nanzi, take good care of it. Besides that, remember to rob the enemies you stumble into, and dont think too much about the consequences. Just rob those who possess weaker cultivations than yours, and Im sure they will mind their own behavior after that Princess Miao Miao did not forget to scold Qin Nan along the way, who added at the end, Of course, we will divide the loot equally. Mm, you didnt say anything, so Ill assume youve agreed.

......F**k me!

Even though the Illusionary Mirror was quite handy, it could not last too long. It slowly vanished after they had chatted for an hour.

According to the Princess, the cooldown for the Illusionary Mirror was half a month.

I guess the Princess is safe for the time being. Thats a relief. Since the Four Great Factions are currently hunting me, I shall change my appearance with the Mortal Appearance-Changing Technique before heading to White Tiger City.

Qin Nan transformed his figure into Duan Qing[1]s while suppressing his aura to the Martial Ancestor Realm.

Since his cultivation had ranked up to the Undefeatable Martial Dominator Realm, his understanding of the technique had improved further. Even those with a cultivation of the Martial Sacred Realm would be unable to identify his true appearance.

Qin Nan moved swiftly in the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range.

Along his journey, he could occasionally sense countless powerful auras flashing across the sky. Some of them were even those whom Qin Nan was familiar with, for example the Wen Dao Elders.

However, these Martial Sacred Realm experts only glanced at him with their Divine Sense and left immediately.

Since the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range was the interception between the lower and upper districts, it was common to see cultivators here; thus a mere Martial Ancestor Realm cultivator was not worth their attention at all.

The Four Great Factions, Progenitor Wen Dao, the Wen Dao Elders

Qin Nan mumbled to himself. He was no longer afraid of Martial Highness Realm experts after his previous level up. However, he was still too weak to face Martial Sacred Realm experts.

Even Tang Qingshanwho was known as the strongest Martial Highness in the lower districthad no chance of fighting back when facing a Martial Sacred Realm expert; an indication of how formidable their strength was.

Wait until my strength improves. I shall get my revenge soon.

Qin Nans eyes flickered as he continued on his journey toward White Tiger City.

White Tiger City was located in the center of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, a distance of over one hundred thousand li away from the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range. Along the journey, Qin Nan captured a Martial Dominator Realm demonic bird and commanded it to give him a ride.

My Azure Dragon Left Arm feels strange somehow.

Qin Nans left eye of the Divine God of Battle emitted a glow. Since his rank up, he was able to inspect Martial Sacred Realm experts with his eye-technique. Despite that, his vision remained blurry when he tried to peek inside his Azure Dragon Left Arm.

Qin Nan tried to move his left arm, and realized that his left arm was slightly more powerful than his right arm.

Is that the only difference?

Qin Nan raised his right hand and struck his left arm with a flick. Now that his flesh possessed the strength of the Martial Highness Realm, the power unleashed by this single flick was extremely terrifying. He could easily kill a peak Martial Ancestor Realm expert with it.


Apart from a soft thud, he could not feel anything from his left arm.

Could it be

Qin Nans eyes glistened.

Lets try using a saber!

Qin Nan drew out the ancient saber Ira and lashed out a slash with his full force at his left arm under the astonished gaze of the demonic bird.


The left arm let out a slight buzz. However, to his surprise, he could not find any mark from the slash on his left arm.

The slash alone was enough to kill ordinary peak Martial Dominator Realm experts, but not even a light wound could be seen. It appears that even though my left arm has yet to awaken its capabilities, its defense is somewhat extraordinary.

Qin Nans eyes flickered with excitement.

Even though defense did not sound too exciting, one could imagine if Qin Nan were able to resist the strongest attack of a Martial Highness with his left arm alone without being harmed at all. It would be equivalent to having a law-defying defensive equipment.

I shall familiarize myself with the other forces.

Qin Nan said to himself.

Time passed quickly while he cultivated. Twenty days later, he finally arrived at White Tiger City.

White Tiger City was located in the Sacred Burial Valley of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. The valley itself was boundless and entirely covered in green, without any visible end to it.

According to the rumors, when the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was first established, it was surrounded by a great number of enemies. The divine beast that served as the protector of the kingdomthe Skyhowl White Tigerdisplayed its great power and battled against the enemies. It ended up killing three Martial Sacred Realm experts from the enemies side, thus giving the valley the name Sacred Burial Valley.

Qin Nan stood on the valley and stared into the distance with astonishment.

In his sight stood three enormous cities, which were double the size of the Ninth City. The terrifying auras being emitted served as an indication that they were each Sacred Weapons.

However, these Sacred Weaponsthe three enormous citieswere merely entrances.

A magnificent black city was surrounded by these three cities in the middle. It stood firmly like a divine beast that had originated from the ancient era. The difference in size between the three cities and the black city was like comparing three children to an adult.

The black city did not look luxurious nor glorious. However, one would immediately feel respectful toward it after casting their gaze on it.

This was White Tiger City, surrounded by the Second City, the Third City, and the Fourth City.

It went without saying that anyone who planned on entering the White Tiger City had to pass through one of the three cities.

This White Tiger City is impressive indeed. Even with my left eye of the Divine God of Battle, my vision is still limited when peeking at it. Its a sign that its significantly more powerful than those Sacred Weapons!

Qin Nan took a deep breath.

Anything that was more powerful than Sacred Weapons would be a Monarch Weapon!

What was a Monarch Weapon?

One that could be considered as a monarch among all weapons due to the power it possessed.

Lets head to the Second City before entering White Tiger City!

Qin Nan calmed his emotions and headed straight to the entrance of the Second City. However, when he arrived, he was immediately intercepted by the guard.

One hundred Primary Stones. The guard said in a cold tone after realizing his cultivation was at the Martial Ancestor Realm with a glance.


Qin Nan frowned. He did not have to pay Primary Stones when he had entered the Ninth City.

Besides, whenever he acquired any Primary Stones, he would consume them immediately.

Did that mean that he, Qin Nan, would be stuck there outside of the Second City because of a mere one hundred Primary Stones?

You cant afford it?

The guard wore a scornful look.

Meanwhile, a sudden uproar took place behind him. Qin Nan turned around and saw a carriage approaching the entrance of the city.

The carriage was nothing ordinary; the horse was a Divine Swift Horse with a cultivation of the peak Martial Ancestor Realm, while the cart was made of some kind of mysterious rock that could resist a single attack from a Martial Dominator Realm expert.

Hold it! The Second City does not allow any carriage within it. Death will be the penalty The guard snapped.

Before he could finish, a hand reached out from the cart holding a blue badge and waved at the guard. Qin Nan could clearly see the symbol of the Black Tortoise on the badge.

What? The guard wore an astonished look before his attitude changed completely, Ah, the geniuses from the Black Tortoise Platoon, please enter.


A cold voice could be heard from the carriage as the Divine Swift Horse cried out and sprang forward, causing pieces of stone to be thrown at Qin Nans figure.

Damn, how prideful The guard cursed as he stared at the leaving carriage.

Qin Nan frowned and asked, So people from the Black Tortoise Platoon are not required to pay the entrance fee?

Arent you speaking nonsense! The guard rolled his eyes and said, Now, stop wasting my time. Pay me if you want to enter the city, or get the hell out of

Before the guard could finish, Qin Nan took out a badge and waved it in front of the guard, before he entered the city.

Hold it

The guard unconsciously blurted out, before he immediately recalled the crimson badge, causing his expression to change tremendously.

The Vermilion Bird Platoon!

That was the badge of the Vermilion Bird Platoon!

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[1] TL Note: A reminder that this is Qin Nans alias when he changed his appearance, the same alias he used back at the City of Black Hands around chapter 100+.