Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 53

Chapter 53 bring it on
Chapter 53 - Bring it On

At the White Jade Dojo, excluding these two hundred and twenty disciples, the remaining eighty disciples remained neutral.

After seeing what had just happened, these eighty disciples looked at Qin Nan with pity.

Initially, these eighty disciples had received the invitation from Ling Zixiao to team up against Qin Nan in the Trial of Versatility.

However, they had all declined.

The main reason for this was because Qin Nan and Xiao Qingxue were close to each other; there was no need to cause themselves strife by taking the initiative to target Qin Nan.

The key point was, with such a huge gang, there was also no need for them to participate.

Hence, these eighty people stood back and remained bystanders.

Meanwhile, the old white-haired man finally spoke; he asked calmly, Ling Zixiao, whats going on? Why are you joining forces with all these disciples to eliminate this ant?

Seeing how the whole incident took place, it was reasonable for the old white-haired man to voice his doubts.

However, from these words, all the new disciples at the scene instantly realized that the five elders were never concerned of Qin Nans well beingthey would not help Qin Nan under any circumstances.

The five elders were only interested in the cause of the incident.

As if Ling Zixiao was performing a magic trick, the menacing expression on his face turned respectful, as he said, Elder, this Qin Nan had a battle of Martial Skill talent with me at the Skills Library. He set me up with his Martial Skill talent, which caused me to be prohibited to enter the Skills Library for the rest of my life.

After the spoken words, a hint of anger could be seen in the eyes of the old white-haired man and the other four elders.

It was evident that their anger was directed at Qin Nan.

The old white-haired mans tone turned ice cold straight away, and he said, This Qin Nan dares to do such a thing to the sects super-genius when hes just fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm trash. All disciples, hear my decree, you are allowed to join forces and kill Qin Nan at will after entering the Island of Versatility.

The other four elders nodded their heads, while staring mercilessly at Qin Nan.

In the five elders opinions, Huang Long and Ling Zixiao were both highly anticipated super-geniuses. However, the five elders had never expected that this weak Qin Nanwith just an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spiritdared to set Ling Zixiao up, causing him to be prohibited from entering the Skills Library for the rest of his life.

For a super-genius, it was extremely cruel to be prohibited from entering the Skills Library.

Therefore, it was evident how furious these five elders were.

If they were not busy with setting up the portal of transportation, the five elders would attack Qin Nan without hesitation.

Even though the sect rules did not allow Qin Nan to be killed, they could still beat the shit out of him.

Ling Zixiao was not surprised by their words. From his assumption, the five elders would lean toward his side. In the Martial World, including the Mystic Spirit Sect, only the real super-geniuses would be treated with great care.

In that instant, the gazes from those two hundred and twenty disciples were even more scornful.

Even the elders have decided to kill you, whats the point for you, Qin Nan, to stay alive?

At this moment, within the large golden formation at the White Jade Dojo, the two hundred and twenty disciples and Ling Zixiao emitted murderous auras like countless rolling waves aimed at Qin Nan.

In addition, the five elders floating in the air felt like five huge mountains, pushing down on Qin Nan with terrifying murderous intent.

Under such pressure from these two sources of murderous aura, Qin Nan appeared to be tiny, like an ant, one which would be crushed anytime by the two murderous auras.

Qin Nan had not said a single thing since the whole ordeal began before him.

At the start, being exposed to the murderous intent from Ling Zixiao and those two hundred and twenty disciples caused his body to stiffen and his blood to freeze. Now, with the additional pressure from the five elders, his whole body could no longer stand firmly on the spot, and felt like it would fall to the ground anytime now.

Despite that, at that moment, Qin Nan started laughing.

Under everyones stare, Qin Nan burst out laughing all of a sudden; his laugh was felt like it was self-mocking, and full of disdain, or more accurately, filled with tremendous anger.

Everyone was astounded after Qin Nan started laughing.

Ling Zixiao yelled with a sinister look on his face, Qin Nan, what are you laughing at? Hmph, Im telling you, even if you get down on your knees right now, I will not forgive you.

What am I laughing at? The smile on Qin Nans face grew wider as his laughing voice became even louder, HAHAHA, its so funny that you are asking me that question; you dont even know why Im laughing

After finishing the sentence, the smile on Qin Nans face turned completely into anger.

His anger was directed at Ling Zixiao, the two hundred and twenty disciples, andmost importantlythe five elders in the air.

Everyone was stunned after seeing the sudden anger on Qin Nans face.

At this moment, did Qin Nan really show anger on his face? Isnt Qin Nan supposed to kneel down and beg fearfully for mercy?

Even the five elders in the air had not expected this Qin Nan to show his anger.

What is he furious about?

Im but a mere new disciple, with a cultivation base of the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm; how am I worthy enough for you all to be hunting me down? Qin Nans tone was icy cold, as he exploded, The reason is hilarious; just because you guys are helping Ling Zixiaofawning over himyou all plan to target and kill me! What gives you all the right to do so?

This is the reason Qin Nan got mad.

Since Qin Nan had arrived at the Mystic Spirit Sect, if Ling Zixiao had not taken the initiative to trouble him, he would not have bothered opposing him.

Not to mention that Qin Nan had no personal conflict with these two hundred and twenty disciples.

Despite that, in order to suck his balls and receive some benefits from Ling Zixiao, these two hundred and twenty disciples targetted Qin Nan straight away with murderous intent, treating him as their greatest enemy.

Apart from that, what Qin Nan least expected was the five elders publicly supporting Ling Zixiao.

What gives them the right to do all this?

Trying to kill me for no reason?

What a joke. The old white-haired man let out a cold laugh after hearing the words, before saying, Why would we bother killing you? Ling Zixiaos Martial Spirit had reached the ninth-grade Huang rank, and his cultivation base, the ninth-layer Body Tempering Realm; plus you are just a piece of trash. This is the Martial Worldonly the strong are allowed to live. Death is the only outcome for trash.

Ling Zixiao and the two hundred and twenty disciples were in complete agreement with his words.

In their eyes, Qin Nan was only a piece of trash; what kind of reason did they need to kill such trash?

It was unnecessary!

After hearing this, Qin Nan burst out laughing again, and said with a voice filled with disdain, Once, there was a guy who said the same thing to methat trash must die. He tried to kill me too, but what he didnt expect was that I would end up killing him. The reason Im saying this is to ask you all, why do you guys think I am just a piece of trash?

The question caught everyone by surprise.

Even if Im trash, I have no conflict with you all. However, on this day, you have treated me like nothing more than an ant, and mocked me freely; some even planned to trample all over me. Qin Nan scanned the area with a pair of sharp eyes, before saying, If thats the case, Ill make sure to remember all your faces... If you decide to kill me

After saying this, eight golden rays appeared behind Qin Nan, together with a giant blurry figure which rose up from the ground and floated behind him; a powerful aura was unleashed as it looked down upon the whole area.

In that instant, Qin Nans whole aura changed; a overwhelming battle intent encapsulated the entire area, Bring it on!

At this moment, a single person was roaring at two hundred and twenty disciples at the White Jade Dojo.

It was like a tiny ant declaring war at the heavens.

This was who Qin Nan was!

Although he merely possessed a cultivation of the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm; even if his current Martial Spirit had only reached the eighth-grade Huang ranked, he would never back off or be intimidated when facing the murderous intent and pressure from Ling Zixiao, those two hundred and twenty disciples, and the five elders.

It was because he, Qin Nan, possessed the Divine Battle Spirit.

The Divine Battle Spirit fights against the Heaven and Earth; theres nobody it wont fight, theres nothing it wont win against.