Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 550

Chapter 550 crushing a genius with a cup
Chapter 550 - Crushing a Genius with a Cup

Poisoned...a while ago?

Werent you the ninety-ninth batch Platoon Leader of the Black Tortoise Platoon? Were you implying that you had yet to cure your poison after this long?

That was too fake!

Qin Nan was left speechless seeing his reaction and shook his head. It appeared that his wish to compete against Longhu was not going to be granted.

Song Yu collected his thoughts. His expression stiffened slightly after seeing the strange looks on the crowds face. He immediately transmitted his voice to Longhu, What are you doing? Why arent you willing to have a Wine Contest against him?

Longhu instantly exploded after hearing the words.

Are you kidding me! That guy is Duan QIng! Are you trying to embarrass me in front of the crowd by asking me to compete against him? How the f**k am I going to match his strength?

The scold from Longhu left a blank expression on Song Yus face.

Hes that strong?

It took Song Yu a while to collect his thoughts. He was familiar with Longhus strengthhe was almost undefeatable against those below the Martial Highness Realm, and he was scared of Qin Nan even with his strength?

Arent you speaking nonsense! You can have a try if you want! Longhu snapped in a displeased manner.

Song Yus face was twisted.

He could not believe that Duan Qing was that powerful. With Longhus cultivation, he might only lose by a little. Why would he pretend that he was poisoned and bring shame to him in front of the crowd?

That being said, despite being suspicious, Song Yu did not dare to scold Longhu back.

The reason being that the Platoon Leader of the Black Tortoise Platoon had high hopes for Longhu. Besides, he still needed his help at the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground.

It has been months and we have yet to locate Qin Nans whereabouts. Now, the genius that Ive invited is too scared to participate in a Wine Contest right in front of so many siblings. Its going to be a joke, and if father knows, who knows what he will think Song Yu mumbled to himself, and gazed coldly at Longhu.

If this Duan Qing was not as strong as Long Tian had mentioned, he would surely make him pay!

Song Yu took a deep breath to make himself calm, before he brought his fists together, Im sorry everyone. I guess something went wrong on our side. We wont be able to take part in the contest. My apologies.

Despite that, Song Yus face was filled with a slightly awkward expression.

The other princes looked at him disdainfully, but they did not comment anything.

The First Princes eyes flickered with disdain as he spoke, We understand. Hes poisoned after all. Its normal that he couldnt cure himself for some time.

When saying this, the First Prince purposely emphasized the word poisoned.

Song Yus expression became even more awkward, but he had no idea how to strike back.

The First Prince was delighted, but mocking the Ninth Prince was only one of his goals. His first priority now was to deal with the Third Prince. He then glanced at another three princes.

The respective princes nodded their heads before transmitting their voices to the geniuses besides them.

Since Cultivator Long Tian is unable to participate in the contest, Im more than happy to replace him! One of the geniuses rose from his seat and yelled out while bringing his fists together.

This genius was someone from the White Tiger Platoon who had been invited by the Eleventh Prince. Qin Nan had glimpsed at him before, and found his cultivation to be at the ninth-layer Martial Dominator Realm, with a fourth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit.

The Third Prince cast a glance at the Eleventh Prince, who indifferently raised his cup with a smile.

Qin Nan remained calm and prepared himself for the contest.

At that instant, two other geniuses from the White Tiger Platoon rose from their seats all of a sudden. One of them said in a loud tone, As everyone knew, Cultivator Duan Qing is Platoon Leader Zhous successor! Platoon Leader Zhou has only recruited two successors until nowone is our current Platoon Leader, and Cultivator Duan Qing is the second one! Therefore, it is safe to assume that the talent of Duan Qings Martial Spirit is on par with our Platoon Leaders. Therefore, one of us is far from matching his strength. Therefore, us three will be his opponents as a way to respect him!

The genius spoke fluently as if he were doing a talk show.

The princes subconsciously nodded their heads as if they were being controlled.


Qin Nan raised his eyebrows.

Cultivator Duan Qing!

In the blink of an eye, the three geniuses of the White Tiger Platoon leapt into the air while their fourth-grade Di ranked and fifth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirits emerged from their backs and they each grabbed a wine cup.

One of the geniuses Martial Spirit was some kind of poisonous herb, which emitted a faint green glow into the wine.

Heres your wine!

The other two geniuses uttered a roar while their Martial Spirits exerted their strength, causing the cup to turn into a blinding ray firing in Duan Qings direction in a ferocious manner.

The crowd was left in awe.

How vicious of the White Tiger Platoon!

The Third Prince became infuriated and slapped his hand onto the Fiery Jade Table, which instantly shattered it.

Clearly, with the three joining forces and combining the strengths of their Martial Spirits, even a first-layer Martial Highness would be severely injured after receiving the cup.

Even if Duan Qing managed to catch it, the force was more than enough to knock him back, thus he would have to drink the wine.

It was obvious that the wine was poisoned. What would the consequences be if he were to drink the wine?

It was a chain conspiracy planned by the trio. The contest was not fair at all!

Third Brother The eyes of the First Prince flickered with joy as his hands were emitting a glow while he raised his hand and signaled for the Third Prince to calm down.

Meanwhile, the surrounding princes and the geniuses collected their thoughts, although their faces were still filled with astonishment.

Even though the White Tiger Platoon was being ridiculous this time, how was Duan Qing going to catch the cup?

The cup sprang forward in Qin Nans direction with a terrifying force.


The crowd was startled by the loud explosion.

The eyes of the trio widened.

It was because the cup had been caught!

Qin Nan had caught the cup firmly with a single hand. His figure did not even budge!


The crowd was astounded seeing this.

Wasnt this Duan Qings flesh way too terrifying?

The initially dark expression on Song Yus face stiffened immediately. It appeared that Longhu had not lied to him at all. This Duan Qings strength was immeasurable!

Meanwhile, a boundless aura swept across the hall.

Even the person wearing the black robe who was standing beside the First Prince raised his head.

The crowd could only see Qin Nans eyes turning cold as his palm was engulfed in flames, before the cup in his hand was fired.


A ferocious flame encapsulated the cup, resulting in a formidable aura.


The cup broke into three pieces in mid-air, which struck the chests of the three geniuses.


Before the trio could react, a huge force collided with their bodies, sending their figures instantly flying into the wall, which caused a great bang.

Im sorry. Im not fond of the wine given by the people of the White Tiger Platoon!

Following a slight flick, the flames on Qin Nans palm disappeared, leaving a calm expression on his face.

The crowd was utterly shocked.