Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 555

Chapter 555 the destiny intertwining starry pagoda
Chapter 555 - The Destiny-Intertwining Starry Pagoda

Late at night, White Tiger City remained brightly illuminated.

The incident taking place at the Talent-Gathering Hall was made known to various factions through all sorts of mediums, resulting in chaos behind the scenes.

Tell everyone to collect information about this Duan Qing.

This guy who appeared out of nowhere possesses a remarkable cultivation. He would definitely be a formidable foe for us in the trial of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground.

The Third Prince has been quiet for the past ten years, and shocked everyone with a single move. We must keep an eye on him from today onward.

Any news from the White Tiger Platoon?

These factions all chose to wait patiently until they acquired some news from the White Tiger Platoon.

...Meanwhile, in White Tiger City, in a huge palace...

The sight within the palace was absolutely fascinating, as if it were another city itself, filled with various cultivating grounds and facilities. It was the headquarters of the White Tiger Platoon.

Within the palace, inside an anciently decorated room sat a man.

The man had a bulky figure and crimson hair, wearing a mink coat. Scars could be seen on his face, giving him an intimidating appearance.

This man was the top genius of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom: Di Fengyun.

Platoon Leader, this Duan Qing might be a potential threat. He has no respect for our White Tiger Platoon. According to my speculations, his Martial Spirit is at least sixth-grade or seventh-grade Di rank. If we allow him to grow, he will become our greatest foe. Xu Ao stood before the man and said with a lowered head.

Di Fengyun sat on the chair in silence. His eyes had a deep look, as if the words had no effect on him.

Xu Aos eyes flickered as he slowly spoke, Besides, it appears that Zhou Bihua has the intention to teach Duan QIng the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird


Di Fengyun sprang up from his seat while emitting a terrifying aura, as if a ferocious tiger had opened its bloody mouth.

His eyes became fiery red as if they were engulfed in wild flames.

Xu Ao had been working with Di Fengyun for many years, thus he knew that the words had provoked him. He took a deep breath before saying, Platoon Leader, maybe we should send someone

Forget it. Di Fengyun waved his hand. His voice was like the chime of steel, Since he has recruited him as his disciple, he would surely take good care of his safety. With all the things happening during this period, we dont need to do anything for now, as neither Duan Qing and Zhou Bihua would be able to stop my plan when the time comes!

His words exploded like the thunder of the Nine Heavens.

Xu Aos figure shuddered. Despite the years he had spent here, he would still feel terrified subconsciously while facing Di Fengyun.

Thats all for now, Ill be heading out.

Di Fengyun withdrew the terrifying aura back into his body, returning calmness to the place.

To...the Starry Pagoda? Xu Ao was startled.


Following this, Di Fengyus figure completely vanished.

Xu Ao shook his head upon seeing this with a helpless expression. Their Platoon Leader was extraordinarily talented and unmatched, but his only flaw was being too addicted to Martial Arts. He had to pay a visit to the Starry Pagoda every few days to comprehend his Martial Arts.

Duan Qing

Xu Aos eyes flickered coldly after recalling the event that had taken place in the Martial Art Display Palace.

Its only been a short time since the incident, and someone is already stalking me now.

Qin Nan walked on the street of White Tiger City while his left eye flickered thunderously. He could see three shadowy figures moving in the corner of the street.

This fight for the Crown Prince title between the royal siblings was terrifying indeed. No one dared to let their guards down during this period.

Too bad, Im not that easy to be tracked.

Qin Nans lips curled upward as his figure arrived at the corner of the street with a flicker. He immediately changed his appearance into an ordinary middle-aged man with the Mortal Appearance-Changing Technique and blended into the crowd.

The figures following him were left in shock and immediately searched for him.

After getting rid of the figures stalking him, Qin Nan retraced the path he had memorized and walked toward the city.

His destination was the Starry Pagoda.

The Starry Pagoda was ranked first among the top five cultivation grounds of the White Tiger City. It was split into basic, intermediate, advanced, and superior rooms as well. The cost to cultivate in a basic room was two thousand Primary Stones.

Even though Qin Nan had the royal badge, he could only enter an advanced room for free.

As for the superior rooms, it was said that there were only two of them. Only the real authorities could enter them.

Hopefully, this Starry Pagoda will not let me down.

Qin Nan halted in his tracks as he arrived before a palace. He changed his appearance back to Duan Qings and entered the place.

He found himself in a spacious hall, with a magical light curtain hanging on the left side of the hall, which was the path leading to the Starry Pagoda.

However, before one could enter the curtain, they would need to pay at the reception desk to acquire a specific badge.

Meanwhile, the hall was crowded with people. Many experts were lining up in an orderly fashion to pay the entry fee.

Qin Nan scanned the crowd and discovered five among them to be Martial Highness Realm cultivators, and one of them had even reached the peak Martial Highness Realm.

Fellow cultivator, do you need any help? A beautiful maidservant approached Qin Nan.

I would like to have an advanced room.

Qin Nan took out the royal badge as he spoke.

Are you the Third Prince? The maidservant was taken by surprise and took a closer look at Qin Nan, before she blurted out, Are...are you Mr. Duan Qing?

Thats me. Qin Nan was startled. Why did this woman know him?

Our master mentioned that if Mr. Duan Qing was here, he could head straight to the superior room without paying any fee. Here is your badge. The maidservant explained as she took out a wooden badge with the word First written on it.

Superior room?

One of the two superior rooms that only the real authorities could enter according to the rumors?

Qin Nan was confused, Your master? Who is your master

The First Duke. The maidservant replied in a soft one, who added, Master was among the first batch disciples of the Vermilion Bird Platoon.

I see.

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization.

The First Duke was in charge of this Starry Pagoda, who coincidentally turned out to be someone from the Vermilion Bird Platoon. Therefore, he offered Qin Nan the superior room after knowing that he would be here.

This Vermilion Bird Platoon is powerful indeed, even the First Duke is one of us

Qin Nan exclaimed.

The Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom was ruled by the royal family, the Trading Alliance, and the Ten Dukes. As such, it was obvious how powerful the authority of the Ten Dukes was.

Please express my gratitude to your master.

Qin Nan brought his fists together without saying anything further. He turned around and proceeded to the light curtain.

Since the First Duke had given him the gift, as a junior of the Vermilion Bird Platoon, it was a sign of respect for him to accept it. That being said, he would surely find some time to visit this mysterious First Duke.

However, to Qin Nans surprise, as soon as he entered the light curtain, a man wearing a mink coat slowly walked into the hall.

The person was none other than Di Fengyun!