Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 559

Chapter 559 the sleeping buddha method
Chapter 559 - The Sleeping Buddha Method

...Meanwhile, in White Tiger City, in the First Dukes residence...

Master, in the first day of the activation of the Starry River, Duan Qing successfully acquired Starry Stones with all his attempts, and his result got better each time. In the first attempt, he grabbed seventy Starry Stones, and in the second attempt A guard wearing armor plate spoke.

You are dismissed.

The man sitting in the leading position waved his hand in a firm manner.

The guard swiftly withdrew from the hall, causing the place to become quiet.

His talents are quite extraordinary, no wonder Eldest Brother is so fond of him. Even the experts including Di Fengyun were no match against him. A mocking grin appeared on the mans face as he continued, Oh Di Fengyun, how would you react if you knew the person inside the Left Star superior room was none other than Duan Qing?

The man paused for a moment.

Now that he has joined the Vermilion Bird Platoon, his presence serves as a ray of hope, at least he has yet to disappoint me. Fine, if he really wants to stir a great chaos, how could we not obey the Vermilion Bird Sacred Badge?

The man seemed to have made up his mind, who let out a sigh and said after a brief hesitation, What a pity, he only possesses a sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spiritwhich would limit his potential. Otherwise, that asshole Di Fengyun would have no chance to be so full of himself

The man shook himself and fell silent.

...Meanwhile, in the Starry Pagoda...

In the Left Star superior room, Qin Nan wore a smile as the illusionary Mirror vanished into thin air.

Despite Princess Miao Miaos firm tone, he did not believe her words at all.

It was most likely that the Princess had specifically found this ancient Martial Art for him, which had taken her a great effort.

I will try my best to collect every good wine I stumble into. She will definitely enjoy them when the time comes.

Qin Nan made his decision and began to focus on the Martial Art that the Princess gave him.

The ancient Martial Art was known as the Sleeping Buddha Method!

It was said that there existed a Buddha in the West, who was regularly in deep sleep. It was said that the Buddha was capable of comprehending the Dao in his sleep, which allowed him to cultivate in his dreams.

This Sleeping Buddha was neither an offensive technique nor a defensive ability. It was a methodology to refine ones heart and soul. However, once it was fully mastered, it could be transformed into an offensive or a defensive skilla fascinating Martial Art.

Sleeping Buddha; the key to the Martial Art is sleep itself!

With a glimpse using the left eye of the Divine God of Battle, Qin Nan had almost understood the Martial Art.

However, this sleep is not referring to rest, its referring to the mystical feeling when ones soul sinks deeply into the soul, similar to dreaming

Qin Nan held the Starry Stones in his hand as his mind continued to comprehend the secrets of the Sleeping Buddha Method.

With the help of the Starry Stones, it only took Qin Nan an hour to fully master the Martial Art.

Doing two things at once, seeking answers from a greater entity in sleep while the flesh evolves into a highness!

Qin Nan let out a murmur as he closed his eyes and lay in the room. The pace of his breathing became even as if he had actually fallen asleep.

However, the Law-Defying Primordial Spirit within Qin Nans body began to evolve while comprehending the secrets of the Martial Highness Realm as if it possessed some sort of intelligence.

This highlighted the benefits of learning the Sleeping Buddha Method. The process of inner cultivation would not affect the cultivation process of his flesh.

Meanwhile, Qin Nans thoughts had thoroughly sunk into a hazy world.

He was no longer solid in this hazy world, as his presence was merely his will, wandering aimlessly as he experienced the vicissitudes of life to comprehend its secrets.

Puff! Puff!

The Starry Stones surrounding Qin Nans figure were consumed rapidly as Qin Nans breathing intensified and became loud like roars of thunder.

Three hours later, following a bang, Qin Nans aura changed tremendously.

It was as if a pool of dirty water had become clear all of a sudden!

Buzz buzz buzz.

Furthermore, Qin Nans forehead emitted a golden glow with tremendous warmth. His surroundings were filled with a series of buddhist chants.

The sound of the chants grew stronger, and in the blink of an eye, it penetrated the forbidding aura encapsulating the Left Star superior room and echoed in the entire pagoda.

At that instant, it felt like a formidable Buddha was floating in mid-air and uttering buddhist chants in the pagoda.

The experts in the pagoda were instantly awakened by the sound, leaving astonishment in their faces.

Whats going on?

What kind of Martial Art is that? Why is it causing such a great fuss?

Whos doing this?

The experts were utterly astonished.

Even Di Fengyuns face was filled with astoundment.

The rooms of the Starry Pagoda were sealed off with forbidding auras. Even a Martial Sacred Realm expert would not be able to peek into the rooms. Furthermore, the rooms were perfectly soundproof.

Even Di Fengyun was not able to disturb others who were cultivating in the rooms.

Its coming from the Left Star superior room!

One of the experts suddenly discovered the source of the chants.

In addition to him, the other experts discovered the source too, causing their hearts to be filled with surging tides!

They had initially thought that the person inside the Left Star superior room was at least a Martial Sacred Realm expert!

However, even an ordinary Martial Sacred Realm expert would not be able to cause such a scene!

Could he be the Sky-Scorching Emperor?

It seems like he is someone on par with Progenitor Wen Dao or the Leader of the Trading Alliance!

Gasp, why would such a great authority come here?

The experts were left speechless.

Even Di Fengyun completely lost his ground, Which authority could it be in this Left Star superior room?

Countless speculations flashed across in his heart.

Such a great authority would never show himself easily. This is my chance! I must meet this person, as it might serve as a great help to my plan!

Di Fengyuns eyes flickered with excitement.

Normally, it was extremely difficult for him to meet authorities like Progenitor Wen Dao, Sky-Scorching Emperor, and the others. Therefore, he was determined to take a hold of such a rare opportunity this time!

Qin Nan had no idea about the scene he had caused as he was cultivating. He was currently immersed in an obscure process.

What is considered the end of ones life?

What is the meaning for the Martial World to exist?

Why was I born to this world?

Every living thing in this world, are they determined by fate or manipulated by humans?

Various obscure questions appeared in Qin Nans mind like the blossoming of spring bamboo shoots after the rain.

Qin Nan had no answer to the questions, but as he continued to ponder and ask himself the questions, his heart grew continuously without him noticing.

The chants became louder as time gradually passed, while Qin Nan sank deeper into his dream.

A breeze suddenly swept Qin Nans mind inside his Divine Sense.

As the breeze entered his Divine Sense, the entire area turned into a frozen lake.

His will had been refined, becoming impenetrable by any demonic presence!