Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 563

Chapter 563 tyrannical
Chapter 563 - Tyrannical

The suppression of the Martial Sacred Realm! Theres no doubt about that?

What? Are you saying that a Martial Sacred Realm expert is here?

Lets go and take a look!

Many cultivators in White Tiger City were startled.

There were only a few Martial Sacred Realm experts in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, thus it was incredibly rare for them to have a chance to meet these experts. However, the contention between Duan Qing and the people of the White Tiger Platoon had attracted the attention of a Martial Sacred Realm expert.


The space within five li of the area was shattered into pieces as a man wearing a mink coat stepped out from the gap with flames engulfing his back, resulting in a terrifying aura, as if his figure was supporting the entire Heavens and Earth.

This is

He Long and Xu Aos figures shuddered as they raised their heads. Their eyes widened after seeing the person that had arrived.

In addition to them, the hearts of the First Prince and the Ninth Prince, and the other cultivators were filled with an explosion.

The man was none other than one of the top three experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient KingdomZhou Bihua!

Why would he bother to come for such an insignificant matter!

He Long and Xu Ao exchanged glances with another. They were able to see the astonishment in each others eyes.

They were only trying to keep Duan Qing in custody for three days. They were not trying to kill him. Why would Zhou Bihua involved himself?

This didnt make sense!

Platoon Leader!

Elder Wang became high-spirited after seeing Zhou Bihua, before he spoke in a furious tone, The people from the Law-Enforcement Team and Xu Ao were manipulating the truth and tried to detain Duan Qing ruthlessly

Before he could finish, Zhou Bihuas figure landed beside Qin Nan without any expression on his face.


The defensive formations of the street became active as if a giant ancient mountain had crushed downward at it, resulting in shocking explosions and brilliant glows.

A terrifying gust of wind swept the place like the roar of an enormous dragon.

Among the crowd surrounding the place, some who possessed slightly weaker cultivations were knocked backward by the wind.


Some even swallowed a mouthful of saliva, which was surprisingly loud as the place was immersed in silence.

Everyone was utterly stupefied.

That was Zhou Bihua for you; each of his actions was accompanied by a tremendous aura!

Err Platoon Leader Zhou, why are you here? He Long collected his thoughts after his initial astoundment. He forced a smile on his face as he said, Platoon Leader Zhou, you cant blame us. Were only carrying out our duty.

Leader He is right

The grin on Xu Aos face had disappeared as he blurted out.

They had never expected Zhou Bihua to come all of a sudden!

However, under such circumstances, the outcome of their plan had been fixed.

With Zhou Bihua arriving in person, there was no way they could continue executing their plan and capture Qin Nan!

Their only choice was to settle the dispute by lowering their tone!

The crowd could feel their hearts racing seeing this.

Previously, Xu Ao and He Long had been exceedingly full of themselves and treated Elder Wang like dirt. However, now that Zhou Bihua was standing in front of them, they totally lost their imperiousness and lowered their heads without hesitation.

Lets leave!

The First Prince and the Ninth Prince looked at one another after recovering from the shock, before they quietly made their ways backward.

They had not played any part in executing the plan; they were only there to support it.

Now that Zhou Bihua had arrived, not only would it be meaningless for them to stay any further, it would bring trouble to themselves too.

As for Yin Cheng and the cultivators who were pointing at Qin Nan and accusing him, their bodies began to tremble while their eyes were filled with terror as if they had encountered some kind of frightening presence.

Be gone!

Zhoul Bihua uttered a roar without raising his head or showing any expression on his face.

The expressions of the First Prince and the Ninth Prince who were slowly leaving the scene among the crowd changed tremendously. Following this, a ferocious gust transformed into two giant hands that struck their figures.


Following the two collisions, their figures were sent flying a hundred meters away, crashing into the wall of some palace.

At that instant, the crowd and the experts who had just arrived out of curiosity were dumbfounded.

They would not react so if it were somebody else, but they were the First Prince and the Ninth Prince, the princes of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!

Hitting the princes was the same as challenging the entire royal family of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!

Meanwhile, Xu Ao and He Long, the two great authorities of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom wore troubled looks.

Even the two princes were knocked away, what would he do to them?

Platoon...Platoon Leader Zhou

He Longs heart beat rapidly as he tried his best to act calm and spoke. His voice was stammering as if he was running out of breath.

Meanwhile, waves of Divine Sense were fired toward the street from White Tiger City, the royal palace, and the headquarters of the Trading Alliance.

At that instant, the majority of the experts of White Tiger City were startled!

Despite that, the place remained silent. No one dared to interrupt.

Zhou Bihua remained expressionless as his gaze landed onto He Longs figure. His tone was extremely cold as he spoke, Why did you do that?

Err...well He Long did not expect Zhou Bihua to ask the question all of a sudden. He reacted after a slight hesitation and said with a wry smile, Platoon Leader Zhou, its not our fault. Its mainly because Duan Qing was being targeted by a Death Servant, thus its quite complicated. Therefore, I have no choice but to

Before he could finish, Zhou Bihua interrupted in a cold tone, He Long, have you heard of the rules of the Vermilion Bird Platoon?

The rules of the Vermilion Bird Platoon?

He Long and Xu Ao were stunned. Rules of the Vermilion Bird Platoon? What rules?

The people spectating the incident with their Divine Sense, and the cultivators at the scene were left in awe. They had never heard of anything about the special rules of the Vermilion Bird Platoon.

Suddenly, a faint voice could be heard coming from the crowd, I remember that the Vermilion Bird Platoon has always been protective of their people

The words caused everyone to shudder, as if they had just been awoken by buckets of cold water.

Thats right!

The Vermilion Bird Platoon was extremely protective of their people!

Over the past few hundred years, every cultivator of the Eastern Continent would clearly know this!

If anything, that would be the rule that he had mentioned!

If anyone dared to bully the people of the Vermilion Bird Platoon, the platoon would get their revenge regardless of their identity!

Platoon, Platoon Leader Zhou. This is White Tiger City. What are you planning to do

He Long and Xu Ao immediately collected their thoughts and blurted out with pale expressions on their face.

However, before they could finish, the calm Zhou Bihua suddenly became enraged!

Since when do people like you dare to harm my people?

The shocking roar served as a tremendous explosion above White Tiger City, resulting in a great impact to the hearts of the crowd.


Zhou Bihua immediately made his move!