Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 572

Chapter 572 the lost scroll
Chapter 572 - The Lost Scroll

They did not expect Jiang Bilan to suggest a cooperation at this time.

Cooperate? You vicious prick are trying to cooperate with us? Longhu wore a disdainful look.

Qin Nan frowned.

Previously at the Mystical Ground Hall, Jiang Bilan had already discovered his true identity, but she had not exposed it to the Four Great Factions. Everyone knew that if his identity was exposed, the entire Eastern Continent would go crazy. The authorities including Progenitor Wen Dao would make their way there and there was no chance for Qin Nan to survive.

Meanwhile, she was asking for cooperation. What was she planning to do?

Cut the nonsense!

Qin Nan flung the saber in his hand while the doubts in his eyes were replaced with iciness.

He could never forget what Jiang Bilan had done at the Demon King Valley of the lower district. Princess Miao Miao had almost died in his hands when her important Tribulation was interrupted and shattered by brute force.

He would never forgive her!

He could only calm his hatred with Jiang Bilans fresh blood!

This is important for the Lost Herb Gardenits for Princess Miao Miao! Jiang Bilan blurted out after seeing their reaction.

Qin Nan and Longhus actions came to a halt.

Jiang Bilan waved her hand and revealed an ancient scroll in her palm as she spoke in a calm tone, This ancient scroll is related to the secrets of the Lost Herb Garden, which might be extremely useful to Princess Miao Miao. Keep in mind that Im not too sure of it myself. Qin Nan, if youre willing to cooperate with me, Ill give you the scroll in return!

Longhu glanced at the scroll with astonishment, before he quickly concealed it and said in a mocking tone, Jiang Bilan, are you trying to trick us? An ancient scroll of the Lost Herb Garden? Even the Death Emperor is not qualified enough to know the secrets of the Lost Herb Garden

Since Longhu possessed the bloodline of the Heavenly Dragon Thunderous Tiger, it granted him some unique memories, thus he knew a little information about the Lost Herb Garden.

Shut up! Jiang Bilans eyes coldened. Her eyes were somehow extremely sharp, possibly due to her soul having merged with the Death Emperors soul. Even Longhu could feel chills being sent down his spine, causing him to unconsciously shut his mouth.

Qin Nan, this scroll is related to the Lost Herb Garden, thats not a lie at all. You should decide yourself. Jiang Bilan glanced at Qin Nan and spoke in a serious tone. It seemed like there was some kind of glow in her eyes.

Qin Nan, dont trust her. Its not the first day youve met this woman Longhu blurted out.

However, before he could finish, Qin Nanwho had remained silentslowly spoke.

What do you want from me?

You Longhu stared with his eyes open wide.

Qin Nan ignored his gaze as he set his eyes onto Jiang Bilan. Despite her attractive looks, his heart was filled with a great murderous intent, but he could only endure it for now.

Maybe Longhu was right that Jiang Bilan was trying to trick him, but he had no other choice.

Although Princess Miao Miao had not mentioned it, Qin Nan could tell that she had experienced a great calamity from the fact that she was forced to fall into a deep sleep for over three hundred years in the form of a ginseng, while her cultivation was now stuck at the Martial Ancestor Realm.

The Lost Herb Garden was where the Princess came from.

If this ancient scroll was related to the Lost Herb Garden, it was highly possible that it was important to Princess Miao Miao.

If he were able to help the Princess, even if the chance of it was only a hundredth, he would still do it!

Jiang Bilans eyes flickered with a complicated look as she tried to calm her tone, I want you to get me the Dragon Abyss FruitI need it. Besides that, you should not attack me in the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground.

Sure, Qin Nan nodded his head and said, Give me the scroll first.

Jiang Bilan threw the scroll into Qin Nans hands without hesitating. Qin Nan received the scroll and inspected it with the left eye of the Divine God of Battle. The words and patterns on the scroll possessed a powerful mysterious aura, which greatly surpassed his knowledge.

It appeared that the scroll was actually related to the Lost Herb Garden!

Qin Nan took a breath and kept the scroll in his storage bag, before he cast a cold look at Jiang Bilan and said, From now onward, you must stay fifty meters away from me.

No problem.

Following a flicker, Jiang Bilans figure landed fifty meters away, standing firmly like a tender and beautiful flower among the woods.

Longhus eyes were filled with a hint of appreciation after seeing this.

In the beginning, he could already tell that Jiang Bilan had not been lying to Qin Nan. The ancient scroll was in fact related to the Lost Herb Garden, which would be useful to Princess Miao Miao.

He was only saying the words to test Qin Nans attitude.

He had witnessed a few times how Princess Miao Miao had sacrificed herself to protect Qin Nan. At times, he even felt that Qin Nan was not worthy enough for the Princess, as she had been injured a couple of times for his sake.

Now it seemed like the Princess did have an important place in Qin Nans heart.

Damn it, Im so jealous of this kid Longhu cursed in his heart. If he had been the one who had saved the ginseng, would it be different for him now?


At that instant, the golden badge hanging on Qin Nans waist vibrated vigorously.

Qin Nan became energetic after reading the message.

It was from the Third Prince, which stated that he had almost found the location of the Dragon Abyss Tree.

Lets go! We are close to locating the Dragon Abyss Tree!

Qin Nan said before dashing forward into the woods.

What? So soon? Qin Nan, wait for me Longhu became energetic as well as he had desired to get his hands on the Dragon Abyss Fruit for a long time.

Behind them, Jiang Bilans figure followed swiftly. As their figures disappeared ahead of her in the woods, a soft sigh could be heard.

The voice in her heart had echoed in the woods.

Qin Nan was not far from the Third Prince. In just the period it took for an incense to burn, he had arrived at a sandy region.

He could see the Third Prince sitting on the ground while his figure was encapsulated within a golden glow. Below him, a series of golden runes could be seen spreading out into the surroundings like serpents.

If one were to glance down from the sky, the runes spreading out from the Third Prince actually resembled an eye!

F**k me! Longhu was utterly astonished as he arrived, Isnt this the Golden Emperor Heaven-Inspecting Technique? How would this guy know how to use an Emperor Art...

In addition to Longhu, Jiang Bilan standing a distance away was also astounded.

An Emperor Art was referring to the Martial Art of an emperor.

For example, the Breath of Death and the summoning of the God of Death by the Death Emperor were Emperor Arts too.

This Golden Emperor Heaven-Inspecting Technique was an Emperor Art itself. Once executed, it could locate an objects whereabouts according to its aura, an extremely terrifying skill.

Mm? The Third Prince opened his eyes and blurted out curiously when he saw Longhu and Jiang Bilan, Cultivator Long Tian? Cultivator Jiang?

He clearly remembered that they were the geniuses supporting the First Prince and the Ninth Prince!

They are my friends, and are here to assist you!

Qin Nan simply made up a lie.

Great! The Third Prince became joyful as he said, With their help, we will surely come first in the trial!

At that instant, the golden glow encapsulating his figure suddenly shuddered, as the sand around him was swept away by a ferocious gust in a magnificent manner.

The Third Prince immediately withdrew his thoughts and gazed into the sky. Following this, his eyes emitted a sharp glow.

Found it!