Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 579

Chapter 579 Sequence Of Explosions
Chapter 579 - Sequence of Explosions

Everyone could only see the remaining Celestial-Devouring Insects gathering around Qin Nans feet at a crazy pace as if they were sending their regards to their king.

In addition to the Second Prince Song Li, the Third Prince, Long Hu, Jiang Bilan, and Yao Ji were stunned as well.

Why had the Celestial-Devouring Insects stopped eating the Dragon Abyss Tree and gathered around Qin Nan all of a sudden?

What were they trying to do?

Duan Qing, what are you thinking? We are trying to eliminate the Celestial-Devouring Insects, what are you Song Li collected his thoughts and snapped.

However, his voice was interrupted straight away.


Qin Nan did not even glimpse at him.

Upon discovering that the Chaos Qi was effective against the Celestial-Devouring Insects, he immediately withdrew over nine hundred streams of Chaos Qi and scattered them around him. He was not disappointed by the outcome, as the Celestial-Devouring Insects immediately devoured the Chaos Qi impatiently.

Thats over nine hundred streams of Chaos Qi, please dont be a waste

Qin Nan clenched his teeth and shut his eyes, as he began to guide the Chaos Qi.

Although the Celestial-Devouring Insects had fully devoured the Chaos Qi, Qin Nan could still detect the presence of it inside their bodies, as it had yet to be refined.


Qin Nan uttered a single word icily.

He selected ten of the streams and controlled them to explode inside the bodies of the Celestial-Devouring Insects.


At that instant, the Celestial-Devouring Insects that possessed terrifying defense completely exploded, causing blood to splatter toward the surroundings.

Instant kill!

One Dragon Abyss Fruit for you!

The astonishment in the eyes of the Dragon Abyss Tree had yet to dissipate, but it did not hesitate to shoot a Dragon Abyss Fruit into Qin Nans hands.

The Second Prince, the Third Prince, and the rest were left speechless seeing this.

What on Earth...

Why did the Celestial-Devouring Insects explode? And ten of them at the same time? What exactly did Duan Qing do to them?

Countless doubts rose up in their minds like a surging tide.

This was apart from Jiang Bilan, who had soon recalled something after recovering from the astonishment.

Previously at Jianghuang City, over ten Emperor Weapons sold at the Ancient Dragon Auction had exploded in the same manner as the Celestial-Devouring Insects.

So he was the one behind those explosions.

Jiang Bilan mumbled to herself as an elegant smile appeared on her face.

Qin Nan held the Dragon Abyss Fruit in his hands. His eyes flickered with joy. His plan had worked!

Third Prince, keep this!

Qin Nan tossed the Dragon Abyss Fruit to the Third Prince, who unconsciously caught it in his hands. Upon collecting his thoughts, he immediately blurted out, Duan Qing, this should be yours. I cant take it

Before he could finish, Qin Nan interrupted, Its fine, since all the remaining Dragon Abyss Fruits will be ours too!

Why did that sound so familiar!

The Third Prince and Longhu were startled, before they quickly came to a realization. Wasnt that what the Second Prince had just said?


The Second Prince became enraged seeing this, Duan Qing! What the hell did you do? Why did the Celestial-Devouring Insects explode all of a sudden?

This is just the beginning!

Qin Nans lips curled up into a grin, which caused Song Lis heart to shudder as a bad feeling rose within it.

...Meanwhile, at the Emperors Audience Hall in the royal palace...

The expressions on the faces of the ministers froze after witnessing the Celestial-Devouring Insects exploding into pieces, allowing Qin Nan to be rewarded with a Dragon Abyss Fruit.

They too had the same confusion on their faces as Song Li and the others.

Why had the Celestial-Devouring Insects suddenly exploded?

Humph, its just a fluke!

Di Fengyuns eyes flickered with disdain.

Even though he had no idea why the Celestial-Devouring Insects had exploded, it was definitely not an easy task. Otherwise, why would the Dragon Abyss Tree be willing to reward anyone that killed ten Celestial-Devouring Insects with a Dragon Abyss Fruit?

Wouldnt that be a waste!

Therefore, in his eyes, Duan Qing was only relying on a fluke.

As for Elder Wang, he suddenly recalled Zhou Bihuas words to him upon seeing this. His eyes glittered as he captured a glint of hope.

Was Duan Qing going to have a comeback?


One of the ministers let out a scream.

It was as if the scream had some sort of magic to it, prompting Di Fengyun, Elder Wang, Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong and the others to gather their focus onto the watery screen.

Qin Nan stood on the tree as he uttered a word once again.

Although the screen was not able to capture the sound, the crowd could easily tell that the word was explode!


Were the Celestial-Devouring Insects going to be detonated again?

In the midst of the confusion, they were greeted by an astounding sight.

A powerful force suddenly burst out from within the body of a Celestial-Devouring Insect, causing it body to explode into pieces.

That was not the end of itit was the beginning instead.

One, two, three four The Celestial-Devouring Insects exploded simultaneously as if they had reached a deal with one another to take turns to detonate themselves. In the blink of an eye, over a hundred Celestial-Devouring Insects had exploded.

One hundred and fifty-three One hundred and fifty-three Celestial-Devouring Insects had just exploded!

The ministers voice trembled slightly.

In other words, Duan Qing had just acquired fifteen Dragon Abyss Fruits in just a brief period of time!

Fifteen Dragon Abyss Fruits, that was a sixth of the total amount!

The other ministers collected their thoughts too. Their eyes were filled with astoundment. They clearly knew how tremendous the Celestial-Devouring Insects were. How exactly did Duan Qing do it?

Di Fengyun in particular was frozen in place.

Just a moment ago, he had been disdainful, and the next instant, reality struck him like a slap to his face.

However, that was not the end of the sequence on the screen. Qin Nan spat out another word, which seemed to be the same word explode!

The crowd was stupefied seeing this.


Did that mean...

He could still detonate the Celestial-Devouring Insects?

The faces of the ministers were filled with disbelief. More explosions?

How is that possible!

However, they had witnessed the impossible today!

The remaining Celestial-Devouring Insects exploded one after another rapidly in an orderly fashion, as if it were an insane explosion feast.

Although the screen had no sound on it, the ministers could feel the sequence of explosions echoing in their ears.


Continuously! Endlessly! Shockingly!

One breath, two breaths, three breaths... Up until the fifth breath, the explosions came to an end, as everything fell into a dead silence!

The Celestial-Devouring Insects had been wiped out!