Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 587

Chapter 587 I Am Qin Nan
Chapter 587 - I am Qin Nan!

...Meanwhile, at the Emperors Audience Hall...

The crowd completely lost their minds when Qin Nan had raised the saber in his hand to slash at the Second Princes head.

Duan Qing is out of his mind!

What a lunatic! He really wants to kill the Second Prince!

This is the end!

Elder Wangs heart shuddered violently, as if it was currently hanging in his throat.

Dont do it! Dont do it! Duan Qing, you must withhold your anger!

In contrast, Di Fengyuns breathing intensified as he stared at the screen with his eyes open wide.

Even though his plan had failed, if Duan Qing ended up killing the Second Prince, the outcome would still be the sameDuan Qing would not be able to escape his death!

However, the next thing they knew, Jiang Bilan had suddenly interrupted Duan Qing, before decapitating the Second Prince.

The scene was too quick for the crowd to react. The Second Princes head fell to the ground as blood splattered everywhere.


The crowd was stupefied.

Who the hell was she? Why did she show up and kill the Second Prince!

Damn it!

Di Fengyuns face twisted as he burst out cursing. His figure trembled in anger!

This stupid woman had stopped Duan Qing and killed the Second Prince herself! That was not the outcome he had hoped for!

The Emperors Audience Hall was immersed in a great silence.

The scene they had just witnessed was too shocking.

A moment later, one of the ministers suddenly reacted.

The Second Prince has been killed! Open up the rift to the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground at once and catch that murderer!

The ministers collected their thoughts upon hearing this. Now was not the time to zone out, the Second Prince had been murdered. It was getting out of hand!

At that instant, the entire place was into a complete mess.

The Emperors Drum was struck once again, resulting in loud thumps that echoed in the palace.

The news regarding the death of the Second Prince swept the entire palace like a thunderstorm. Everyone, including the soldiers and the Sky-Scorching Emperor, was startled!

The entire palace completely exploded!

...Meanwhile, at the Heartbroken Cliff...

Qin Nan, the Third Prince, Longhu, the Dragon Abyss Tree, and the Skyhowl White Tiger were utterly stunned in place after witnessing the death of the Second Prince.

The Third Prince and the Dragon Abyss Tree in particular were completely lost for words.

She wasnt trying to stop Duan Qing, she was planning to kill the Second Prince herself!

One is nowhere enough. This guy has to die too!

Jiang Bilan wore a calm expression as she swung her hand and decapitated the unconscious Yao Ji.

The Second Prince and Yao Ji were both slain!

The Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground fell into a dead silence.


Why was this happening?


Qin Nan opened his mouth, but he could not find any words, as he had never expected Jiang Bilan to kill the Second Prince and Yao Ji all of a sudden.

It was clear that Jiang Bilan did not have any unresolvable conflict with the Second Prince and Yao Ji.

Why would Jiang Bilan do that?

At that instant, a strange occurrence took place!


A loud explosion took place in the sky of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground.

A rift that was over ten li long appeared. The crowd could see the Mystical Ground Hall within the gap.

At that instant, the rift to the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground had been activated.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A series of rapid piercing sound could be heard from the rift like roars of thunder.

The royal guards, Di Fengyun, Elder Wang, the Minister of Rites, the Minister of the Board of War, the Minister of Discipline, the Prime Minister, etc. had all arrived. Hundreds of people had appeared in less than a single breaths time, each with a cultivation greater than the eighth-layer Martial Highness Realm.

Even the clone of the Skyhowl White Tiger and the Dragon Abyss Tree appeared to be insignificant before such a huge formation.

These people were the ones that possessed great power in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

Each of them had contributed greatly to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, allowing the kingdom to grow to what it was today.

In other words, apart from the Sky-Scorching Emperor and Zhou Bihua, every single expert of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had gathered here, just because the Second Prince had been killed!

As a matter of fact, normally it was impossible to attract such a formation even when a royal kin was slain.

However, the Second Prince was killed in the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground, which served as a great humiliation to the entire Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdoma challenge to the authority of the kingdom!

The Third Prince and Longhu were dumbfounded. They were nothing but ants facing the huge formation.

This trial of the Dragon Abyss Mystical Ground had caused huge trouble!


At that instant, a formidable aura burst out from Jiang Bilans body. Even though the aura was incomparable to the formation in terms of strength, it had a sense of imperiousness that outmatched the entire crowd!

Being so disordered when a mere prince has died. How disappointing of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!

Jiang Bilans figure sprang into the air as she raised her head looking at the formation before her. Her hair was flying in the wind as she spoke arrogantly, as if she were a formidable emperor.

She deserves to be killed!

How bold!

You dare to act so scornfully after killing the prince!

The ministers were infuriated. The space within a hundred li of them began to vibrate vigorously, as if the entire Mystical Ground was going to collapse.

Trembling of the Heavens and Earth! It felt like the apocalypse!

Who is this arrogant child that dared to kill my son? Tell me your name!

At that instant, a voice with authority could be heard coming from above. Although his figure was not visible, the voice alone gave the crowd the urge to drop to their knees.

The ministers and the guards were astonished.

That voice belonged to the Sky-Scorching Emperor!


A magnificent figure descended after traveling a great distance.

Even though the figure was blurry, it was as if everything became dull when he showed himself.

It felt like the ministers and the guards automatically merged with his aura, forming an entity, an ancient dynasty!

The emperor, also regarded as the Son of Heaven. Each of his actions represented the will of the Heavens!


However, Jiang Bilan showed no sign of being intimidated facing the tremendous aura. Instead, it appeared that she was inclined to compete against it.

She was not in a rush in to answer the question, but turned her head and glanced at Qin Nan, before her lips curled upward into a grin.


An aura burst out from Jiang Bilans figure once again, penetrating the sky like a sharp sword!

Her figure was engulfed in flames, which swiftly dissipated. Her figure had vanished, and was replaced by a young man with black hair wearing a green robe and carrying seven ancient sabers.

I am Qin Nan!