Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 600

Chapter 600 Straight Into The Sky The Heavens Lit Up
Chapter 600 - Straight Into the Sky, the Heavens Lit Up

As Qin Nan set foot onto the first floor, he was shocked by the sight before him.

He could only see countless white jade bookshelves lined up on both sides, each filled with ancient books that were encapsulated within a mysterious formation, preventing one from peeking through the books.

With a rough calculation, there must be at least a hundred thousand of them

Qin Nan let out a whistle. He was feeling incredibly pleasant seeing this many Martial Skill manuals.

He was passionate about Martial Arts, and was specifically interested in learning Martial Skills.

Qin Nan randomly picked up two of the ancient books and glimpsed through them, and discovered them to be ultimate-class Martial Skills or some self-invented skills of some experts.

The first floor has three fortunate encounters.

Qin Nan scanned the place with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, and found three ancient books with greater auras compared to the other manuals.

Its time to head straight to the seventh floor!

After getting a better understanding of the House of Golds structure, Qin Nan headed straight to the second floor.

He was eager to see what kind of fortunate encounter he would end up finding in the seventh floor that no one had managed to reach before apart from the Deceased Emperor.

As he arrived at the stairs leading to the second floor, a huge beast was crawling on the ground. The beast was half a zhang tall, with an appearance similar to that of a toad. Its eyes were tightly shut, while a handprint could be seen on its forehead. It felt like it was dead.

This was the demonic martial beast, a beast that was capable of measuring ones Martial Skill Talent.

If the Martial Skill Talent was high enough, it would awaken the demonic martial spirit, which would revoke the forbidding aura to reveal the path forward.

I hope it wont explode

Qin Nan showed a slight hint of hesitation.

The demonic martial beasts were incredibly rare. If he ended up causing it to explode, there was no way he could compensate the loss if the royal family demanded for him to do so.

If anyone knew that Qin Nan was hesitant because of this, they would definitely vomit blood on the spot.

Everyone else was worried that they would fail to trigger a reaction from the demonic martial beast, and he was worried that the beast would explode!

Screw it, its not my fault if it explodes.

Qin Nan shook his head and got rid of his thoughts, before reaching out his hand and placing his palm on the forehead of the demonic martial beast.


The eyes of the demonic martial beast sprung open suddenly and became bloodshot, leaving an astonished look on its face as it blurted out, Pass!

The forbidding aura behind it instantly vanished. Qin Nan let out a sigh of relief before proceeding to the second floor.

Little did Qin Nan knew that as he made his way forward, the expression of the demonic martial beast changed tremendously as it spat out a mouthful of blood, splattering onto the bookshelves, before it rolled its eyes and fell unconscious.

As it was passing out, a single thought filled its mindluckily I didnt go all out on measuring his talent...

...Meanwhile, outside the House of Gold...

As the Sky-Scorching Emperor regained his real appearance, he immediately rose from the ground and tore the space apart, planning to take his leave.

There was no reason for him to stay there any longer.

However, a soft buzz was emitted from the House of Gold.

Following this, the first floor, second floor, third floor, and fourth floor emitted faint golden glows, which somewhat served as indications.

Oh? He has reached the fourth floor? The Sky-Scorching Emperor halted his movements and wore an astonished look.

In his opinion, it was impressive enough if Duan Qing managed to reach the third floor. However, to his surprise, he had now reached the fourth floor.

This showed that this Duan Qing did have a remarkable Martial Skill Talent.

That being said, the fourth floor is definitely his limit.

The Sky-Scorching Emperor shook his head and completely lost his interest. He was about to take his leave once again.

At that moment, an explosion could be heard coming from the House of Gold.

A brilliant glow was fired from the fifth floor, like a raging tornado!

The fifth floor, stirring a chaos!

Duan Qing had set foot onto the fifth floor!

The Sky-Scorching Emperors expression stiffened while his eyes were filled with shock, The fifth floor? Did he actually reach the fifth floor? Unbelievable, he only had a sixth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit. Regardless of his Martial Skill Talent, it was impressive enough that he could reach the fourth floor

Upon saying this, a sudden thought flashed across his mind. This Duan Qing had most likely hidden the true rank of his Martial Spirit!

Interesting, this is getting interesting. The fact that he has entered the fifth floor means that he is comparable to Di Fengyun in terms of talents! I shall see if hes able to reach the sixth floor!

The Sky-Scorching Emperor halted in his tracks and decided to stay. A smile could be seen his face.

For the past few hundred years, he was the only one that had reached the sixth floor. Could this Duan Qing match his talents!


At that instant, a shocking explosion took place.

A blinding golden ray was fired into the sky from the sixth floor of the House of Gold. Meanwhile, a great suppressive aura was emitted along with it!

The sixth floor, surely an authority!

Duan Qing had reached the sixth floor!

He actually entered the sixth floor!

The Sky-Scorching Emperor was stunned. This indicated that Duan Qings talent was comparable to his!

I must hide the phenomenon first!

The Sky-Scorching Emperor swiftly collected his thoughts and waved his hand. A terrifying power was unleashed, which encapsulated the rare phenomenon of the pagoda, preventing others from seeing it.

He was aware that a huge scheme was being planned for the Heaven-Worshipping Feast.

If the news regarding Duan Qing reaching the sixth floor was made known to the public, it would be quite disastrous.

Damn, this Duan Qing must have hidden his Martial Skill Talent too! The eyes of the Sky-Scorching Emperor flickered with astonishment, Im going to wait here and see what kind of fortunate encounter hes able to acquire

He then let out a sigh as a sudden thought crossed his mind.

How close, just a step away from the seventh floor

It was extremely difficult to enter the seventh floor!

The Sky-Scorching Emperor had experienced it himself. He had even prepared various elixirs to significantly boost his Martial Skill Talent, but he still failed to open the path to the seventh floor.

Duan Qings talent was outstanding, but the sixth floor was most likely his limit.

However, before his sigh had come to a stop...


A heaven-shocking roar could be heard all of a sudden, as the House of Gold emitted a tremendous aura. Countless golden rays were fired like the eruption of a volcano, which formed a giant golden dragon that soared into the sky, as if it was trying to destroy the barrier established by the Sky-Scorching Emperor.

At that instant, the scenery changed tremendously, as the suppression of a dragon swept the place.

The seventh floor of the House of Gold, the dragon among men!


The Sky-Scorching Emperor unconsciously wore an astounded look.

The seventh floor!

Duan Qing had reached the seventh floor!

How...was that possible!