Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 606

Chapter 606 The Restless Icy Surge
Chapter 606 - The Restless Icy Surge

The Heaven-Worshipping Feast, a grand occasion where almost all experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom would be present, and no one would expect an assassination to take place right before them.

The experts were dumbfounded.


At that instant, a few Martial Sacred Realm auras were fired into the sky, causing the area within ten li to be engulfed in powerful gusts and roars of thunder as the scenery changed.

However, the cultivation of the assassin was at the peak Martial Highness Realm!

As the Martial Sacred Realm experts reacted, the assassin held a dagger emitting an icy glow and thrust it at the Third Princes heart with great power!

If the strike landed, the Third Prince would surely die.


To the assassins surprise, despite his outstanding speed, someone still managed to react in time, and the person was none other than Qin Nan!

Left arm of the Divine God of Battle!

Qin Nan let out a roar and raised his left arm as a shield blocking in front of him. Meanwhile, the Demon Gods Robe flapped rapidly and flew forward as if it could sense a grave danger.


At the last moment, the assassin stabbed forward with the dagger. Following an explosion, Qin Nans figure was sent flying like an arrow being fired, colliding with the wall and causing dust to float in the air.

The assassin came to a halt for a single breaths time before he raised his dagger once again and attacked ferociously like a raging tide.

How bold!

The Sky-Scorching Emperor, Zhou Bihua, and the Skyhowl White Tiger became infuriated as they exerted the terrifying strength of the Martial Sacred Realm to suppress the assassin.


The assassin let out a cry of agony and spat out mouthfuls of blood, before his figure was crushed downward onto the ground, unable to move.


A green flame engulfed his figure all of a sudden, instantly burning his flesh into a pile of ash.

The assassin was a Death Servant!

The crowd at the Heaven-Worshipping Feast finally collected their thoughts, resulting in a great mess as they began to move.

Duan Qing!

Zhou Bihua immediately flew toward Qin Nan, followed by Lin Fengxiao, Elder Wang, and the others. They clearly witnessed the scene where Duan Qing had decided to block in front of the Third Prince!

Royal guards! Maintain the order!

The Sky-Scorching Emperor floated in mid-air while unleashing his suppression.

One armor-plated warrior after another immediately appeared and weaved through the crowd and sealed off the exits.

Heed my order, search the palace, and find the rest of his companions!

Minister of Discipline, track the background of the assassin, and find the culprit behind this!

A series of commands was poured out, restoring the calm to the Heaven-Worshipping Ground in merely ten breaths time. Despite the noise, the place was no longer out of order.

How dare someone tries to assassinate the crown prince! Emperor, we must sort this out at once! It doesnt matter whos behind this, we shall destroy them all! The Skyhowl White Tiger opened its eyes wide as a ferocious aura burst out from his body.

Thanks for your concern, Master White Tiger, Ill handle it. The Sky-Scorching Emperor glanced at it and calmly said.


The Skyhowl White Tiger turned around and left. It secretly exchanged glances with Di Fengyun with a dark expression on its face, as he had not expected this man called Duan Qing to disturb their plan.

On the other hand...

Was this Duan Qing dead now?

Duan Qing!

The faces of the Third Prince, Longhu, and the rest turned pale as they recovered from the shock.

Meanwhile, the crowd cast their gazes toward the place where the explosion had taken place.

Duan Qing had resisted the attack in the Third Princes place, was he still alive?

Cough cough

The pile of rocks was shoved apart as Qin Nan walked out from it in a staggering manner. His body was covered in dust while his face was black, giving him a miserable appearance. Not only had the attack severely injured him, the dagger had been applied with poison too. He would most likely die had it not been for the help from the Demon Gods Robe.

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

A few figures descended and surrounded Qin Nan.

The Third Prince and his crew dashed toward his figure with worried looks.

Crap! Hes suffering from a great injury! Zhou Bihua let out a sigh of relief after knowing that Qin Nan was still alive, but his expression soon changed.

Let me heal him! The Sky-Scorching Emperor flicked his finger and summoned the Emperors Seal. A golden glow was poured down onto Qin Nans figure, bringing warmth to it while mending his wounds.

The Emperors Qi was useful in treating injuries too!

The crowd let out a sigh of relief seeing this.

Duan Qing

The Third Princes eyes reddened as he subconsciously clenched his fists. If it werent for Duan Qing, he would most likely have been killed.

Everyone return to your seats!

The Sky-Scorching Emperor carried Qin Nans figure with a wave of his hand and returned to the golden dragon seat. Zhou Bihua and the others collected their thoughts too. As long as Duan Qings life was not in danger, there was nothing to worry about. Besides, their first priority now was to maintain the order. After all, the Heaven-Worshipping Feast was a grand ceremony for the entire kingdom.

As they took their seats, the Heaven-Worshipping Ground finally became calm.

Meanwhile, the ministers and city lords glanced at Duan Qing whose wounds were being treated by the Sky-Scorching Emperor in astonishment.

That was a killing blow from the peak Martial Highness Realm assassin, that even the Martial Sacred Realm experts could not react to in time!

Not only had he reacted, he had also managed to survive it too?

The crowd immediately recollected the scene where the Skyhowl White Tigers clone was trying to kill Duan Qing, but failed to do so in the end. They could not help but take deep breaths.

This Duan Qing was really outstanding!

That being said, the experts were not dumb. They clearly knew that Duan Qing was only able to survive the attack with some kind of artifact. Otherwise, he would have died by now.

Someone was trying to assassinate the crown prince just then, and thats unforgivable. But dont worry, the royal guards will strictly investigate into the matter! Besides, it was all thanks to Duan Qing that the crown prince is still alive now! Therefore, I now declare that I give him a mansion within White Tiger City, and the title The Courageous Duke, making him the eleventh duke. He will be under the protection of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom permanently!

The Sky-Scorching Emperor uttered a thunderous roar.

The crowd was stupefied.

Everyone knew that the Ten Dukes were given the title for greatly contributing to the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. Hence, it was a surprise to them that Duan Qing was appointed as the eleventh duke and given the protection of the royal family just by putting his life at risk to protect the Third Prince.

That being said, no one was envious of him, as Duan Qing had traded the honor with his life!

If they were to be put into his shoes, even after detecting the presence of the assassin, were they willing to use their flesh as a shield?

Furthermore, I now declarethe Heaven-Worshipping starts now, and all procedures will be simplified to speed up the process! The Sky-Scorching Emperor spoke once again as his eyes flickered coldly.

The crowd was startled.

The Heaven-Worshipping Feast included the ascension of the crown prince, worshipping the heaven, and worshipping the Deceased Emperor. The heaven-worship in particular was done with complicated procedures, which would take at least half an hour if the full process was carried out.

Now that it was simplified, it would mean disturbing the plan their enemies had behind the scenes.

As such, it would force them to expose their conspiracy earlier.

...On the white jade chairs...

The Skyhowl White Tiger and Di Fengyun both wore calm expression. It did not matter to them if the ceremony ended earlier, as the preparation...was already done!