Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 608

Chapter 608 Wait
Chapter 608 - Wait!


The Statue of the Deceased Emperor emitted golden glows onto the figures of Longhu and the others. These golden glows contained relics, elixirs, Martial Skills, etc., but they were not considered priceless.

The crowd showed no reaction.

From the rewards, it indicated that the Statue of the Deceased Emperor was not very satisfied with the talents of the disciples.

Zhou Bihua and Lin Fengxiao exchanged glances with one another. Despite the fact that they were each others enemy before, they were now on the same side, thus their figures subconsciously turned tense.

The gifts were nothing significant, as what was coming next was their real concern.

Meanwhile, for some reason, the atmosphere of the place stiffened.

Many experts who were clueless of the things yet to come set their eyes upon Di Fengyun as if they were aware of something.


A rare sight took place!

Di Fengyun suddenly knelt down on one knee as he uttered a blasting roar with full sincerity, Great almighty emperor, youve established the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, a great contribution! However, even though the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom is now considered as one of the Four Great Factions, theres a great crisis! The new generation of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom is lacking talents, thus our kingdom is completely outmatched by the other factions!

Servant Di Fengyun is asking my lord to open the formation, so I can take part in the trial! I will not regret no matter the outcome!

The words were uttered like roars of thunder, awakening many experts from their shock.

This Di Fengyun was aiming to retrieve the treasure within the statue!

It was happening!

The thought flashed across Zhou Bihua and Lin Fengxiaos mind, causing their gazes to sharpen.

It was not the first time Di Fengyun had tried to retrieve the treasure!

However, in his previous attempt, he had thoroughly failed in the first round!

Could it be that he had some trump card that would allow him to activate the formation of the first round?

In addition to them, the Ten Dukes and the ministers were doubtful after collecting their thoughts.


At that instant, the State of the Deceased Emperor vibrated vigorously, as it emitted golden rays toward its surroundings, as if tides of waves were forming on an ocean.

The Statue of the Deceased Emperor had answered Di Fengyuns plead!


At that instant, a purple glow was emitted from the statues head, which expanded rapidly like giant snakes into a mysterious purple formation floating on its chest.

The formation is activated!

Di Fengyun failed to activate the formation last time, whats he going to do this time?

He must have the confidence if he decided to plead with the statue!

The experts and ministers became nervous, unwilling to blink their eyes.

The Emperors Key!

At that instant, Di Fengyun rose from the ground and let out a huge roar while exerting the force of the Martial Highness Realm in his body, summoning a giant key the size of an arm. The key was purple in color, and was emitting the same aura as the formation!

The crowd including Zhou Bihua, Lin Fengxiao, and the others were stupefied.

The Emperors Key! He has obtained the Emperors Key!

The Emperors Key! Thats one of the relics that the Deceased Emperor had left, which was specifically used to open various formations! But wasnt it destroyed? How did he find it?

So thats his trump card!

Zhou Bihuas eyes flickered coldly. He instantly flew into the air and stomped his foot, unleashing the suppression of the Martial Sacred Realm.

He had the Emperors Key!

The formation was going to be opened!

He must stop him at all costs!

Meanwhile, he transmitted his voice to the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird!

Di Fengyuns crew had surely prepared for this, thus it was time for the two godly beasts to show themselves!

Zhou Bihua, what are you trying to do? The Skyhowl White Tiger stared at him viciously.

Meanwhile, a giant hand held the Skyhowl White Tigers shoulder firmly, which turned out to be the Sky-Scorching Emperor.

Master White Tiger, dont panic. Platoon Leader Zhou surely has his reasons.

The Sky-Scorching Emperor gently spoke.

The Skyhowl White Tiger became enraged, but despite its struggle, it failed to break free from the hand.

The hand was firm as a mountain, suppressing the ancient!


Zhou Bihua descended like a frightening Demon God whose hand grabbed at Di Fengyuns figure without hesitation.

Stop it!

The hand was accompanied by a tremendous power. Even the peak Martial Highness Realm Di Fengyun could not stand a chance against it.

Zhou Bihua, I knew that you would come and stop me! What a pity, no one will be able to stop me today! Di Fengyun let out a roar as a white figure burst out from his body, which was the clone of the Skyhowl White Tiger.

As the clone of the Skyhowl White Tiger showed itself, it immediately lashed out a powerful slash at Zhou Bihua with its claw.

Zhou Bihuas eyes widened.

The Sky-Scorching Emperor was taken by surprise as well.

Meanwhile, a hideous grin appeared on the Skyhowl White Tigers face.

Trying to stop them?

No f**king way!

The battle broke out instantly. Zhou Bihuas figure was engulfed in flames like a Vermilion Bird as he charged toward the clone of the Skyhowl White Tiger. In the blink of an eye, the clone was shattered into pieces.

Meanwhile, he was confused too. Why hadnt the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise shown themselves yet?

It would be too late to show themselves soon!

However, at that instant, Di Fengyun made his move.

The Emperors Key turned into a blinding beam as it was inserted into the purple formation.


It was as if the world had become silent, with only the sound of a door being unlocked echoing in the surroundings.


A terrifying explosion took place above the Nine Heavens.

A magnificent golden glow was fired from the statue, which enveloped Di Fengyuns figure like a giant bowl.

Meanwhile, the illusionary figure of a knight could be seen floating in the golden glow.

The formation is activated, youve passed the first round of the trial!

The knight spoke in a cold tone.

This knight was the guardian spirit of the Statue of the Deceased Emperor!

Di Fengyun! Youd better come out! Peerless Vermilion Bird Fists!

Zhou Bihuas expression changed as he snapped. Countless figures of the Vermilion Bird were emitted from the tips of his fists, combining into a ferocious flame that struck the golden barrier.


The eyes of the knight flickered coldly as he stomped his foot and threw a punch.


Zhou Bihua was startled as he felt a terrifying force approaching him, knocking him a few hundred steps back!

The knight was a Martial Sacred Realm expert, and not just an ordinary one!

Only those with an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and above, and a cultivation below the Martial Sacred Realm are allowed to take part in the trial! If anyone is trying to break in with brute force, death will be the penalty!

The knight said in a cold tone, whose voice exploded in the hearts of the crowd.

Eighth-grade Di rank!

Below the Martial Sacred Realm!

The crowd held their breaths.

Di Fengyun was the only one in the entire Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom to meet the requirements!

In other words, he was the only participant in the trial, with no rival or opponent, thus the treasure would be his in the end!

HAHAHA, Zhou Bihua, look carefully with your eyes and witness how Im going to retrieve the treasure! Di Fengyun burst out laughing as he approached the knight.

He had become the limelight at that instant!

He was the only candidate!

However, at that instant, a voice could be heard all of a sudden.