Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 624

Chapter 624 The Showdown Between Geniuses
Chapter 624 - The Showdown Between Geniuses

What day is it today? Why is the Alliance Leader here?

Look at the young man beside him. His aura is incredibly powerful. If Im guessing right, he must be the genius of the Trading AllianceDu Feng!

What? You mean the Du Feng whos on the Hidden Dragon Ranking? Hes back from his training?

An uproar took place at the Northern Street.

All vendors had relatively strong cultivations, thus their eyesight was pretty sharp. They immediately recognized their identities easily.

Qin Nan frowned and turned around.

He could see a tall middle-aged man wearing a long black robe. However, the robes appearance was different compared to Qin Nans Demon Gods Robe. A faint golden glow could be seen from it, as if it was going to burst out from the dark, resulting in a terrifying aura.

Furthermore, the man was wearing an ivory mask. Qin Nan could only see a golden glow even with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, unable to see his true appearance.

The man was the current Leader of the Trading Alliance.

Beside him stood a young man.

The young man had disheveled hair, who was wearing a hideous grin on his face as he stared at Qin Nan, as if he was currently inspecting him with some kind of eye-technique.

He was the genius of the Trading Alliance, the one whose name was on the Hidden Dragon RankingDu Feng.

What a surprise to bump into the Alliance Leader here.

Qin Nan spoke calmly. He was not fond of this Leader of the Trading Alliance at all.

Meanwhile, the Divine Swordmaster and Jiao Zhe were dumbfounded. They had not expected to meet the Leader of the Trading Alliance and Du Feng after learning Duan Qings identity.

The Leader of the Trading Alliance gave Qin Nan a thoughtful look.

The Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom had experienced a tremendous change over the past few days due to the incident that had taken place at the Heaven-Worshipping Feast. Even though the Dao-Seeking Mountain and the Wanxiang Pavillion were unaware of the details, he clearly knew that the Skyhowl White Tiger and Di Fengyun had only failed because of Duan Qing. Even the resurrection of the two godly beasts was closely related to him.

Furthermore, he was told that the ownership of the treasure left by the Deceased Emperor had been decided by Duan Qing in the end.

As he thought about the treasure, his eyes flickered with an icy glow.

Although he had been cooperating with the Skyhowl White Tiger, he was not told what the treasure was. Furthermore, the spies that the Trading Alliance had planted in the royal palace of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom were suddenly erased, thus he was unable to retrieve any of latest information.

Duan Qing? Du Feng withdrew his gaze and said in an intrigued tone, I heard that even Di Fengyun was no match against you? Impressive, to have your name at the thirty-third spot on the Hidden Dragon Ranking. Its a surprise to find someone like you in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom.

Qin Nan glanced at him.

This Du Feng had an eighth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, whose cultivation had reached the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm. He could also see a Sacred Weapon within his body.

His strength was considered outstanding, thus it was possible that his name on the Hidden Dragon Ranking would not be too low.

The Leader of the Trading Alliance glanced at Du Feng and transmitted his voice. Following this, Du Fengs eyes immediately flickered.

Duan Qing, you have quite a reputation now, and since we have stumbled into one another today, lets have a friendly battle here at the Northern Street, hows that? I believe youre not a coward! Du Feng wore a mocking look.

The crowd was astounded.

This Du Feng was challenging Duan Qing?

Im out of time now, lets do that next time.

Qin Nan wore a calm expression.

Sima Kong was planning something huge, thus Qin Nan would need to try his best to help. He had wasted some time after stumbling into Jiao Zhe and the Divine Swordmaster. If he continued to battle against Du Feng, Sima Kong would probably run out of patience.

Out of time? Du Feng was startled, before he burst out laughing, HAHAHA, people have been saying how outstanding Duan Qing is, but I guess that sums it all up, trying to find such a bad excuse when youre scared.

A grin appeared on Du Fengs face as he finished.

If you dont agree, this Cultivator Jiao Zhe is going to lose his position as the subdivision Leader, and this Divine Swordmaster wont be able to enter the Trading Alliance from today onward!

The words took the Divine Swordmaster and Jiao Zhe by surprise.

This Du Feng was so shameless, trying to threaten Duan Qing with them.

I dont care, stop threatening him. The Divine Swordmaster snapped due to his short-temperedness.

If the Trading Alliance is being so unfair, I dont care if I lose the title.

Jiao Zhe wore a calm face.

Du Feng was astounded. He did not think they would behave this way and ignore his threats.

Even the Leader of the Trading Alliance frowned.

Are you threatening me?

Qin Nans face coldened. The thing he hated most was being threatened with the wellbeing of his friends.

Although it was his first time meeting the Divine Swordmaster, he was also from the lower district, and Qin Nan quite liked his character, thus he was respectful toward him.

Therefore, Du Fengs actions had no doubt violated Qin Nans bottom line!

No no no. Du Feng immediately shook his head and smirked, Im not threatening you. Im just utilizing my authority to bully those related to you!

Du Feng was aware of Duan Qings achievement in the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. But, did that matter?

There was no need for him to be intimidated with his background!

Besides, it was a direct order from the Alliance Leader!

Of course, if you were to win the battle, I will not harm your friends, but if you lose, hand over the map you retrieved from the Second Prince! Hows that? Du Feng spoke at a rapid pace.

The crowd came to a realization. It appeared that Du Feng was only challenging Duan Qing to acquire the map in his hand.

Duan Qing, dont, this is Du Feng, the thirtieth genius on the Hidden Dragon Ranking. Think twice.

The Divine Swordmaster and Jiao Zhe immediately whispered to Qin Nan through their Divine Sense.

Du Feng had purposely threatened Duan Qing to achieve his goals. He would be setting his foot right into their trap.

So the map is what you want. Qin Nan acted as if he did not his companions advices. He transmitted his message to Sima Kong before he coldly said, As you wish!


A fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm aura burst out from Qin Nans body.

What? Your cultivation is now fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm?

Du Feng was astonished. A few days ago, Duan Qings cultivation was only at the first-layer Martial Highness Realm according to the Hidden Dragon Ranking, and he was able to defeat a third-layer Martial Highness Realm opponent. Out of his expectation, Duan Qings cultivation had already improved significantly.

Do you think you have a chance with your cultivation of the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm?

Du Feng instantly collected his thoughts. His long robe danced wildly and emitted a brilliant glow, before it transformed into an armor-plate on his body. Meanwhile, the aura of the fifth-layer Martial Highness Realm burst out from his figure.


Following a buzz, an ancient saber with a tremendous aura was drawn out.

Qin Nan stomped his foot at the ground and floated in mid-air like a descending emperor. A phoenix was summoned from the tip of his saber with a magnificent aura, slashing downward at Du Fengs head.

A killing blow straight away!