Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 640

Chapter 640 Still Drinking
Chapter 640 - Still Drinking


Luan Chengjie was stunned, as what had just happened was completely beyond his expectations. In his opinion, Duan Qing should definitely be the first one to give up. However, when he saw the determination on Zhu Hangs face, he had no choice but to order his servants, Are you deaf? Bring the wine!

The servants immediately collected their thoughts and proceeded to grab the wine. A few seconds later, the wine was served.

This time, it was no longer twenty jars, but fifty of them!

The thick scent of the wine was so overwhelming that everyone in the hall could clearly smell it.

Qin Nans eyes glittered seeing this.

With these fifty jars, he could increase his force of the Martial Highness Realm to the verge of the sixth-layer Martial Highness Realm!

Duan Qing, lets continue!

Zhu Hang let out a roar while his body emitted a golden glow, which gradually transformed into a golden snake that coiled around his figure. Its head was placed on Zhu Hangs shoulder, resulting in an intimidating sight.

The crowd was astounded.

Such a powerful ancient Martial Art, Zhu Hang was going all out this time!

More than happy to.

Qin Nan grabbed a jar and finished it, resulting in two streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm being produced in his body.


Zhu Hangs eyelids jumped as he reached out his hand and drank the wine with twice Qin Nans speed, finishing two jars in a row.

Keep going!

Zhu Hang yelled as he grabbed the third jar.

Qin Nan picked up the second jar with a smile.

The two continued to drink the wine.

Fourth jar!

Fifth jar!

Sixth jar!

After the eighth jar was finished, the crowd finally collected their thoughts, and were aware that something did not seem right. Even though Zhu Hang had unleashed a powerful ancient Martial Art that encapsulated his body, the force from the wine still leaked out from his pores; even his face had begun to turn red.

On the other hand, the excitement in Qin Nans eyes grew stronger, as if he was planning to drink all the remaining Seven Godly Brew. Most importantly...his aura was still as calm as usual!

He had already drank eighteen jars!

How come his aura still remained unaffected?

Are you sure that this Duan Qing wasnt drinking water instead of the Seven Godly Brew?

Zhu Hang raised his eyebrow as he tried his best to be calm and drank the ninth jar!


A huge energy exploded within Zhu Hangs body. He could feel his flesh being pushed to its limit.


Zhu Hang could no longer endure it. The buzz of an artifact within his body could be heard, which unleashed its power onto his figure like a huge mountain to resist the energy of the wine.

However, he still experienced a slight nausea.

Senior Brother! Du Ping and his crew were startled.

Cultivator Zhu Hang Luan Chengjie held his breath too.

The crowd stared with their eyes open wide.

If some of them thought that Zhu Hang still had a slim chance to win, it was no longer the case now!

Without a doubt, Duan Qing was definitely going to win!

Qin Nan glanced at Zhu Hang and let out a cough, Cultivator Zhu Hang, are you alright?

He had hoped that Zhu Hang would be able to continue drinking until the end.

Only that way would he able to drink more Seven Godly Brew!

Nonsense! Zhu Hang snapped coldly, Duan Qing, Ive no idea what trick youre using, but you can never win against me!


Qin Nan had no intention of wasting his time. He grabbed the tenth jar and emptied it. He even licked his lips as he could not help but admit that the Seven Godly Brew tasted better as he drank more of them.

Twenty jars in a row...

A number flashed across the crowds minds when they saw this.

The astonished feeling was starting to turn into numbness for them.


Zhu Hang clenched his teeth and gulped down the tenth jar.

The two continued taking turns to empty the jars.

However, the atmosphere of the contest was no longer as competitive as before. Zhu Hangs expression switched from clenching his teeth to a disgusted look. Meanwhile, Qin Nan seemed to be enjoying himself.


As the sixteenth jar was emptied, Qin Nan let out a pleasant burp.


Before Zhu Hang could finish, his heart was filled with disgust, but he forced himself to gulp it down. However, due to the self-protecting instincts of his body, it forced him to spit the last gulp out from his mouth.


The hearts of the crowd skipped a beat.

The thirteenth ranked on the Hidden Dragon Raking, Zhu Hangwith a ninth-grade Di ranked Martial Spiritwas going to lose today.

Qin Nan picked up the nineteenth jar and let out a smile after seeing Zhu Hangs reaction, I think thats probably it? Cultivator Zhu Hang, you should stop. Ill drink these myself

Drink them himself!

The crowd could feel their lips twitching.

He had already drunk twenty-six jars!

What kind of monster was this guy?

Duan Qing, you dare humiliate me? Zhu Hang reacted as if his tail were being stepped on. His eyes were filled with fury.

What did he mean that he was going to drink them himself? Wasnt that implying that he, Zhu Hang, was weak?

Qin Nan wore a troubled look.

He had no intention to humiliate Zhu Hang, but the fact was that he would still win in the end.

He would prefer to drink all the Seven Godly Brew himself then let Zhu Hang waste some of them. He might have a chance to rank up to the sixth-layer Martial Highness Realm!

Martial Spirit Unleashed!

Zhu Hang let out a roar as nine golden rays were emitted from his back, accompanied by the great suppression of a Martial Spirit, which swept the place like an enraged dragon!

He had unleashed his Martial Spirit!

Everyone could feel their hearts shudder, as their Martial Spirits began to shiver at that instant!


Du Ping and his crew were stunned. Their Senior Brother Zhu Hang had completely lost his mind!


A loud imperious voice could be heard coming from afar.

The suppression of the Martial Sacred Realm descended upon the place!

Go back!

A giant hand was formed and came down from above, grabbing Zhu Hangs figure and pulling him into a rift.

The hall fell into a dead silence.

The crowd stared with their eyes open wide.

That was the Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliance? Had he forcefully interrupted the contest?

Lets go!

Du Ping and his crew collected their thoughts and left the place.

They had no intention to stay any longer. What could they do if Duan Qing asked them to drink?

How boring

Qin Nan broke the silence and shook his head. He finished the seventeenth jar and grabbed the eighteenth jar.

Patriarch Luan, this Seven Godly Brew is absolutely fantastic. Im honored to have a taste of it. I hope you wouldnt mind, but I do wish I could enjoy them more

Qin Nan brought his hands together, and before Luan Chengjie could respond, he emptied the eighteenth jar, picked up the nineteenth jar and gulped it down too.

At that instant, the crowd finally recovered from their previous astonishment. They almost dropped their jaws to the ground.

This guy...was still drinking?