Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 657

Chapter 657 Breaking The Formation With The Godly Eye A Great Sum Of Primary Stones
Chapter 657 - Breaking the Formation with the Godly Eye, a Great Sum of Primary Stones

Qin Nan grabbed the storage bags and immediately understood why they had not been destroyed after scanning them with his left eye.

These storage bags from the Trading Alliance were extraordinary, as they were enhanced with layers of protection. They would not be destroyed even after experiencing a great impact.

Ill consider myself lucky then

Qin Nan wore a smile and swiftly cracked the protection on the storage bags in order to open them. Following a glimpse, he was left with a blank expression.

Inside Du Fengs storage bag were five hundred thousand Primary Stones, over ten Emperor Weapons, a few Sacred Weapon fragments, and some ancient maps. In Du Yuans storage bag were eight hundred thousand Primary Stones, tens of Emperor Weapons, and tens of Sacred Weapon fragments. As for Du Pings storage bag, he found a total of one million seven hundred thousand Primary Stones, a few hundred Emperor Weapons, and a Sacred Weapon!

On top of that, each of them had fifty Crimson Badges!

F**k me!

Even Qin Nan could not help but swear.

The Primary Stones alone were three million!

The Emperor Weapons, the Sacred Weapon fragments, the maps, pills, etc., and a Sacred Weapon would be worth at least a million Primary Stones!

In other words, the total value of their storage bags were around four million Primary Stones! Even the Black Tortoise Platoon did not have that many Primary Stones to spare!

The Trading Alliance was filthy rich!

These three are already so rich, imagine the loot Ill find from Zhu Hangs storage bag

Qin Nans breathing intensified.

Even though Zhu Hang was his enemy now, it was his first time hoping that he could defeat Zhu Hang right now and rob him of all of his possessions.

Im no match against him yet, but I wont easily spare him when the time comes. Mm, after entering the Martial Sacreds tomb, the Primary Stones should be enough for my Martial Spirit to rank up to the ninth-grade Di rank

With the three million Primary Stones, and the previous three hundred thousand he had acquired from the rogue cultivators, it should be enough for him to rank up.

Qin Nan took a few breaths before putting the three storage bags away and glancing at the entrance of the tomb.

He had not spent too much time battling against the Three Stars. Therefore, he should still be able to catch up.

Lets go!

With a kick, Qin Nans figure sprang forward and rapidly entered the passage after paying one hundred streams of the Disordered Ocean Qi.

There were many chambers along the passage, each with corpses covered in green blood lying on the ground, a sign that a huge battle had just taken place there moments ago.

It was highly possible that there had been treasures in these chambers, but that they were all looted now.

Qin Nan scanned the chambers with his left eye to locate the whereabouts of the crowd. A few breaths later, he was able to find the rogue cultivators and Luan Feng. He quickened his pace and proceeded to the center of the tomb.

He arrived at a spacious hall, where a small altar was constructed at the center of the hall. A skeleton with a purple glow could be seen sitting on the altar. Despite its state of decay due to the time that had passed, it still possessed a formidable power.

Under the skeleton were a few jade jars, artifact fragments, and three wooden boxes.

In addition to that, the thing that caught the attention of the crowd was a pile of five hundred Crimson Badges lying beside the skeleton, emitting a crimson glow.

The Martial Sacreds skeleton, a few thousand treasure fragments, over three hundred jade jars each containing different pills, three wooden boxes containing manuals of ancient Martial Skills, and five hundred Crimson Badges

Qin Nan could feel his heart beating rapidly after seeing this.

If he were able to refine the Martial Sacreds skeleton, it would benefit his cultivation greatly, not to mention the value of the treasure fragments, pills, ancient Martial Skills, and the Crimson Badges.

This place was more like a treasure vault instead of a succession!


A series of explosions took place, causing the hall to shake softly.

It seemed like the surroundings of the skeleton had forbidding auras established, each with a formidable power. Despite the various methods that the rogue cultivators had tried, they still could not get closer to the center.

Luan Feng had the same problem too, whose forehead was covered in sweat. A few wounds could be seen close to her shoulders.

Obviously, she was worn out from the battle that had taken place before. As a matter of fact, if it werent for her quick reactions at some crucial moments, she would have been suffering from great injuries now.

Luan Feng, follow me!

Qin Nan transmitted his voice.

Luan Fengs figure shuddered before she turned around and wore an astonished look. She knew that Duan Qing had purposely stayed behind to deal with the Three Stars. Had he come in after realizing that he couldnt defeat them?

You have a plan? Luan Feng calmed her thoughts and wore a doubtful look.

She knew that Duan Qing had an outstanding eye-technique, but there were also some people with impressive eye-techniques among the rogue cultivators, who all failed to find a way to reach the center.


Qin Nan did not waste any time. He immediately unleashed all of his force of the Martial Highness Realm and lunged forward like a phoenix, grabbing Luan Fengs figure and charging right in the skeletons direction.


Duan Qing? What is he trying to do?

So he didnt come in immediately so we would deal with all that trouble, how cunning!

The crowd was startled seeing this, who swiftly reacted and wore unpleasant looks on their faces.

Duan Qing was charging straight at the forbidding auras!

They were extremely familiar with the power of the auras!

What was Duan Qing planning to do?

Was he trying to kill himself!?

Even Luan Feng who was grabbed by Qin Nan was shocked as they approached the auras, and immediately unleashed the force of the Martial Highness Realm.


Qin Nan snapped.

Under the crowds gaze, he reached out his finger and tapped on a certain spot of the forbidding aura, which instantly deactivated it.

This Luan Feng was completely astounded. How outstanding was Duan Qings eye-technique to be able to crack the formation this easily?

The crowd gathered their thoughts and wore stunned expressions on their faces.

They did not expect that Duan Qing would be able to do that!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Qin Nan moved swiftly like a ferocious tiger descending from a mountain, deactivating the forbidding auras along the way and advancing smoothly.

In a few breaths time, he had cracked over ten forbidding auras, allowing him to reach three zhang away from the skeleton.


The rogue cultivators were stupefied. Were they going to let Duan Qing take all the treasures?

At that instant, a sudden occurrence took place.

A black figure appeared out of nowhere and entered the skeleton, causing its hollow eyes to be engulfed in green flames.