Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 660

Chapter 660 Start Of The Battle The Elimination Stage Begins
Chapter 660 - Start of the Battle, the Elimination Stage Begins

...Meanwhile at the Disordered Ocean City...

After trying various methods and still failing to observe the situation in the Crimson Blood Ocean, the authorities including the Sky-Scorching Emperor, Progenitor Wen Dao, and a few others had already left, leaving the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise, the Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliance, and Elder Ying in standby. The lively Disordered Ocean City had gradually become calmer.

A sudden piece of news was transmitted to the Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliances badge, which caused his expression to turn unpleasant after he checked its content.

Just a moment ago, according to the latest news from the Trading Alliances headquarters, the life gems linked to the souls of the Three Stars had shattered into pieces!

These life gems were a kind of artifact, whereby a cultivator could link them to their souls by inserting their Qi. The gem would break into pieces if the cultivator died.

Who did it!? The Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliance immediately tried to contact Zhu Hang, but as expected, he failed to receive a response.

Since the beginning of the rare phenomenon of the Crimson Blood Ocean, he had yet to communicate with any of the disciples of the Trading Alliance.

Damn it!

His face instantly turned dark.

A while later, the news was spread to the Disordered Ocean City.

What? Did you say the Three Stars were killed?

The murderer is most likely the Lone Eagle, or the two geniuses from the Dao-Seeking Mountain and the Wanxiang Pavilion!

HAHA, we cant be sure yet.

The experts from the other factions wore cold grins. The deaths of the geniuses of the Trading Alliance was definitely great news for them. That being said, none of them suspected Duan Qing would be the killer.

Only the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoises eyes glittered. No matter how it thought about it, it somehow felt that Qin Nan had something to do with their deaths.

Shit, Ive got a bad feeling about this

The Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise cursed and closed its eyes.

The initially quiet Disordered Ocean City suddenly became lively at that instant. Countless experts were intrigued by the events taking place at the Crimson Blood Ocean!

...Meanwhile, at the Ancient Battlefield of the Crimson Blood Ocean...

Qin Nan left the cave and returned to Luan Feng.

Your cultivation

Luan Fengs eyes were filled with astonishment. She could vaguely sense that Qin Nans aura had somehow grown stronger.

Are there any other places with successions? Qin Nan changed the topic with a smile.

Not really. Those two were the only ones I knew. Luan Feng shook her head and said, After all, the battle was way too intense, and many of the deceased experts never thought to leave their successions here

Qin Nan nodded his head. He was slightly disappointed hearing this.

If there were more similar places like the Martial Sacreds tomb, he might have had a chance to rank up to the Undefeatable Martial Highness Realmor even the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realmhere at the Ancient Battlefield!

Weve still got more than ten days left. Lets continue searching for them. Qin Nan adjusted his thoughts and said.

Even though some of the places only had a few treasures, it was at least better than doing nothing here.


The duo began to ransack the entire Ancient Battlefield and looted everything they found.

Time gradually passed. Ten days were gone in a flash.

Within this period, Qin Nan had found a huge amount of herbs, which he gave to the Martial Highness Crystal to improve his cultivation. His force of the Martial Highness Realm was increased to eight hundred and fifty streams, thus he not far from reaching the ninth-layer Martial Highness Realm.

On top of that, he had gathered a crazy number of artifacts.

He now had a perfectly fine Sacred Weapon, five slightly damaged Sacred Weapons, a few hundred Emperor Weapons, and fifty thousand fragments.

If he were able to restore the fragments with his Chaos Qi and sell them, he could definitely earn a fortune.

However, to Qin Nan, it was a pity that he had not bumped into Zhu Hang while he was searching for the treasures.


At that instant, a soft buzz could be heard coming from the center of the battlefield.

It seems like the time is up. Lets head over there now!

Qin Nans gaze became determined as he and Luan Feng departed for their destination.

They soon arrived at the center of the Ancient Battlefield.

The white dojo was already crowded with a few hundred rogue cultivators busy chatting among themselves. It resulted in a lively scene, although it seemed like they were arguing with one another.

Behind the rogue cultivators, the guardian spirit stood patiently as if it were waiting for something.

Duan Qing! Look, its him!

I cant even peek through his strength now. Did he really kill the Three Stars?

Highly possible.

Qin Nans arrival immediately attracted the crowds attention, causing them to stare at him with caution.

They had never thought Duan Qings strength to be this overwhelming.

Qin Nan and Luan Feng ignored the comments.

As more cultivators made their way to the dojo, within the period it took two incense sticks to burn, the place now had almost a thousand people, many with a significant growth in their strength, a sign that they had had great findings in the past month.

Yang Gong! Its Yang Gong! The Dao-Seeking Mountain is here!

And thats Yu Luosha, the Wanxiang Pavilion is here too!

Tsk tsk, the disciples from these two factions are almost perfectly unharmed.

Gong Yang and Zhao Fang led the way guiding the disciples and arrived in a magnificent manner.

Qin Nan let out a smile upon seeing them.

They responded by slightly nodding their heads without saying anything.

As the elimination phase was about to begin, their focus now was to come in the top five and enter the Light Door!

Duan Qing!

Meanwhile, a deafening roar could be heard.

The crowd unconsciously glanced toward the voice and saw Zhu Hang leading a group of disciples of the Trading Alliance. He was wearing a sparkling mystical robe while emitting a powerful aura. However, his eyes were extremely cold, which felt like they were causing the surrounding temperature to drop.

Did you kill the Three Stars?

Zhu Hang glared at Qin Nan as if he was trying to learn something from his expression.

Does it matter?

Qin Nan responded calmly.

The crowd remained silent and watched the scene with great interest.

I hope that I stumble into you during the elimination phase!

Zhu Hang cast a cold glance toward Qin Nan and led the disciples to a certain spot. He had no intention to waste his time talking!

This guy must have found some fortunate encounter too. His cultivation is very close to reaching the Undefeatable Martial Highness Realm Qin Nan inspected Zhu Hang with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle.

Zhu Hangs cultivation was previously at the peak Martial Highness Realm, meaning that he had accumulated nine hundred and ninety-nine streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm.

Currently, it seemed like the force of the Martial Highness Realm was about to surpass the limit of nine hundred and ninety-nine.

Once it reached a thousand streams, it would place him in the Undefeatable Martial Highness Realm!


Qin Nans eyes incidentally noticed a black-robed person and sensed a familiar aura from the figure. He swiftly took a closer look with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle. The black-robed person seemed to have noticed something, whose figure immediately blended into the crowd and vanished.

Jiang Bilan?

Qin Nans eyes glistened.

He could easily peek through Gong Yang and Zhao Fang who had both altered their destiny, but failed to peek through the black-robed person. Furthermore, the persons aura was extremely familiar, thus he was sure that it must be Jiang Bilan!

I didnt recall seeing her when we entered the Crimson Blood Ocean. How did she get in? Did she come with Gong Yang and the others?

Doubts crossed Qin Nans mind.

Before he could ponder further, the guardian spirit on the dojo emitted a sharp glow from its eyes.

Times up. The first round of the trial has ended! The top thirty will now enter the second round...the knockout stage!