Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 661

Chapter 661 The Rare Behavior Of The Light Door The Chaotic Battle
Chapter 661 - The Rare Behavior of the Light Door, the Chaotic Battle

The crowd focused their attention onto the guardian spirit as the place became quiet.

The guardian spirit snapped its finger.

Qin Nan could feel the Crimson Badges in his storage bag flying out as if they were being summoned, before transforming into crimson beams that fired at the guardian spirits hand.

The same thing happened to the others.

These are the top thirty participants in the trial!

The guardian spirit waved its hand and a screen appeared.

At that instant, the crowd could feel their hearts leaping out. Most of them had not managed to find a significant amount of the Crimson Badges, thus it all came down to luck whether they ended up in the top thirty in the trial.

First, Zhu Hangone thousand badges!

Second, Yang Gongeight hundred badges!

Third, Yu Luoshaseven hundred badges!

Qin Nan discovered that he was ranked seventh, while Luan Feng was ranked eighth.

This Zhu Hang did find some fortunate encounters at the Ancient Battlefield. By the way, why dont I see Jiang Bilans name? Was she using a disguise Qin Nan mumbled to himself.

Meanwhile, a series of sighs could be heard as the expressions of the rogue cultivators dimmed.

Since they had lost the chance to advance to the elimination phase, they had lost their opportunity to acquire the Heavenly Fortune Talisman as well!

Although many among them clearly knew their strength was too weak when compared to the others, they could not help but have a slight hope in winning the trial.

As for the rogue cultivators who had come in the top thirty, they were extremely calm as if they had already expected the outcome.

Those who have failed shall leave the dojo now.

The eyes of the guardian spirit showed no sign of sympathy, as it opened its mouth and spat out a strange tornado that swept the place, which blew those who had failed to come in the top thirty in the trial off the dojo without any chance to resist.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan and the rest were unaffected.

The knockout stage begins now. The rules are simple. You will be allocated your opponents through a draw. The knockout stage will be split into two rounds. Fifteen of you will be disqualified in the first round, and ten in the second round The guardian spirit explained.

The rogue cultivators around the dojo collected their thoughts immediately. The disappointment in their eyes had vanished. Instead of wasting their time feeling down, they were more than willing to take a hold of the opportunity to spectate the battles between the geniuses to learn from them.

Qin Nan and the rest of the participants remained silent.

The atmosphere of the dojo intensified instantly at that moment, as if a storm were approaching.

All of a sudden, a strange occurrence took place!

Behind the white dojo, the towering door began to shudder violently together with faint explosions, resulting in a terrifying aura that contained the suppression of the Heavens and Earth.

The rare occurrence only lasted for a brief moment.

However, it was enough to stun the entire crowd!

What had just happened?

What was going on inside the Light Door?

The aura emitted from the Light Door was extremely terrifying. The suppression of the Heavens and Earth, and the faint explosions. It somehow felt like the power of a Tribulation

Upon having this thought, Qin Nans eyes glittered.

A Tribulation!

Could it be that Senior Tang Qingshan and his crew were undertaking their Tribulation behind the Light Door?

That was most likely the reason!

Following this, the guardian spirit hesitated for a moment, before which it straightened its face as if it had just been given a new order and snapped, Now! The rules have changed! We wont be having the knockout stage. It will be a mixed battle straight away! The dojo will be the stage, and those who are knocked out will be disqualified! The remaining five people will be allowed to enter the Light Door!

The crowd was astonished.

The rules had changed? A mixed battle?

Was this because of the strange occurrence that had taken place behind the Light Door?

A mixed battle?

Qin Nan was taken by surprise.

If their opponents were decided randomly, he would not have control over whom he would be facing. However, if it was a mixed battle, didnt that give him the chance to fight Zhu Hang immediately?

The battle begins now!

The guardian spirit yelled.

The sequence of events from the rare change of the Light Door, to the change of rules, and now the start of the battle were too quick for the participants to react to. A breath later, Qin Nan and the others finally collected their thoughts and kept a distance away from one another to prevent themselves from being ambushed.

Meanwhile, the participants all wore determined looks on their faces.

The dojo was covered in a great murderous aura at that instant.

That being said, no one was willing to make their move first.

Due to the nature of the battle, there was no way of knowing if their actions would grant their opponents a chance to ambush them, or put them in a situation where they were flanked from multiple directions. Their goal was to survive until the very end!

HAHAHA, Duan Qing, who would have expected it to come down to this! I was quite worried that I wouldnt have the chance to duel with you. Now, I shall teach you the difference between us!

A loud laughter suddenly echoed in the sky and broke the silence.

The person was none other than Zhu Hang!

Zhu Hang, stop thinking so highly of yourself. Ill be your guest today.

A calm voice could be heard, which turned out to be Gong Yang, and beside him, Zhao Fang slowly stepped forward while locking his murderous gaze onto Zhu Hangs figure.


Zhu Hang was startled.

Are you kidding me? These two geniuses were willing to target him in order to protect Duan Qing. This was a mixed battle. If they all ended up severely injured, they would be giving their chance to enter the Light Door to the rogue cultivators.

The rogue cultivators did not expect this to happen either.

It was supposed to be a mixed battle, but it had now turned into a duel between the three great geniuses.

Qin Nan wore a wry smile. Did Brother Yang and Zhao Fang really think that he was no match against Zhu Hang?

You dont need to do that. I can handle him myself

Qin Nan immediately transmitted his voice.


However, Gong Yang and Zhao Fang seemed to not hear his words. They stomped off the ground and unleashed their outstanding cultivations. In the blink of an eye, their figures arrived above Zhu Hang and executed their ancient Martial Skills, as if two bright suns had appeared above a wildland.

Both Gong Yang and Zhao Fang had altered their destinies. Not only had they accumulated nine hundred and ninety-nine streams of the force of the Martial Highness Realm, they also possessed the Law-Defying Qi, thus granting them a more terrifying strength than ordinary peak Martial Highnesses.

Down you go!

Meanwhile, many rogue cultivators took a hold of the chance that had arisen as the others had their attention focused onto the duel between the three great geniuses in order to carry out their attacks. They immediately unleashed their moves, causing their targets to respond by dodging and resisting the incoming attacks with various eye-techniques, movements, weapons, etc.

The mixed battle had begun!

The dojo was filled with the glows of various Martial Arts and ancient Martial Skills as the cultivators carried out their schemes.

The spectating cultivators held their breaths. The battle had only just begun, and they had already seen countless interesting clashes between the participants, bringing them great astonishment.

At that instant, the loud cry of a bird pierced through the sky.

A black-robed person flew sprang into the sky with a pair of wings, before diving at Gong Yang and Zhao Fang ferociously!