Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 664

Chapter 664 Another Surprise
Chapter 664 - Another Surprise!

His ability to predict attacks is extremely annoying. I have to think of a plan. Otherwise, the situation is not looking good for me Zhu Hang quickly thought as he continued to dodge the attacks.

As a matter of fact, he could unleash his greatest move to get rid of Duan Qing. However, since it was a mixed battle, there were still other participants on the dojo whom he still needed to deal with in order to guarantee himself a spot to enter the Light Door. Therefore, he had to try and defeat Duan Qing without wasting too much of his energy!


Zhu Hangs eyes flickered. He immediately took out a blue jade flute that emitted a sacred aura from his bag. It was a half-Sacred Weapon with a strange ability, thus he never carried it with him. He put the jade flute close to his mouth and blew, producing a blue mist that covered the dojo.

The crowd was startled and they immediately unleashed their force of the Martial Highness Realm in case the blue mist was poisonous.

Mm? Qin Nan quickly identified the blue mist to be poison-free after scanning it with his left eye. He did not manage to notice any threat from it. What was this Zhu Hang doing?


Zhu Hang turned around and fired a poisonous dart from his mouth. Qin Nan, who had his eyes on him, constantly saw his movements and dodged the dart. However, Zhu Hang seemed to know where he was landing as he quickly fired another dart at him.

How did he know? Qin Nan was stunned. He quickly relocated himself several times and, as he expected, the poisonous darts were always one step ahead of him.

The cultivators were confused too. How did Zhu Hang do that?

Was it because of the mist?

Qin Nan switched his position once again and took a closer look. He immediately realized that the mist was somehow able to attach to his body, and even though it could not harm him, his movement caused a huge part of the mist to vibrate regardless of his speed.

Therefore, Zhu Hang could easily track his landing direction.

Such a weird mist. Interesting!

Qin Nans blood began to boil.

Since his vision was restricted by the mist, it was time to fight him head-on!


Various forces gathered in Qin Nans body and he unleashed them with a slash. Zhu Hang was stunned. He did not expect Duan Qing to have such powerful strength when fighting head-on. The artifact inside his body immediately uttered a roar along with a sacred aura as he began battling his enemy.


The two figures flashed across the dojo as they exchanged moves with each other, producing ferocious gusts of wind from the impact.

This isnt good. The force of the Martial Highness Realm in my body is significantly lesser than his, not to mention the fact that he has almost reached the Undefeatable Martial Highness Realm. I need to come up with another plan to defeat him with a single attack

Qin Nan quickly thought.

At that instant, a sudden sword intent approached him from his right.

Qin Nans hair immediately stood on end as he kicked the ground and twisted his body in mid-air. The sword intent passed his figure only inches away from his face, and the wind from it alone was enough to make him feel slight pain.

He could see a middle-aged man holding a sword and charging toward him with a stern look.

Could he be Zhu Hangs helper?


Zhu Hangs eyes glittered. He did not think that the other rogue cultivators would suddenly join the battle.

However, as soon as he finished his sentence, a tremendous force struck him from behind and sent his figure flying.

Meanwhile, a few other attacks were directed toward Gong Yang and the rest of the geniuses.

As the battle progressed, only fifteen participants remained on the dojo. Apart from the six great geniuses, the other nine rogue cultivators were quite outstanding in strength despite their lack of talent.

They had reached an agreement to target the geniuses, as it was the only way to increase their chance of entering the Light Door, which would also grant them a greater chance at acquiring the Heavenly Fortune Talisman.

Therefore, the identity and status of the others were no longer their concern! Their only thought now was to battle and eliminate as many opponents as they could!

At that instant, the battle between the six geniuses had escalated to a messy fight.


Qin Nans figure moved rapidly as he dodged a series of attacks while executing slashes that knocked back the rogue cultivators who were targeting him. On top of that, any time he had the chance, he attacked Zhu Hang as much as he could.

The spectators had their eyes open wide.

The confrontation between the participantswhich involved various moves and ancient Martial Skillshad totally astonished them.

This was truly a battle between experts!

Mm? A chance!

Qin Nans gaze sharpened all of a sudden.

A rogue cultivator had executed a move that caused Zhu Hangs figure to halt for half a breaths time.

The time was enough to deal him a serious blow!


The ancient saber in Qin Nans hand vibrated vigorously as he gathered all his strength to unleash his strongest move. The rogue cultivators who were targeting Qin Nan immediately backed off upon seeing this, apart from Zhu Hang who wore a pale face as his figure remained rooted in place.

The slash wouldnt be enough to kill him, but it would surely make him pay a great price!

That rogue cultivator was such a nuisance!

In the nick of time, a rare occurrence took place.

A series of dull explosions could be heard coming from the Light Door, which was more intense than the previous time, as even the door itself was vibrating vigorously now.

The terrifying Tribulation aura leaked out from it and filled the place.

The guardian spirit was startled seeing this.

The rogue cultivators were awestruck too. The battle came to a pause as everyone directed their attention toward the Light Door.

Meanwhile, Qin Nans only focus was on finishing execution of his slash!


A shocking thunderous force burst out from the Light Door as if it were going to destroy the entire dojo. The astounded guardian spirit immediately unleashed a tremendous sacred glow with an ancient Martial Skill to nullify its impact.

Meanwhile, the Light Door suddenly turned red in color, the color of fresh blood!

Something unexpected has taken place! The trial ends now! All fifteen of you will advance to the next phase! You can now enter the door!

The guardian spirit spoke in a hurried manner.

The rules of the trial had changed once again!