Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 691

Chapter 691 The Way Of Entering The Treasure Vault
Chapter 691 - The Way of Entering the Treasure Vault

If you hadnt made it in time, I wouldnt even be able to set foot into the place. Qin Nan let out a calm smile.

Hearing this, the smile on Gong Yangs face vanished as he switched his gaze onto Zhang Yishous figure.

Whats going on here?

Despite his calm tone, a great suppression was unleashed.

Zhang Yishou and Shi Jingtaos faces turned pale as they collected their thoughts. Their foreheads were covered in cold sweat.

Senior...Senior Brother Yang! Zhang Yishou clenched his teeth and said, It was Senior Brother Shis fault. He broke the rules and resulted in your friend losing his spot! I had nothing to do with it

Shi Jingtaos eyes were filled with shock and fury.

How cunning of this Zhang Yishou!

He threw all the blame onto him!

Be gone!

Before Zhang Yishou could finish his speech, Gong Yang snapped coldly without mercy.


An invisible force struck Zhang Yishous figure and sent him flying, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood following a cry of agony.

The attack was enough to inflict serious damage to him.

Senior...Senior Brother Gong! He wasnt speaking the truth! I didnt know he was your brother Seeing this, Shi Jingtaos figure shivered tremendously and he blurted out trying to explain himself, completely losing his ferocious appearance.

Is that so?

Gong Yang raised his hand and gathered a terrifying storm on his palm.

The surroundings began to turn cold, sending chills down the spines of Shi Jingtao and his crew. Their first instinct was to run away, but their minds clearly knew that that would result in greater consequences!

Senior Brother Shi, right? Didnt you mention that only those with power are respected here at the Dao-Seeking Mountain and are allowed to break the rules freely? Im not in the mood to fight you, just hand over the badges you got.

Qin Nan shook his head at Gong Yang and said calmly.


Shi Jingtao was startled. He did not expect the mysterious young man to utter such a request.

Or, are you unwilling to?

Qin Nans gaze sharpened as a terrifying aura was unleashed from his body.

Eighth-layer...Martial Highness Realm? Shi Jingtao was stunned. He had never thought the young mans cultivation would be this outstanding. Even though it was on par with his own cultivation, for some reason, he could sense a great terror rising in his heart.

His instincts told him that if they were to fight, he would surely lose against him.

Here...take them all!

Shi Jingtao grabbed the badges and tossed them to Qin Nan.

Qin Nan took one from the stack and handed the remaining to the rogue cultivators who were in the queue, before he smilingly said, Consider this a gift for our encounter. If someone were to trouble you later, feel free to look for me.

The nine rogue cultivators were astounded.

Lets go!

Gong Yang laughed and left with Qin Nan.

A moment later, the crowd on the icy dojo finally collected their thoughts with dazzling looks.

The scene that had just taken place was like a dream to them.


The ten cultivators standing behind Shi Jintao unleashed their murderous intent toward the rogue cultivators who were given the badges.

They were not willing to wait another day as these people had taken their badges.

Wait! Dont do it. Lets call it a day! Shi Jingtao suddenly waved his hand and snapped.

Brother The cultivators were confused. Why should we be scared since Yang Gong and the mysterious young man were gone? Despite the young mans words, there was no way he would be bothered by such a thing.

If any one of you dare to disobey me, that will be the end of our friendship!

Shi Jingtao straightened his face.

The cultivators were stupefied seeing his reaction. They knew that he was being serious. Despite being confused, they nodded their heads.

You guys

Shi Jingtao shook his head and placed his hand on his heart.

He had not made it to the thirty-first rank on the Hidden Dragon Ranking by relying solely on his Martial Spirit. He always believed in his own instincts too.

For some reason, since the mysterious young man had left, his heart was telling him something...

Even Yang Gong would not be comparable with the mysterious young man!

Qin Nan and Gong Yang slowly flew in the sky.

The guards were astonished seeing this, and no one among them was daring enough to stop the duo.

Flying was forbidden on the Dao-Seeking Mountain, but it still depended on who was flying!

Qin Nan, Gong Yang transmitted his voice, Remember this, here at the Dao-Seeking Mountain, as long as youre strong enough, you wont have trouble doing anything. Strength is their main focus!

Qin Nan was slightly started, before nodding his head upon coming to a realization.

The Dao-Seeking Mountain had a different way of teaching their disciples, which was fairly similar to the Feiyang Sacred Area.

By the way, why are you here? Gong Yang asked with a firm determination, Not that Im boasting, but with my current position and strength, I can settle most things for you easily

The Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault, Qin Nan wore a stern look as he spoke, Brother Yang, I have to enter the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault.

The Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault?

The determination on Gong Yangs face instantly vanished as he frowned.

Whats wrong? Qin Nan immediately asked seeing his expression.

You might not be aware of this; due to my failure at the Crimson Blood Ocean, my master is suspicious and doubtful toward my capabilities. I could have easily gotten you into the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault before. Besides, a while ago, some rare occurrence took place at the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault, thus it would be even more difficult to get access to it now. Gong Yang wore a helpless look, Therefore, you will have to find a way yourself.

Qin Nan nodded without showing any disappointment.

From what he had just witnessed, he understood that the Dao-Seeking Mountain placed a huge emphasis on ones strength. Since Gong Yang had failed his mission, it was understandable that his master was doubtful toward his capabilities.

Besides, Gong Yang had helped him at the Crimson Blood Ocean.

Any other possibilities? Qin Nan asked.

Theres a simple way. Gong Yang took a deep breath before he spoke in a respectful tone.

The Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault is located at the center of the Dao-Seeking Mountain, guarded by an elder who is known as the Blind Swordsman. Rumors say that he was one of the founding elders of the Dao-Seeking Mountain, thus his status is higher than Progenitor Wen Daoeven Progenitor Wen Dao treats him with utter respect.

It is said that his cultivation dropped significantly due to a serious injury. As such, he has decided to guard the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault.

Once you have passed his trial, you would be granted access to the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault!