Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 699

Chapter 699 The Desire For Victory
Chapter 699 - The Desire for Victory!

On a place covered in snow a few hundred li away from the Dao-Seeking Mountain, a rift opened all of a sudden, from which Qin Nans figure dropped out.

What is the Blind Swordsman up to? Why did he teleport me away?

Qin Nans eyes flickered with doubts.

Prior to him leaving the Dao-Seeking Mountain, the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault had experienced a strange occurrence that had attracted the attention of the authorities. It would make more sense for the Blind Swordsmana founding elder of the Dao-Seeking Mountainto detain and interrogate him.

Lets take a look at the badge first.

Qin Nan took out the badge and removed the seal on it. A sword intent immediately burst out from it and transformed into an illusionary figure resembling the appearance of the Blind Swordsman.

Kid, as time is running short, Ill keep this simple. I once entered the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault and learned that the owner of the precious treasure would be appearing soon. Im now convinced that youre the one. Dont worry, Ill not spread the news. My only hope is that once you have claimed possession of the treasure, you would be willing to give me one of the rare artifacts in the treasure vault, as I need to treat my wounds

The illusionary figure vanished as he finished his words.

I see.

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization.

If he werent mistaken, it was most likely that the right arm of the Divine God of Battle had given the Blind Swordsman some hints regarding his arrival. Although Qin Nan was not sure why it would do that, at least from what he had witnessed the Blind Swordsman did not pose any threat to him, or he might actually even be on his side.

After all, the Blind Swordsman was relying on him to treat his wounds.

Right arm of the Divine God of Battle, please give me three months. In three months time, the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault will be activated, and when the time comes, the geniuses and the authorities will be gathering there

Qin Nan murmured to himself.

The Blind Swordsman was not his main concern for the time being. His priority now was to prepare himself for the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault for the next three months.

Only three months left!

In three months time, he would need to give the Heaven-Shattering Saber a magnificent victory!

Otherwise, the right arm of the Divine God of Battle would no longer belong to him!

What should I do?

Qin Nan frowned.

How could he possibly improve his cultivation significantly within three months?

Even with fortunate encounters and cultivating diligently, he could at most reach the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm. There was no way he could achieve the Martial Sacred Realm!

With that, despite the support from the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom and Tang Qingshan, there was no way he could defeat the Dao-Seeking Mountain!

Bluntly speaking, there was no way he could guarantee himself a victory within three months!

No way! Im the owner of the Divine Battle Spirit. Theres no way Im giving up on the right arm of the Divine God of Battle! Therefore, I must come up with a plan to crush the Dao-Seeking Mountain after acquiring the Heaven-Shattering Saber!

Qin Nans eyes were filled with determination.

The right arm of the Divine God of Battle had high hopes for him. There was no way he would let it down!

Three months later, if I were to draw out the Heaven-Shattering Saber, all the rare artifacts would be mine. Assuming that I possess a cultivation of the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm, I wouldnt have any trouble killing a first-layer Martial Sacred. However, the Dao-Seeking Mountain is packed with experts. Apart from Progenitor Wen Dao and the Wendao Elders, there are countless Martial Highness Realm experts too, and safety precautions similar to the Statue of the Deceased Emperor of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom. Ill need some terrifying power to defeat the Dao-Seeking Mountain

Qin Nan quickly thought.

It was his first time planning something on the scale of these factions.

Where can I find such power?

Qin Nan frowned as he mumbled to himself.

Time gradually passed.

Qin Nan stood in the snow, stationary like a stone statue. His figure was soon covered in snow.

Three hours later...


An aura burst out from his figure, sweeping away the snow that was covering him.

A moment ago, a crazy thought had crossed his mind!

The Tribulation of the Heavens and Earth!

He could use the force of the Tribulation when he ranked up to the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm to destroy the Dao-Seeking Mountain!

The power of the rare phenomenon of the Tribulation that Tang Qingshan had triggered was remarkable. Even Peak Leader Duanmu and his crew sacrificing themselves had failed to overcome it. In the end, the copper mirror had to interfere to help him overcome the Tribulation.

Furthermore, the Tribulation he had triggered would not be any weaker than Tang Qingshans!

It would be best if he could let the Dao-Seeking Mountain be targeted by the terrifying force of the Tribulation!

Besides, it was his only hope!

He could not think of any other way!

Qin Nan took a deep breath and calmed his thoughts, before he began to plan the details.

Even if Im going to trigger the Tribulation, my current cultivation is only at the eighth-layer Martial Highness Realm. I can only trigger the Tribulation once Ive reached the peak of the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm.

Therefore, Ill need to improve my cultivation!

Qin Nans thoughts became clearer.

Three months!

Improve his cultivation!

Reach the peak of the Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm!

Acquire the Heaven-Shattering Saber when the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault is activated, trigger the Tribulation and destroy the Dao-Seeking Mountain!

Kid, be honest! How are you related to the Heaven-Shattering Saber! Meanwhile, the Disordered Ocean Progenitor and the Crimson Blood Progenitor regained consciousness and blurted out.

They were clueless as to what had happened, but they clearly knew they had been knocked unconscious.

Youre awake. Qin Nan withdrew his thoughts and glanced at the Martial Progenitors. He asked as a sudden thought came to him, Seniors, do you have any idea how I can rapidly improve my cultivation within three months without any side effects?

It was impossible for him to reach the peak Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm within three months with the cultivation speed of his ninth-grade Di ranked Divine Battle Spirit.

Even a tenth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit would not be able to do that.

He had to find some other ways.

Rapidly increase your cultivation without bringing any side effects?

The Martial Progenitors were startled, before the Crimson Blood Progenitor said, Theres only one way to do thatfind some blessed areas and cultivate there with your Martial Spirit to absorb the purest Qi

Blessed areas?

Qin Nan was stunned, before he immediately recalled the Aquamarine Chamber at the Ninth City.

It seemed like the Crimson Blood Progenitor was referring to places like the Aquamarine Chamber.

Hehe, Duan Qing, dont you know that theres nothing about the Eastern Continent that we two arent aware of? We know exactly where you can find these places youre looking for, and we can guide you there, as long as you tell us how youre related to the Heaven-Shattering Saber

The Disordered Ocean Progenitor showed no sign of giving up on getting the answers he sought.

That being said, it did remind Qin Nan that although the two Martial Progenitors had yet to recover their strength, even the authorities of the Four Great Factions could not match their knowledge of the Eastern Continent.

Ive got a certain chance to get the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

Qin Nan pondered for a moment before speaking calmly.

Either way, these two Martial Progenitors were still relying on him to revive them. It did not matter if he leaked some information to them. By the time they could resurrect, his cultivation would be terrifying enough to suppress them.


The Martial Progenitors were greatly astonished.

A chance to get the Heaven-Shattering Saber?

Was this some kind of joke!

Over the past thousands of years, despite the fact that countless great geniuses had been born in the Eastern Continent, no one had managed to acquire the precious treasure of the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault!

On top of that, the experts of the Eastern Continent were aware of one thing.

It was said that the person who claimed possession of the precious treasure would also get all of the rare artifacts in the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault!