Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 71

Chapter 71 violet ocean full moon boulder
Chapter 71 - Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder

Qin Nan inhaled deeply and calmed himself instantly; he brought his fists together and said, Elderly Mister, apologies for being impolite. I didnt know you were Old Shans Senior Brother. Please forgive me.

Qin Nan was respectful toward Old Shan.

It was because when he shattered Old Shans Ocean Crescent Boulder to pieces, instead of asking him for compensation, Old Shan kindly gave him an incredibly precious Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge.

The mysterious old man nodded his head without any expression; he waved his hand, causing two ancient books to appear. He then said with a calm tone, You two, wait here. You can spend some time on these two books.

Following this, the mysterious old man glanced toward Qin Nan and said, Come with me.

Qin Nan nodded his head without hesitation; he gave Chu Yun and Xiao Leng a glance before following behind the old man.

Chu Yun and Xiao Leng remained rooted on the spot and looked incredulously at the two disappearing figures.

They were yet to react to the situation as they failed to understand what was going on.

Who is this mysterious old man? Who is Old Shan? What relationship exists between Qin Nan and him?

At that instant, their gazes instinctively dropped to the books on the ground.

With a glance, amazed expressions appeared on Chu Yun and Xiao Lengs faces; Xiao Leng even exclaimed in a shocked tone, Martial Emperors Cultivation Notes? Two of them?

After recovering from the shock, the two took deep breaths.

They clearly knew that the value of cultivation notes written by Martial Emperor cultivators was extremely precious.

Such precious things, and the mysterious old man had just given it to them like throwing rubbish?

At that moment, Chu Yun and Xiao Leng realized that the mysterious old man must possess an extraordinary background.

Chu Yun picked up one of the books, and a wry smile appeared on her elegant face; she said while shaking her head, Im afraid Junior Brother Qin Nan is the only one I dont understand among the new disciples.

Chu Yun said this with full honesty.

At the beginningdue to Senior Brother Gong Yangs requestChu Yun was curious about Qin Nan, but she did not see him as someone important, as she felt Qin Nan was too full of himself; he ended up astonishing her by killing Childe Gloomy Rage, who was ranked fourth among the top ten geniuses. Together with the mysterious old man from moments ago, it seemed like there were too many secrets surrounding Qin Nan.

Junior Brother Qin Nan, one day, Ill discover all your secrets. Chu Yun thought to herself; her eyes were glistened, as if they were filled with water. She then cleared her thoughts and entered the cave with Xiao Leng, preparing to cultivate.

As they had just received precious Cultivation Notes from a Martial Emperor expert, they were not willing to waste any more time.

Qin Nan followed the mysterious old man through the woods for a while, before arriving at a hill with plenty of space.

The mysterious old man stopped in his track and turned around. He looked at Qin Nan and calmly said, I know you have a lot of questions, but theres no need to ask em. Even if you asked, I would not answer. You only need to follow my orders; if Im satisfied, Ill give an incredible opportunity to you.

Qin Nan was slightly stunned; he did not expect the old man to say this.

On the journey here, he had a lot of queries, like the name of this mysterious old man, and the reason he came looking for him, etc.

If he were not willing to say, Qin Nan would not ask, so he then said, Elderly Mister, what should I do?

Qin Nan was quite doubtful; he was only a seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator. Normally, he could only provide very little help to this mysterious old man.

So what could possibly be the reason this old man came to look for me? What does the incredible opportunity mean?

The mysterious old man gave him a glance and said, Before that, theres a question I want to ask you. Your Martial Spiritit was only eighth-grade Huang ranked, how did it become ninth-grade Huang ranked?

After hearing the words, Qin Nan straightened his face, and his eyes turned cold, Elderly Mister, were you stalking me?

Qin Nan had only unleashed his ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit when he was battling against Childe Gloomy Rage; he had never revealed it before.

If the mysterious old man knew his Martial Spirit grade, the only explanation was, he was being followed.

Of course. The mysterious old man nodded and said, I did follow you; I was the one who made the Blood Barrier Mist vanish earlier than scheduled too.

Qin Nan was stunned; he took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down and said, Elderly Mister, Im only a seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator, why are you so interested in me?

The words were said in an interrogating tone.

The Divine Battle Spirit was the greatest secret Qin Nan possessed; he would not allow anyone to know it.

The mysterious old mans face turned cold as he said, I dont give a damn about your secrets; I was only curious. The reason I followed you was that your Martial Skill Talent was able to shatter the Ocean Crescent Boulder into pieces. Through my observation, you have yet to disappoint me, achieving the half-arcane state with just a petal of the Golden Lily. Your Martial Skill Talent is impressive indeed.

After hearing these words, Qin Nan was slightly shocked. He did not expect the mysterious old man to approach him because of his Martial Skill Talent.

Qin Nan then reminded himself that Old Shan had given him a precious Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge due to his Martial Skill Talent. It was quite reasonable now for this mysterious old manOld Shans Senior Brotherto be interested in his Martial Skill Talent too.

The coldness in Qin Nans heart diminished as he said, I see. I can only tell you that I was struck by lightning when I was young. Through it, I received a hidden technique which is able to conceal my Martial Spirits rank. Previously, my Martial Spirit appeared to be eighth-grade Huang ranked, because I had concealed its true rank. Besides that, I hope that you will stop stalking me from today onwards.

The mysterious old man was not suspicious of these words; he said in a cold tone, Dont worry. If you clear my doubts today, I will not follow you anymore.

After saying this, the old man waved his hand, and a huge boulder appeared out of nowhere.

The boulder instantly grabbed Qin Nans attention.

The boulder was five meters tall; it was completely violet, like a violet ocean. A full white moon could be seen in the middle of the boulder. An arcane force could be felt from the full moon, giving a sensational feeling.

Qin Nan inspected the boulder, and was instantly doubtful, This boulder seems similar to the Ocean Crescent Boulder?

Thats right. The old man said calmly, This boulders name is the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder, which is the enhanced version of the Ocean Crescent Boulder. As you know, it has the ability to detect ones Martial Skill Talent. The only difference is, to activate this boulder, ones Martial Talent must have at least triggered the Violet light of the Ocean Crescent Boulder.

Triggering the Violet light?

Qin Nan was slightly stunned; the grades of the Ocean Crescent Boulder were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and the Ocean Crescent rare occurrencea total of eight grades.

Violet light was almost the highest grade of the boulder.

Even Ling Zixiao, with his ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit and excellent talent, was only able to trigger the indigo light.

In contrast, the starting point of this Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder before him, was violet light, which meant that if Ling Zixiao were here, he would not even qualify to activate this Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder.

Qin Nan took a deep breath and calmed himself down quickly, before saying, Elderly Mister, what do you want me to dofeel free to say it.

After hearing Qin Nans words, in the mysterious old mans cold eyes, an undetectable flame was ignited.