Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 734

Chapter 734 Jiang Feifan
Chapter 734 - Jiang Feifan

The Heavenly Fortune Path was the number one forbidden area of the Eastern Continent due to the mysteries it veiled. Once, a genius that entered it had ended up altering his destiny and becoming a great monarch, stirring chaos in the Middle Continent.

Since then, various factions and geniuses had paid great attention to the opening of the Heavenly Fortune Path.

...Meanwhile, at the Crimson Lunar Clan...

A few hours after the rare occurrence of the Heavenly Fortune Path, the Crimson Lunar Clan was crowded with people, resulting in a lively sight. As a result, the Crimson Lunar Clan immediately sent their people to set up checkpoints, requiring the visitors to pay before heading to the location of the Heavenly Fortune Path.

There were just too many people.


At that moment, a terrifying aura descended upon the place, startling the crowd.

The party arriving consisted of the Leader, Vice-Leader, and Supreme Elder of the Trading Alliance.

Apart from them, on the right side of the Leader of the Trading Alliance stood a young man.

The young man wore an expressionless face and a golden robe. Despite being in the presence of various authorities, his aura was not inferior, and turned out to be slightly more mysterious instead.

Jiang Feifan!

Its Jiang Feifan! Hes pretty quick to arrive!

Tsk tsk, Jiang Feifan is here! Only three left now!

Jiang Feifan!

The third ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, a peerless genius with a tenth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

According to the rumors, his Martial Spirit was a Monarch Weapon, which possessed a formidable power.

The crowd became restless.

As they all knew, only the ones with Heavenly Fortune Talismans were allowed to enter the Heavenly Fortune Path. Therefore, most of them would not have the opportunity. However, they were here mainly to witness the clash between the new rising star Qin Nan and the top three geniuses of the Eastern Continent!


The Leader of the Trading Alliance harrumphed while unleashing a great suppression, causing the crowd to fall silent. Following this, the Leader of the Trading Alliance flung his sleeve and led Jiang Feifan and his crew toward the checkpoints of the Crimson Lunar Clan and ventured deeper into the place.

A while later, the group of people arrived before a lake.

The lake was extremely large, covering an area with a circumference of a few thousand li. Its water was strangely white in color, with its surface covered by layers of mist that floated above it with a hint of a mysterious force, preventing anyone from peeking into the lake.

The lake was known as the Heavenly Fortune Lake. The Heavenly Fortune Path was located under the lake. Even a Martial Progenitor Realm cultivator would be killed instantly if they tried to enter the Heavenly Fortune Path before its opening.

Beside the Heavenly Fortune Lake was a shore. Its sand also had the same eerie white color. What was different was a gentle glow that could be seen reflecting from the sand, similar to the color of blue jade.

The shore was known as the Starry Jade Shore.

Before the Heavenly Fortune Path was activated, the crowd would always wait here at the Starry Jade Shore. Currently, over a hundred rogue cultivators and geniuses had gathered here, including some geniuses that were ranked in the top fifty of the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

Qin Nan isnt here yet, Jiang Feifan scanned the place and wore a disdainful look, Im afraid he wont dare to show himself at all when the Heavenly Fortune Path is opened.

Jiang Feifan felt extreme loathing for Qin Nan.

This was not because Qin Nan had exploded the Trading Alliance, nor that he had eliminated the Dao-Seeking Mountain and claimed possession of the precious treasure of the Dao-Seeking Treasure Vault, but rather the fact that as Jiang Feifan had finally mastered an outstanding Martial Art during his previous seclusion and had been fully prepared to astonish the entire Eastern Continent, it appeared that everyone was too busy discussing about Qin Nans achievement!

The guy was already crippled. Why would everyone still talk about him?

They should be talking about him, Jiang Feifan, instead!

Jiang Feifan, youd better not underestimate Qin Nan, when the time comes The Leader of the Trading Alliance gave his piece of advice.

Speak no further. Hes nothing but a cripple now. Why would I be afraid of him? Even Cheng Tiange was no longer worthy against me! Jiang Feifan placed his hands on his back while gazing at the Heavenly Fortune Lake. A prideful aura was emitted from his body, as if he despised everything before him.

The Leader of the Trading Alliance wore a helpless look. This Jiang Feifan had great talents, but he was just too proud of himself, always assuming that he was the best. He took a deep breath and reminded, Alright, we wont talk about that. This is your chance! You must seize it!

The eyes of the Leader of the Trading Alliance flickered ferociously.

He was a man who harbored bitter resentment. There was no way he would forget the great loss that Qin Nan had brought to the Trading Alliance! However, since Qin Nan now had the support of an elder of the Mu Clan, there was no way he could touch him!

However, if Jiang Feifan were able to alter his destiny through the fortunate encounter of the Heavenly Fortune Path, his status would skyrocket.

When the time came, even the elder of the Mu Clan would not be able to protect Qin Nan!

You guys are early.

Meanwhile, the gentle voice of a female could be heard.

The crowd on the Starry Jade Shore was taken by surprise, and immediately turned their heads toward the voice. With a glimpse, many male cultivators could feel their hearts racing.

The Leader, Vice-Leader, and Supreme Elder of the Wanxiang Pavilion had arrived.

Two young women stood in silence beside the authorities as their hair danced elegantly.

The one standing in front had pale skin and attractive facial features, with a pair of glittering eyes. A single glimpse at her would cause one to lose themselves in her beauty. Meanwhile, the other one had a gentle aura and an outstanding physique. Her gorgeous face was expressionless, with a hint of iciness.

Their auras formed an obvious contrast, like fire and ice.

Murong Xue! Murong Xue is here!

Shes still as glamorous as before! I feel like Im losing my soul just by staring at her face!

If I can make Murong Xue smile, I would no longer have any regrets for the rest of my life!

Yu Luosha is not bad at all either. I like her icy aura!

The atmosphere of the Starry Jade Shore instantly heated up.

Even the female cultivators could no longer hold their ground and wore envious looks.

Murong Xue, top genius of the Wanxiang Pavilion, second ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

Yu Luosha, second ranked of the Wanxiang Pavilion, sixth ranked on the Hidden Dragon Ranking!


Jiang Feifans heart rate increased rapidly upon seeing the two women as his eyes flickered.

Look at these two beauties, their auras and talentsperfect candidates to be his companion!

Upon having this thought, Jiang Feifan wore a smile and slowly approached Murong Xue and Yu Luosha.

He was extremely confident that he could win their hearts with ease.

However, at that instant, an astounded voice could be heard.

The Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom is here!

The words caused the atmosphere of the place to freeze.

Even the Leaders of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion clenched their fists tightly.

Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom!

Qin Nan...

Was he coming?