Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 736

Chapter 736 The Lake Cracks Open The Ancient Path Comes Into View
Chapter 736 - The Lake Cracks Open, the Ancient Path Comes into View

Qin Nan? HAHA, youre finally here!

After a short hesitation, the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise burst out laughing.

Brother Nan!

Platoon Leader!

Greetings, Platoon Leader!

The eyes of Di Fengyun and the others sparkled as they blurted out.

The crowd and the authorities immediately gathered their thoughts, their eyes filled with astonishment.

Qin Nan was here!

At that moment, everyones gazes landed onto the purple-haired young man. Their eyes filled with doubts, excitement, and curiosity.

His cultivation

The authorities of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion exchanged glances with one another as their hearts sank. They all realized that none of them had managed to peek through his cultivation regardless of the methods they tried.

Did that mean that Qin Nan had recovered his strength?

The authorities immediately clenched their fists tightly, as they had all witnessed Qin Nans strength with their own eyes.

So youre Qin Nan?

Jiang Feifan was stunned. He had initially thought he was some rogue cultivator, but it turned out to be the man that he hated the most.

Thats me, and you are?

Saying this, Qin Nan quickly scanned the crowd. His gaze paused slightly on Cheng Tiange and Mu Rongxues figures, and immediately came to a realization.

Jiang Bilan and Sima Kong were both absent still.

As for the top three geniuses of the Hidden Dragon Ranking, they had all reached the peak Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm, with various outstanding moves, in particular Cheng Tiange, whose body was concealing an enraged flame power.


Qin Nan mumbled, although he was still slightly disappointed.

Even though the top three geniuses of the Hidden Dragon Ranking were quite outstanding, they still failed to arouse the battle intent in his heart, unless they were to attack him together.

So youre Qin Nan, the one who has eliminated the Dao-Seeking Mountain! I, Jiang Feifan, would like to see how strong you are! Jiang Feifan collected his thoughts and uttered a roar. A mystical glow burst out from his body.

Blue Lotus Sword Throne! Destroy everything!

He spat out a throne formed from blue lotuses from his mouth, which expanded rapidly and unleashed the power of the Martial Monarch Realm.

The artifact appeared to be a half-Monarch Weapon!


Following a glow, a tremendous sword intent was unleashed by the artifact, slashing toward Qin Nans head.

The crowd immediately stared with their eyes open wide. None of them were unable to inspect Qin Nans cultivation, thus the attack from Jiang Feifan would give them a chance to determine whether or not Qin Nan had recovered his strength!

Qin Nans gaze instantly coldened.

This guy had attacked him twice in a row. Did he really think he was someone to be messed with easily?

Be gone!

Qin Nan reached out his right hand and slapped at the Blue Lotus Sword Throne.


It was as if the Blue Lotus Sword Throne had been struck by a destructive force, causing its saber intent to disperse instantly, causing it to explode into pieces that fired at Jiang Feifans figure. Jiang Feifans eyes widened as he immediately set up his defense. Despite that, his figure was still knocked flying by the impact.

How powerful!

Cheng Tiange could feel his scalp going numb. The simple slap felt like a ferocious beast being completely awakened, causing his heart to beat rapidly.

Murong Xues face turned pale as if she had just witnessed some terrifying presence, causing her to take a small step backward, before gathering her thoughts with a deep breath.

The crowd was dumbfounded.

Qin Nan had recovered his strength!

On top of that...

It was even more terrifying now!

Jiang Feifan was ranked third on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, whose cultivation had reached the peak Law-Defying Martial Highness Realm. Even if the attack he executed was not his strongest move, Qin Nan had managed to shatter it with a single slap.

How terrifying would it be if Qin Nan were to use his full strength!


Qin Nan suddenly raised his head and glanced at the Leader of the Trading Alliance. His left eye emitted a strange purple glow, causing the heart of the Leader of the Trading Alliance to skip a beat. It felt like he was completely exposed at that instant!

Mm...I still cant beat that guy!

Qin Nan withdrew his gaze.

The Leader of the Trading Alliance possessed a cultivation of the peak Martial Sacred Realm. Even though Qin Nans cultivation had improved significantly, he was still no match against him, as the difference between their cultivations was too huge. Otherwise, he would surely settle the affair with the Leader of the Trading Alliance prior to the opening of the Heavenly Fortune Path.

As expected of Qin Nan!

Such a terrifying strength! Im not sure whos stronger between him and Cheng Tiange?

No one knows! It was definitely the right decision to come here!

Tsk tsk, how I wish they would fight each other now!

The crowd immediately collected their thoughts with their eyes filled with excitement, especially those who used to think that Qin Nan would not be able to recover his strength within such a short time. It appeared that reality had given them a loud slap to their faces.

Nothing was impossible for Qin Nan!

The man himself was a legend!

Damn it!

Jiang Feifan rose from the ground with a dark expression. He had been sent flying by a single slap under the crowds gaze. How embarrassing was that? That being said, he was petrified upon recalling the strength of the slap. His instincts were telling him that he would certainly be crushed into pieces if he dared to attack Qin Nan by himself.

Meanwhile, a strange phenomenon took place.


A shocking explosion occurred on the Heavenly Fortune Lake, shocking the people on the Starry Jade Shore and grabbing their attention immediately.


Qin Nan instantly saw the giant lake crack open as if it were being pulled apart by giant hands.

The surface of the lake was split into two!

The crowd was left in awe!

At the opening of the lake, an ancient path extended from the deep abyss toward the surface, which was over ten zhang wide, with a majestic atmosphere around it, as if the path would lead them straight to the abyss of the underworld.


A glow was emitted from the ancient path, which spread over ten meters away and formed a tiny formation. Despite its size, the aura unleashed was extremely terrifying, such that even a Martial Sacred would die instantly upon coming into contact with it.

After passing the formation, one could set foot onto the ancient path and enter the top forbidden area of the Eastern Continent, the Heavenly Fortune Path!

The Heavenly Fortune Path was now open!


A golden glow appeared on Qin Nans shoulder, which turned out to be the Heavenly Fortune Mouse. Its eyes stared at the mysterious ancient path with its head tilted. It was impossible to tell what thought it was having in its mind.