Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 737

Chapter 737 The Heavenly Fortune Mouse Doing Its Job
Chapter 737 - The Heavenly Fortune Mouse Doing Its Job

The Heavenly Fortune Path has appeared!

The authorities immediately set their eyes upon the figures of Qin Nan, Cheng Tiange, Murong Xue, and Jiang Feifan.

These were the only ones who could enter the Heavenly Fortune Path!

Time to enter the Heavenly Fortune Path!

With a flicker, Cheng Tianges figure turned into flames as he landed before the formation. A talisman was fired into the sky from his body, which unleashed an ancient aura.

Only with the aura of the Heavenly Fortune Talisman would one be able to enter the path!

Murong Xue gave Qin Nan a thoughtful glance before she too made her way to the formation.


Jiang Feifan twisted his lips and proceeded to the formation.

The Leaders of the Trading Alliance and the Wanxiang Pavilion took a deep breath. The strength that Qin Nan had displayed caused their hearts to sink. The Heavenly Fortune Path was now their only hope left! The geniuses could only defeat Qin Nan after altering their destinies inside the path!

Cheng Tiange!

Murong Xue!

Jiang Feifan!

You three must succeed!

Lets go and take a look.

Although Qin Nan was quite disappointed with the strength of the three geniuses, since the Heavenly Fortune Path was now open, it would not be any harm for him to take a look. He might even find himself some fortunate encounters that would help him rank up to the Martial Sacred Realm.

Kid! All the best!

The Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise had great anticipation for him.

After causing one miracle after another, what surprise would Qin Nan bring to them this time?

However, a piercing swoosh could be heard all of a sudden.

A golden ray was fired from Qin Nans figure. Its speed instantly stunned the crowd!

The authorities could only see a golden mouse flying toward the three geniuses!

Whats that?

Cheng Tiange, Murong Xue, and Jiang Feifan were about to step into the formation before noticing the strange little creature. They immediately reacted and unleashed their powerful attacks!


The golden mouse tittered and inhaled with all its might.

A shocking sight took place. The Heavenly Fortune Talismans broke free from the control of the three geniuses and flew toward the golden mouse.


The three geniuses were stunned.

The golden mouse immediately gnawed on the talismans at lightning speed. The talismans shuddered violently trying to resist, but their efforts were in vain, as they were completely devoured by the golden mouse within a breaths time.

Following this, the entire world fell into a dead silence.

The three geniuses lost their minds.

The crowd was dumbfounded.


What just happened?

Did the golden mouse just eat the Heavenly Fortune Talismans?

Even Qin Nan was left speechless, as he never thought the Heavenly Fortune Mouse was able to eat the Heavenly Fortune Talismans!

A strange atmosphere filled the place.

The same question popped into the crowds minds.

Since the Heavenly Fortune Talismans had been eaten...

How were the three geniuses going to enter the Heavenly Fortune Path now?


How bold!

Son of a b*tch!

Almost in the same moment, the three geniuses recovered from the shock, their eyes spitting out flames of fury. Terrifying glows appeared from their backs as a tremendous murderous aura swept into the surroundings.


Terrifying auras were unleashed from the authorities, as their faces were filled with dark expressions.

They could feel their hearts bleeding.

The precious Heavenly Fortune Talismans had been eaten just like that!

How were their geniuses going to alter their destinies now!

The entire place was overwhelmed by a great murderous aura, as if an incredible storm was approaching.

Before Qin Nan could react, the Heavenly Fortune Mouse calmly made its way into the formation before staring at the crowd with a disdainful look, as if it were trying to say, Yes, Im the one that did it, come and fight me!

Despite that, the entire crowd froze in place.

The figures of the authorities and the geniuses stiffened, as they immediately withdrew their attacks. Some even grumbled due to the consequences of stopping their attacks all of a sudden.

This was because...

They couldnt do it!

That was the defensive formation protecting the entrance of the Heavenly Fortune Path! Even a Martial Sacred would die instantly from it!

Squeak, squeak!

Seeing the crowds reaction, the Heavenly Fortune Mouse burst out laughing and rolled around on the ground. A while later, it immediately wore a stern look and sat on the ground with its legs crossed, as golden rays began to burst out from its figure.

The changing expressions on the faces of the crowd were absolutely fascinating.

Now what...

What should they do?

Qin Nan! Its you! That mouse came out from your body! Jiang Feifan reacted swiftly and clenched his teeth, locking his murderous gaze onto Qin Nans figure.

What? Qin Nan!

Qin Nan! What the hell is that thing! Give us the Heavenly Fortune Talismans back!

Upon hearing Jiang Feifans accusation, the authorities immediately recalled the scene, as tremendous murderous intent burst out from their bodies.

Especially the Leader of the Trading Alliance, whose eyes had reddened instantly!

Meanwhile, the crowd gathered their thoughts and inhaled deeply. Their gazes toward Qin Nan were filled with utter respect. This man was an absolute legend, to be able to get rid of the Heavenly Fortune Talismans of the three geniuses.

What? Are you looking for a fight?

A great roar could be heard as the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird and the Kingdom Protector Black Tortoise displayed their stances facing the authorities.

As a matter of fact, they were incredibly speechless witnessing the event, as Qin Nan had done it again, stirring a great trouble right at the beginning.

Qin Nan remained calm despite the presence of the overwhelming murderous aura. He waved his hand and spoke, I didnt know that would happen.

Hearing this, the authorities and the geniuses could feel their hearts being stabbed!

The golden mouse obviously came out from your body!

And youre implying...

That it wasnt your fault?

Qin Nan! Even if you have an elder of the Mu Clan supporting your back, if you dont hand over the Heavenly Fortune Talisman, I swear Ill kill you!

The Leader of the Trading Alliance snapped.

The three geniuses entering the Heavenly Fortune Path were their only hope of changing the tide of the situation! It was the only chance for the Wanxiang Pavilion and the Trading Alliance to make their comeback!

Now that their hope was gone, what else would they be afraid of?

A grand battle was on the verge of erupting!

However, at that moment...

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse inside the formation was experiencing a tremendous change.


A blinding golden glow was fired into the sky from the Heavenly Fortune Mouse, which transformed into countless dragons and phoenixes that uttered roars in the sky, causing the area within ten thousand li to quaver.

The water of the Heavenly Fortune Lake began to boil ferociously as if it were being scorched by blazing flames.