Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 742

Chapter 742 People Used To Call Me The Hell Progenitor
Chapter 742 - People Used to Call Me The Hell Progenitor!

Looking from a distance away, the tremendous purple glow emitting from Qin Nans body continued to move upward along the path, which soon passed the clouds and proceeded to the palace. Behind him, countless cultivators followed and resisted the evil spirits with various methods, allowing them to arrive at the palace as well.

Meanwhile, Cheng Tiange and his crew were having troubles getting past the army of skeletons!

The seven geniuses wore gloomy expressions on their faces.

We cant waste our time like this!

Cheng Tianges eyes emitting a shocking sparkle as golden rays appeared from his back. Following a piercing cry, a giant bird engulfed in golden flames emerged and floated in the air. Different from other birds, it had three legs instead of two.

Martial Spirit, Three-Legged Golden Bird!


Cheng Tiange let out a roar as the Three-Legged Golden Bird spread its wings and shrouded the figures of his crew, before diving straight down toward the army of skeletons, resulting in a series of explosions.

The flames of the golden bird were extremely effective against the evil presence!

The seven geniuses soon arrived at the black path!

My flames wont be able to drive the evil spirits away Cheng Tiange said as he glanced at the others.

Four-Sided Cleansing Formation!

Mu Tianxing stepped forward with flickering eyes. He glanced at the other three disciples of the Mu Clan, before they immediately performed hand seals, unleashing a blue glow from their bodies. In the blink of an eye, a giant formation was constructed, with a cleansing aura.

Even the evil spirits were unable to penetrate the formation.

That being said, as the evil spirits collided with the formation, it began to vibrate vigorously.

World Reversal!

Murong Xue performed an ancient hand seal that unleashed a magical force, as if it were turning the world upside down. The evil spirits could no longer attack the formation, as if they were quarantined in a different space.

Cheng Tiange nodded and commanded the golden bird to bring them straight to the palace.

As soon as they entered the palace, an ancient voice echoed around them.

The capacity of a thousand people has been reached. The others shall wait outside.

Cheng Tiange and his crew were stunned, before they raised their head and saw the entire palace was covered in darkness. It was fully crowded with cultivators. Meanwhile, at the front of the palace, a ferocious-looking pitch-black man wearing a golden robe was sitting on the seat.

The man flickered his finger, firing a beam of light that encapsulated the entrance of the palace.

The cultivators who had just arrived crashed right into the barrier. The seven geniuses instantly came to a realization and let out relieved sighs. Luckily, they had decided to ally with one another.

My name is the King of Hell. Welcome to the Heavenly Fortune Path. The King of Hell smirked, The Heavenly Fortune Path is incredibly large, and here is only a tip of the iceberg. Im in charge of eighteen succession grounds, and only by passing them will you be able to find the real succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path

The crowd was astounded.

Eighteen successions?

After passing the successions, they would then find the real succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path?


The breathing of the crowd intensified.

The reputation of the Heavenly Fortune Path was surely not in vain! How strong would they be after claiming these successions?

Well, among these eighteen successions, there is one one-starred succession, seven two-starred successions, and ten three-starred successions. Of course, one-starred succession is the best. The King of Hell scanned the crowd before adding, If youre planning to enter the better successions, you will need to pass some trials. Ive got the Trial of Strength, Trial of Talents, Trial of Versatility, Trial of Power

More than thirty names were read out loud.

They would need to participate in all of them!

Then let us take the trials! Stop wasting our time! Jiang Feifan stepped forward and snapped. This King of Hell only possessed a cultivation of the Martial Sacred Realm, and was most likely here to give them guidance. Therefore, there was no reason for him to be respectful.

Mu Tianxing and the others nodded as well.

The crowd immediately frowned, but remained silent.

Kid, mind your words. The King of Hell glanced downward at Jiang Feifan as he suddenly opened his eyes wide while unleashing a terrifying aura, People used to call me...the Hell Progenitor!


The terrifying suppression swiftly disappeared after appearing for a short period of time.

Despite its duration, everyone apart from Qin Nan and Jiang Bilan was stunned, with their foreheads covered with cold sweat while their figures shivered in terror.

For a second, they could sense the fear of death!

That was...

The suppression of the Martial Progenitor Realm!

Only Qin Nan wore a calm expression.

As soon as he had arrived at the palace, he had instantly discovered the man to be a Martial Progenitor who had concealed his cultivation.

The Hell Progenitor has been around longer than us. I never thought that he would be related to the Heavenly Fortune Path The two Martial Progenitors spoke with a hint of envy in their voices. His effort of being in charge of the trials was not in vain, as Madam Heavenly Fortune would surely reward him with great benefits.

Humph, a bunch of disrespectful kids. The King of Hell wore a disdainful look as he said with a grin, Now, line up and prepare yourself for the trials! Every trial must be taken! You will be assigned to the succession grounds based on your performance!

Following an explosion, thirty water screens were formed in the palace. Qin Nan quickly glanced over them and came to a realization. Each water screen was the entrance of each trial.

Phew! I must enter the one-starred succession ground!

The eyes of Cheng Tiange and the rest flickered with determination.

The chance was right within their grasp!

They could not afford to miss it!

Qin Nan, we wont lose to you in the trials

Cheng Tiange and his crew immediately glanced at Qin Nan with the same thought popping into their minds. Judging from the names of the trials, apart from the Trial of Power, Qin Nan would no longer have his advantage.

Therefore, they had great hopes in defeating him!

In addition to them, the crowd rubbed their palms and wore passionate looks.

These trials were relatively fair. Even if they were competing against Qin Nan and the other talented geniuses, it did not mean they would lose against them!

Ill go first!

Qin Nan was the first to arrive, thus he was standing right at the front of the palace.

Humph, so what if his strength is remarkable, in my opinion, he might even have a bad performance and end up at a three-starred succession ground Jiang Feifan snapped. Although he clearly knew that with Qin Nans talent, he would at least enter a two-starred succession ground, but he still purposely said the words in front of the crowd to disgust him.

The crowd shook their heads before taking a deep breath.

What would Qin Nans final outcome be?

However, at that instant, the King of Hell suddenly spoke, Wait!

Qin Nan was stunned, before he asked, What is it?

The crowd was confused too.

Kid, you dont need to take the trials. Head straight to the one-starred succession ground. The spoken words of the King of Hell shocked the entire crowd.


No need to take the trials?

Head straight to the one-starred succession ground?

The crowd almost thought their ears had malfunctioned, especially Jiang Feifan whose mouth was open wide.

Even Qin Nan himself was astounded, who subconsciously blurted out, Senior, I

Youre pleasing to my eyes, off you go!

The King of Hell waved his hand and teleported Qin Nan away with a magical force.

The crowd was still lost in their thoughts.


What the f**k was going on?

What are you waiting for! Come and take the trials! The King of Hell straightened his face.

Senior, I

The second person was Longhu, whose face was filled with a glimpse of hope.

Get your ass inside!

The King of Hell slapped Longhu straight into one of the water screens, whose cry of agony echoed in the palace as his figure disappeared into the screen.