Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 753

Chapter 753 Battle
Chapter 753 - Battle!

If anyone were trying to merge with the corpses of the Heavenly Fortune Hounds, it would not be an easy task. However, as the two Martial Progenitors were already in the form of spirits to begin with, as their figures collided with the corpses, the gears of fate had already begun to spin.

The two Martial Progenitors could only feel themselves entering a strange flesh.

Their hands were no longer hands, and their legs were no longer legs.

At this moment, the two Martial Progenitors were completely dumbfounded.

Had they become hounds?

They were once Martial Progenitors, but now they had become hounds?

How could this be!

The two Martial Progenitors were unable to accept the truth, and immediately opened their mouths to utter a cry.



Two extraordinarily clear barks echoed in the dojo.

The previously murderous atmosphere of the dojo instantly changed. The crowd wore strange gazes seeing this. They had initially assumed the two figures to be relatively powerful as they were able to trap Qin Nan, but they had now turned into hounds?


Even Qin Nan could not help but burst out laughing.


This was too interesting!

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse held its stomach and burst out laughing while rolling around on the ground. That was what you get for betraying.

The two Martial Progenitors entirely lost their minds.

They were hounds now? Had they really turned into hounds?

They subconsciously tried to speak once again.



Another two loud barks could be heard.

The two Martial Progenitors finally collected their thoughts. They had actually turned into dogs!

Bark bark bark

The crowd could only see two golden-haired dogs uttering cries in despair.

Heavenly Fortune Mouse, Ill leave them to you.

Qin Nan withdrew his laughter and glanced at the Heavenly Fortune Mouse. He knew that the Heavenly Fortune Mouse had consumed a huge amount of energy while executing the attack, but he did not have the time to spare now.


The eyes of the Heavenly Fortune Mouse flickered. Riding on dogs was one of its favorite pastimes.

Go now!

Quick! Dont let Qin Nan take the treasures!

What are you waiting for! Charge now!

Mu Tianxing, Jiang Feifan, Cheng Tiange, and the others collected their thoughts and yelled.

The geniuses finally awoke and charged in Qin Nans direction with shocking auras.

Countless attacks were unleashed, resulting in a surge of glows that rolled toward Qin Nan ferociously.

Qin Nan!

Jiang Bilan, Longhu, and Yu Luosha could feel their hearts clenching.

The outcome of the battle would be decided in the next moment!


With a flicker, Qin Nans figure burst forward and grabbed at the Martial Monarch Corpse, the two-half Martial Monarch Corpses, and the Precedent Flower. To everyones surprise, the treasures did not resist this time, allowing Qin Nan to grab them with ease.


The eyes of Mu Tianxing, Jiang Feifan, Cheng Tiange, and the rest widened.

Qin Nan turned around and saw the approaching waves of attacks. His blood began to boil as his left eye emitted a purple flicker. Following this, his figure dashed forward like a lightning ray, weaving through the attacks.

Every move, every path of the attacks were exposed!

He was able to dodge all the attacks perfectly unharmed.

Following this, Qin Nans figure sprang into the sky and stared down at the crowd like a conqueror!

Within an hour, if none of you are able to defeat Qin Nan, the treasures will then belong to Qin Nan. Everyone else will be kicked out from the battlefield. The voice of Madam Heavenly Fortune echoed in the dojo.

The crowd was astounded.

They still had a chance!

As long as they defeated Qin Nan within an hours time, they could still acquire the treasures!

Everyone, we should work together and kill Qin Nan! Mu Tianxing immediately reacted and uttered a yell, which caused the crowd to fix their gazes onto Qin Nans figure.

The combined aura of hundreds of people caused the Heavens and Earth to tremble!

If they possessed some sort of selfish motives before this, that was no longer the case now.

At least their focus now was to defeat Qin Nan!

Despite Qin Nans outstanding strength, there was no way he would stand a chance against an army of a few hundred cultivators, right?

Qin Nan Jiang Bilan and the others were startled, and were about to say something.

However, Qin Nan who was floating in the air shook his head slightly facing the trio.

Qin Nan gazed down at the murderous-looking crowd below him. A purple glow was emitted from his left eye as his purple hair danced wildly despite the absence of a wind.


Qin Nan slowly exhaled, before his aura changed tremendously in the next second.


A shocking aura burst out from Qin Nans figure. Although it was still insignificant compared to the murderous intent of the crowd, his presence was like the sun slowly rising into the air!

Not a single person among the crowd could ignore his presence!

Let the battle begin!

Qin Nan let out a roar as his blood thoroughly boiled, emitting his battle intent into the sky!

This moment!

He had waited a long time for this!

Although he could easily abuse the power of his left eye of the Divine God of Battle to drag the battle out and survive until the time limit ended, he chose not to escape and hide this time. Let it be a hundred enemiesor a thousand of themhe had decided to fight! He had decided to have a great battle!

Only through endless battles would he be able to showcase the power of the Divine Battle Martial Highness Realm and the Heaven-Shattering Saber!

Only through endless battles...

Would he feel satisfied!


Qin Nans figure dived downward like a meteor in the crowds direction.

Qin Nan! You dare to take the initiative to strike! Kill him! Mu Tianxing collected his thoughts. His face was filled with fury as he uttered a roar, executing the ancient Martial Art of the Mu Clan.

Echoing Heavenly Melody!

Boundless Earth!

Wu River Deity!

The cultivators stomped their feet and executed powerful ancient Martial Arts. Their figures moved rapidly and surrounded Qin Nan from all directions, as if they were planning to entrap Qin Nan in the middle, giving him no chance to escape.

Magic Scarlet Poison, Poison Gas Sweeping the Heavens!

Qin Nans figure came to a stop. He held his hands together and uttered a blasting roar.


In his body, the stream of Magic Scarlet Force was unleashed, which transformed into a black mist that burst out from his pores and filled the sky in the blink of an eye!

Its poisonous!

What is this! Why would Qin Nan have such a strong poison!

Damn it! Anyone here has some anti-poison pills?

The crowd soon lost their ground and was immersed in a chaos.

The moment the poisonous gas was released, they could already tell that their Martial Arts were unable to resist the poison, which served as a sign of how strong the poison was!