Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 765

Chapter 765 Serene Infernal Body
Chapter 765 - Serene Infernal Body

The entire residence instantly fell into darkness.

A demonic aura emerged from Mu Mus back and transformed into illusionary figures of snakes that filled the place, as an eerie pressure swept the area.

If a second ago she resembled a fairy, she had now turned into the queen of the underworld!

Whats going on? Qin Nan was startled. Even he could feel chills down his spine as he faced the pressure.

This is bad, its happening in advance. Princess Miao Miao straightened her face and performed a hand seal as she uttered, A Million Flower Blossoms, Soul-Sealing Triple Variants!


Countless strange-looking petals blossomed and spread out in the darkness, as if they were trying to exceed its capacity, creating a sea of flowers.

The illusionary snakes immediately uttered a piercing hiss as if they were aware of the threat. They instantly resisted, preventing the sea of flowers from spreading any further.

Its grown stronger again. Princess Miao Miao grumbled, Qin Nan, lend me a hand!


Qin Nan, who had long been prepared, immediately unleashed his full power!

Vastness of the poles, suppresses the demon with the emperor art!

Following a loud roar, a piercing golden glow was emitted from Qin Nans figure. Accompanied by an overwhelming presence of righteousness, it transformed into a sun and caused the illusionary snakes to scream in agony as if they had just encountered their natural predator. They then immediately withdrew into Mu Mus body.

After half the period it took an incense to burn, the illusionary snakes finally disappeared, allowing the residence to recover its initial calmness.


Princess Miao Miao patted her chest. Fortunately Qin Nan had been there to help, otherwise, she would have been forced to use her Primary Force.

Qin Nan frowned. He had not expected such an overwhelming demonic force to burst out from Mu Mus figure. He immediately took a glimpse with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, which emitted a brilliant purple glow.

However, apart from darkness, he couldnt see anything significant.

She was born with a Serene Infernal Body; since her birth, it has possessed a powerful demonic force, Princess Miao Miao said, Furthermore, due to its nature, as she ages, the force continues to grow stronger and more ferocious until it finally transforms her into a peerless demon one day, bringing destruction upon the world!

Serene Infernal Body?

Qin Nan was startled. He guessed that this Mu Mu was most likely the daughter of the Mu Clans Patriarch, which explained why Princess Miao Miao was able to become the ninth elder of the Mu Clan. After all, the Princess was a legendary herb herself, so she had some ways to deal with her problem.

The demonic force is getting stronger now. Qin Nan, give me the Precedent Dream Flower so I can refine a magical pill that can sustain her life for three more years. Princess Miao Miao said.

Three more years? Just three more years? Isnt there any way that we could Qin Nan subconsciously asked.

Before he could finish, Princess Miao Miao glanced at him and softly shook her head, causing Qin Nan to quiet down instantly.

Mu Mu is extremely passionate about Martial Arts. Although she cannot leave this place, she was able to endure the loneliness and achieve the first-layer Martial Sacred Realm. Oh, by the way, she is a big fan of yours. She mentioned that every cultivator should be like Qin Nanstraightforward and living a delightful life. Princess Miao Miao said with a surprisingly calm expression.

She knew the truth all along.

The Heavens had never been fair.

Be straightforward, and live a delightful life

Qin Nan let out a sigh. From their brief interaction and the words of the Princess, he could speculate this fairy-like womans life of enduring the struggle and torture of her body while having high anticipation in regards to the Martial World.

By the way, Qin Nan, if Im not mistaken, the First Elder and his crew will definitely try to trouble the Patriarch, who is currently unable to show himself. Try to hold them off for as long as possible. Princess Miao Miaos eyes flickered coldly as a sudden thought crossed her mind.

The Patriarch is unable to show himself? Qin Nan wore a confused expression.

According to his observation with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, the Patriarch was the only Martial Progenitor Realm expert in the entire clan, while the elders were mostly half-Martial Progenitor or peak Martial Sacred. Why would the Patriarch allow them to stir trouble?

For some reason, the Patriarch suffered a strange injury that even I am clueless about what it actually is. Hes only a step away from death. Therefore, the Patriarch seldom shows himself nowadays. So the First Elder and his crew took the opportunity to start a rebellion.

Princess Miao Miao let out a sigh upon saying this.

Outsiders might have assumed this father and daughter to be living a pleasant life due to their status. But the reality was that they were both suffering a harsh fate.

Qin Nan, I owe the Patriarch a great favor, so I have to help. Now that Im quite occupied, I can only rely on you. Princess Miao Miao glanced at Qin Nan. It was the first time she had entrusted Qin Nan with a task in such a serious manner.

Sure, dont worry.

Qin Nan did not hesitate.

Now the Princess was asking him a favor, how could he not give his best?

Take this badge, and once you really cant handle the situation, wake the Patriarch up. But remember, dont force yourself, your life is the most important to me! Princess Miao Miao handed Qin Nan a badge.

Little did she know...


This assholes life had become the most important thing to her, more than anything else.

Dont worry.

Qin Nan nodded.

Princess Miao Miao glanced at him before she brought Mu Mu back into the residence. Following this, a magical glow surrounded the residence and strengthened it. Qin Nan took a glimpse and learned that even a Martial Progenitor Realm expert would have a hard time breaking through the barrier.

This forbidding aura must have been constructed by the Patriarch personally.

Now how can I delay those guys?

Qin Nan pondered and suddenly his eyes flickered.

There was something that was definitely worth trying!

However, at that instant...

Dong dong dong!

A series of rapid bell chimes suddenly echoed in the Mu Clan.

All elders and core disciples must head to the Clan Hall at once!

An imperious roar exploded above the Mu Clan.

Countless experts and core disciples of the Mu Clan were startled. It had been a while since the last clan meeting that had taken place, when Mu Tianxing was killed!

Could it be...

The eyes of the crowd glittered as they proceeded to the Clan Hall.