Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 77

Chapter 77 activating the map
Chapter 77 - Activating the Map

Everyone found themselves staring unbelievingly, their eyes and mouth wide open.

It never occurred to them before that Qin Nan would be so ruthless with his words, totally disrespecting Xiao Yunhe.

After hearing these words, Xiao Yunhe was startled for a brief moment, before he was engulfed in flames of anger.

Im ranked first among the top ten geniuses, next only to Ling Zixiao and Huang Long.

When was the last time he was treated so disdainfully?

Qin Nan, you f**king piece of trashIll kill you Xiao Yunhe let out a ferocious roar, and a powerful force burst out from his body, as if he had transformed into a ferocious beast.

Xiao Yunhe, stop it. Outside of everyones expectation, Ling Zixiao interfered with a thunderous voice.

Xiao Yunhes swift movement came to a stop as he turned around and gave Ling Zixiao a confused look.

This trash will surely die today. Patience. Ling Zixiao advised him, before stepping forward while setting his eyes on the map in Qin Nans hand, Youre the last person I expected to retrieve a piece of the map. Now, if you agree to hand over the map, Ill only beat you into a cripple, and spare your life.

After hearing the words, every disciple including Xiao Yunhe realized what was going on.

The reason Ling Zixiao stopped Xiao Yunhe was because Qin Nan had the final piece of the map.

Qin Nan glanced at Ling Zixiao and said, Calling me trash all the time, and now threatening to beat me into a cripple, sparing my life? Do you really think I will hand it over? In your dreams, Ling Zixiao.

Ling Zixiaos face twisted slightly after hearing this, but he could only hold back his anger at this moment.

He only had four of the pieces on him; without Qin Nans final piece, it would be impossible to find the remaining twenty badges.

Ling Zixiao took a deep breath and tried his best to talk in a calm tone, I apologize for my previous words. If youre willing to give me the map piece, I swear I will not touch you. How is it this time?

Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh and said, I have zero trust in you. Besides, I dont need your mercy either.

Qin Nan paused briefly before saying calmly, Ling Zixiao, if you really want the remaining twenty Blue Dragon Badges, then give me the four pieces you have. If not, I will never give the final piece to you, even if I am forced to destroy it.

Everyones face twisted after hearing this.

They finally learned the true meaning of being conceited and scornful.

Who among the new disciples would dare to talk to Ling Zixiao like that?

Ling Zixiaos expression turned cold instantly and he yelled, Qin Nan, you dont want to push me past my limit.

However, before Qin Nan had the chance to speak, a terrifying aura appeared all of a sudden, together with a mocking laugh, Ling Zixiao, youre such a hypocrite; you called him trash, threatened to beat him into a cripple, and now youre telling him not to push you off the top?

The sudden voice had attracted everyones attention, who all turned around toward it.

With a glance, everyones expression immediately changed, including Ling Zixiaos.

The newcomer was none other than Huang Long, who was one of the super geniuses.

Qin Nan directed his vision toward Huang Long, and was soon startled.

He could feel a ferocious aura emitting from Huang Longs body; this aura could even outmatch Ling Zixiao, whose cultivation had achieved the tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm.

This auraeven though its still a distance away from the Xiantian Realm, its definitely stronger than the tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm. It seems like Huang Long had set half his foot into the Xiantian Realm, not to mention that he had also mastered the Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon Qin Nan exclaimed in his mind, as his expression turned serious.

In his opinion, Huang Long was a tougher opponent to deal with than Ling Zixiao.

Ling Zixiaos face turned cold instantly. If someone were to ask him who was the person he hated the most, Qin Nan and Huang Long would both rank first in his mind, not to mention the fact that Huang Long served as a much greater threat to him. This was also the reason that Ling Zixiao had gathered other geniuses like Xiao Yunhe and Duan Muyang; to combine their strengths to handle Huang Long when the time came.

Huang Long, what are you trying to say? Ling Zixiao snapped.

What am I trying to say? Huang Long smilingly ignored his hostile gaze and said in a lazy tone, I do have a suggestion here. Brother Qin Nan will give you the map so that you can find the remaining twenty Blue Dragon Badges. During this period, you are prohibited to attack Brother Qin Nan. If not, I will see it as you disrespecting me. If thats the case, Ill be teaming up with Brother Qin Nan, and eliminate every single piece of trash like you all.

After saying this, Huang Long glanced at Qin Nan and said smilingly, Brother Qin Nan, dont you worry, Im a man of my words. If this hypocrite Ling Zixiao dares to attack you, Ill help you handle them.

Ling Zixiao and the others had unpleasant expressions on their faces after they heard this. It felt like Huang Long was scolding them with every word he said.

However, they did not have anything to comment, as his suggestion was indeed the best way to deal with the current situation.

The only downside for Ling Zixiao and his crew was that it seemed like they could only kill Qin Nan after retrieving the Blue Dragon Badges, which meant this trash could still live on for a couple more days.

I definitely trust Senior Brother Huang Longs words.

Qin Nan did not hesitate; he immediately took the map out and shoved it toward Ling Zixiao.

Although he was not willing to hand over the map, it was not wise for the situation to remain as it was. Furthermore, Qin Nan was quite fond of Huang Longs personality, which was why he agreed to hand it over so easily.

After seeing Qin Nans swift decision, the faces of Ling Zixiao and the other geniuses instinctively twisted once again.

Heh, Brother Qin Nan, I admire your open-mindedness. Huang Long raised his thumb at Qin Nan and said laughingly, Ling Zixiao, stop wasting time and join the map pieces together now.

Ling Zixiao let out a cold hmph without refuting. He took the remaining four pieces from his chest pocket and joined them all together.

The crowd remained silent while watching the event taking place; even though they were quite disappointed that Ling Zixiao and Qin Nan did not end up battling each other, they would not dare to speak since the main concern now was the twenty Blue Dragon Badges, in addition to the presence of a super genius like Huang Long at the scene.

As Ling Zixiao connected the five map pieces together, something bizarre happened.

The five map pieces bursted into flames all of a sudden.

Following this, light rays were emitted from the flames and joined together continuously, forming a map which could be easily understood.

At the center of the illuminated map, was an image of a Blue Dragons head. It was eye-catching as it had a lively feeling to it.

Upon seeing this, everyones breath intensified as they tried their best to memorize the details of the map in their minds.

After a while, the virtual map completely vanished and turned into ashes.

Qin Nan reacted immediately as he gave out a command: Lets move!