Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 774

Chapter 774 Being Chased
Chapter 774 - Being Chased

A breeze swept past on the Boundless Ocean, producing a large wave.


A rift suddenly appeared, before three figures dropped down from it, which turned out to be Qin Nan and his crew.

Qin Nan flicked his finger and fired a stream of the force of the Martial Highness Realm, binding Mu Mu to his back.

The Patriarch, is he

The Princess became silent in the midst of her speech.

Qin Nan remained silent too.

From the beginning, the Patriarch had already been aware that the Flying Alligator Progenitor was planning the scheme behind the scenes. Therefore, he had already planned to self-detonate and teleport them away with the help of Skyedge Islands spirit.

My strength is still not enough!

Qin Nan clenched his teeth tightly.

He had been almost useless in his trip to the Mu Clan, as he had only managed to help the Patriarch to break the Netherworld Chain.

Patriarch, dont worry. Ill take care of her!

Qin Nan took a deep breath and glanced at Mu Mu. Even though she was fast asleep, it felt like she was well aware of the situation, as two lines of tears could be seen on her face, causing ones heart to ache.

Princess, lets go!

Qin Nan shook his head and stabilized his emotions. Now was not the time to overthink. He held the badge in his hand and transmitted his voice to the Sky-Scorching Emperors crew, before grabbing Princess Miao Miaos hand and flying into the distance.

Since they were facing a Martial Progenitor, they had to be cautious at all time, as it would be extremely difficult if their enemies managed to catch up to them!

...Meanwhile, at the Mu Clan on Skyedge Island...

The explosion settled.

More than a third of the Mu Clan had been razed to the ground due to the impact, leaving scorch marks everywhere.


A terrifying aura sprang into the sky all of a sudden, which turned out to be the Flying Alligator Progenitor.

Currently, his hair was disheveled while his entire appearance was in disarray, completely having lost his previously imperious aura.

Meanwhile, Mu Kun and the others were in a much more devastated state. Most of them were practically severely injured, while some of the disciples with weaker cultivations had been instantly killed on the spot!

Damn it! A bunch of useless pricks, who completely forgot about the spirit of Skyedge Island, allowing those three to escape!

The Flying Alligator Progenitor burst out cursing. If it werent for this bunch of trash, how would it be possible for that old man to teleport the three away!

That being said, oh Patriarch, does it really matter now? The treasure will be mine, and Ill bring your daughter to the Wuliang Mountain too! You still cant alter the result, HAHAHA!

The Flying Alligator Progenitor burst out laughing. His laughter echoed throughout the entire Mu Clan.

Following this, he began to perform hand seals.

Almighty God of Earth, Thousand Li Tracking!

The Flying Alligator Progenitor spat out three drops of blood to construct a blood formation in the air, from which strange illusionary figures crawled out. Not a single aura could be felt from them, as if they did not belong to this world.

In just a moment, over hundreds of illusionary figures had appeared, and surprisingly made lively gestures facing the Flying Alligator Progenitor.

These greedy idiots!

The Flying Alligator Progenitor harrumphed and spat out another five drops of blood onto their figures.

The illusionary figures uttered eerie cries before turning into beams of light that dashed in all directions searching for their targets like roaming spirits of the Heavens and Earth.

Over ten breaths later, an illusionary figure suddenly returned and whispered something.

Nice, well done!

The Flying Alligator Progenitor could not help but exclaim with utter excitement. He immediately reached out his hand and pinched the illusionary figure into dust.

He had learned the location of the trio!

Master, bring me with you! At that instant, a voice could be heard, which was none other than that of Mu Fengsha.

The Flying Alligator cast a glimpse at him and let out a harrumph, before picking up his figure and summoning a rift.

As for Mu Kun, he glanced at the scorched land and the clan members crying out in agony. His eyes were filled with a blank expression.

Even though he had achieved his goal, why wasnt he feeling any joy?

...The period it took an incense to burn later, on the Boundless Ocean...

Qin Nans figure proceeded forward like the slash of a saber, resulting in ferocious gusts of wind following his movement.

Another half an incenses time and well be able to reunite with the seniors! Qin Nan checked the message from his badge and glanced at the land appearing before him. He turned his head around toward the Princess, who had remained silent along the journey.

However, at this moment, a strong sense of danger exploded in Qin Nans mind.


A rapid succession of whooshes could be heard coming from afar, before a giant colorful sword propelled toward the trio with a formidable power like a meteor.

The attack could easily crush a peak Martial Sacred Realm expert!

Left arm of the Divine God of Battle!

Qin Nan uttered a roar and knocked the Princess and Mu Mu away, before raising his left arm as a shield.


Even though the left arm had blocked the slash, the impact from the collision struck Qin Nans figure like a raging ocean, sending his figure flying backward while he spat out mouthfuls of blood.

Qin Nan The Princesss face turned pale.

Run now!

Qin Nan finally stabilized himself after being knocked a couple of hundred steps backward.

Trying to flee? HAHAHA, with your strength? A shocking laughter echoed in the Heavens and Earth, before a figure with a terrifying suppression stepped out from the rift.

The ocean became restless all of a sudden.

The person was none other than the Flying Alligator Progenitor!

Master, hes the one that has acquired the succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path. Make sure you dont kill him, just cripple him! Mu Fengsha, who was standing aside of the Flying Alligator Progenitor, blurted out.

Very well!

The eyes of the Flying Alligator flickered with greed. The succession of the Heavenly Fortune Path was able to alter ones destiny, granting the person a chance to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm. It was as valuable as the golden seal he was aiming for!

Primary Qi Accumulate, The Heavenly Maids Scatter Blossoms!

The Flying Alligator knew that his time was limited, thus he showed no hesitation in raising his hand and slapping at the sky.


A shocking force exploded in the sky, which formed a thousand brilliant beams that descended upon the trio like a terrifying rain of meteors, leaving them with no escape.

It was impossible to defend even with Qin Nans left arm of the Divine God of Battle!

The figures of the trio appeared to be miniscule facing the attack, as if they were merely ants!

Heaven-Shattering Saber!

Qin Nan let out a roar and enwrapped Princess Miao Miao and Mu Mu with his Demon Gods Robe, before charging toward the approaching light dots.

It was like an ant charging toward an enormous army!


The Flying Alligator Progenitor smirked viciously. With a single thought, the beams of light began to lock onto Qin Nans figure.

Qin Nans meridians, etc. would be easily destroyed by the attack, turning him into a cripple!

However, at that particular moment...


Three shocking cries suddenly could be heard, as three tremendous sacred glows burst upward from the land and turned into giant punches that shattered the light dots.

Mm? The Flying Alligator frowned and took a glimpse, before his expression stiffened slightly.

He could only see three giant beasts flying into the sky, followed by the Sky-Scorching Emperor, Zhou Bihua, the Dragon Abyss Tree, the Statue of the Deceased Emperor, Elder Wang, and the rest of the experts, charging toward him like a terrifying army!