Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 785

Chapter 785 Ancient Purple Golden Battle Dragon
Chapter 785 - Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon

Everyone, Ill take half of the Demonic Flame Flowers. Hows that? Qin Nan glanced at the group of cultivators and said.

Upon hearing the words, the cultivators immediately collected their thoughts.

Impossible! Weve invested such a great effort to drain its energy away, and youre demanding half of the loot? Besides, do you have any idea who we are The four cultivators behind the woman snapped as if their tails were being stepped on.

Fine, half of the loot is yours. Before they could finish, the woman waved her hand and said, Its all thanks to you that we were able to drive the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor away. How should we address you?

The four cultivators were stunned, and were planning to say something but immediately shut their mouths up when they saw the gaze from the woman.

Dont worry about my name. Qin Nan grabbed half of the Demonic Flame Flowers and said, Ill be going then!

Qin Nans figure sprang in the direction in which the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor had escaped to.

His action immediately left the group of cultivators in awe.

Was he seriously planning to go to that place?

Didnt he know how dangerous that place was?

Hold it! The woman yelled, Once a fourth-layer Martial Progenitor enters that place they would end up getting their Martial Progenitor Tree severely damaged. It would take them over hundreds of years to recover unless they found some extraordinary herbs

So what? Qin Nan blurted out without turning his head around, as his figure vanished into the distance.

The Demonic Flame Flowers could improve his cultivation to the peak Martial Sacred Realm, but it was still not enough for the upcoming battle at the Wuliang Mountain! Therefore, it was necessary for Qin Nan to venture deeper in search of treasures, etc.!

Even if it was dangerous, he had to gamble!

So what? Isnt he afraid of dying?

The woman was stunned, before her heart shuddered slightly all of a sudden.

Maybe she had been too careful all along, as the Martial World was like moving forward against the current. How could she grow stronger if she wasnt willing to take a gamble and go all out?

Humph! Such a disrespectful young man. I bet that hes going to die inside!

The four cultivators were not fond of Qin Nan to begin with, thus they immediately cursed seeing this.

Shut up!

To their surprise, the eyes of the woman suddenly coldened, This will be the end of the discussion. I hope that you all will remember carefully what has happened today. Otherwise, with your current attitude, itd be impossible for you to achieve the Martial Progenitor Realm in the future!

Saying this, the woman flew away without turning her head around.

The four cultivators were left with blank expressions.

Such a great presence of demonic Qi!

Qin Nan slowed his pace as he could see a huge cave deep within the valley. The cave was filled with ancient demonic Qi, which hindered his vision, preventing him from taking a clear look.

Qin Nan, lets go back. It feels like theres something extremely scary inside Yellow and Blacky said with a trembling voice. For some reason, their figures were shivering too.

Even the Heavenly Fortune Mouse began to squeak in a panicky manner.

Ive got the copper mirror protecting me, which seems to have a weird connection with beasts. Therefore, I might have a chance to enter the cave. Ive no reason not to try!

Qin Nan ignored the voices of the two hounds and dashed into the cave with a kick.

The cave was damp and covered in darkness, with runes carved onto the walls, which seemed to be some sort of ancient forbidding formation.

Meanwhile, a pair of crimson eyes could be seen inside the cave, burning with a shocking fury!

The owner of the eyes was none other than the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor!

Human! Ive already compromised, but you still choose not to listen to my advice! I dont care what trick you have up your sleeves, and even if it means death, Ill kill you The Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor uttered a furious roar, causing the entire cave to shake vigorously as a terrifying aura was unleashed.

This time, it was really infuriated!

Protection of the Golden Seal!

Qin Nan had no time to say anything. He immediately unleashed the golden seal without hesitation.

He was not able to activate the copper mirror, but since the golden seal was somehow connected to it, it would have a similar effect too.

That being said, if the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor insisted on blocking his path, it would mean that he had no chance of getting the treasures within the cave, and would be forced to leave instead!


The Demonic Bull Martial Progenitors palm stiffened in the air, while a panicky look could be seen from its bloodshot eyes.

The reason being that it could sense a mysterious aura from the golden seal. Although it was unstable and extremely vague, it was utterly shocking to a beast like it!

It could not help but have the urge to submit itself to its presence!

What was going on? Why did a mere human have such a great treasure of the beast race?

Bull, stop it. Let this kid enter. Its been a long time since I have last seen a human A thunderous voice could suddenly be heard coming from the cave.


The Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor collected its thoughts and glimpsed at Qin Nan, In you go!


Qin Nan brought his hands together toward the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor and proceeded forward, while letting out a sigh of relief in his heart. It appeared that he had made the right speculation. With the golden seal and the copper mirror, he had a glimpse of hope at revealing the secret inside the cave!

Could this guy be the one that the king has been waiting for?

Little did Qin Nan know that the mind of the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor had countless doubts as it stared at Qin Nans departing figure.

Damn, the voice just then was so terrifying. Theres no doubt that the beast inside the cave has a bloodline thats significantly stronger than that of the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor Yellow and Blacky spoke with trembling voices. Since they had turned into the Heavenly Fortune Hounds, they were considered beasts too, thus were placed under the restriction of bloodlines.

Different than the humans, the bloodline of a beast determined their authority. Even a Martial Dominator Realm beast with a stronger bloodline could suppress a Martial Highness Realm beast.

Qin Nan wore a solemn expression.

The vision of his left eye was hindered, preventing him from getting a clear look deep into the cave. It served as a sign that the beast ahead was extremely powerful!

The depth of the cave was not too deep. Over ten breaths later, Qin Nan had reached the end. The darkness before him was replaced by a giant lake!

Qin Nan unconsciously lowered his gaze. His face contorted when he saw the giant being before him.


The two Heavenly Fortune Hounds were dumbfounded as if they had been struck by lightning.

How could this be!

Why would an ancient legendary beast be here!