Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 789

Chapter 789 Mu Mus Change
Chapter 789 - Mu Mus Change

The Wuliang Mountain was extremely high, surrounded by clouds and endless Qi. Unlike the other sects, the peak of the Wuliang Mountain was an enormous over four-thousand zhang wide dojo. To reach the dojo, one would need to pass through the entrance at the foot of the mountain with a badge assigned by the Wuliang Mountain and climb over ten thousand steps.

The Great Ceremony of the Wuliang Mountain was held at the Mountain Peak Dojo!

If anyone were to glance down at the dojo from above, they would see the place being filled with jade tables where rogue cultivators, clans, sects from various places, and the disciples of the Wuliang Mountain were seated, resulting in a lively scene. With a rough glance, there were at least over two thousand people.

Hehe! What do you guys think? Will the Two-Starred Faction send someone here today?

The rumors wouldnt appear out of nowhere. I believe someone will be coming!

Thats not really my concern. Im more curious about the genius from the lower district who is planning to challenge the Wuliang Mountain. Is that real? If so, it would make this Great Ceremony very interesting!

The crowd began to whisper among themselves.

Many among them had great anticipation, as it was rare for the sect to hold a Great Ceremony without any significant reason. As such, they hoped that they would be able to witness something exciting!

At that instant, a roar pierced through the sky, Now, let us welcome the Sect Leader, Supreme Elder, elders, the Flydrift Sect, the Crimson Scorching Sect, the Vast Purge Sect, and the Mu Clan of the Eastern Continent!

Hearing this, the entire place fell silent.

Everyone immediately raised their heads toward the entrance.


Several powerful auras tore the rift apart and descended, which turned out to be the Flying Alligator Progenitor, the Sect Leader of the Flydrift Sect, etc. In the blink of an eye, four Martial Progenitors had arrived!

On top of that, various elders with cultivations at the peak Martial Sacred Realm arrived, followed by Mu Kun and his crew.


As the elders took their seats, a glamorous woman slowly approached the dojo from the sky. Her outstanding beauty stunned the entire crowd. The person was none other than the Sect Leader of the Wuliang Mountain, Lin Miaoke!

If Qin Nan were to be here, he would realize that she was the woman he had stumbled into at the valley.

First of all, thanks for coming to our Wuliang Mountains Great Ceremony. Lin Miaoke stood at the leading position and said politely, Now, all disciples of the Wuliang Mountain, please stand and welcome the representative from the Two-Stared Faction known as the Chaos Sectthe Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor!

The words served as a shocking clash of thunder.

Many people from various sects and the crowd of rogue cultivators were stunned.


An overwhelming aura descended from above and landed right before the crowd, which turned out to be an old man. His face was covered in an eerie shade, while an eerie aura could be felt emitting from his body, causing the temperature of the place to drop rapidly.

He was the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor, whose cultivation had reached the fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm!

Greetings, Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor!

The disciples of the Wuliang Mountain immediately yelled as if they had been aware of his arrival from the beginning.

Mm, not bad, not bad. The Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor scanned the crowd and smilingly waved his hand, Theres no need to be overly courteous. Im just here to recruit some disciples. Carry on with the Great Ceremony!

Saying this, his figure arrived beside the leading seat with a flicker.

However, his brief sentence caused the crowd to hold their breaths.

Recruit some disciples?

Didnt that mean that the Wuliang Mountain would share a friendly relationship with the Chaos Sect from today onward?

The eyes of the cultivators became fiery.

It went without saying that the influence of the Wuliang Mountain would improve significantly from today onward!

Everyone, before the recruitment begins, Ive something to clarify. The Flying Alligator Progenitor rose from his seat and glanced at the crowd, before he said with a cold grin, I believe many among you were told that the top genius of the Eastern Continent would be here to destroy our Wuliang Mountain!

I shall briefly explain the reason behind it. This genius of the Eastern Continent is here to save a woman that I have in custody, and since the Great Ceremony is being held today, everyone here can witness if he is brave enough to show himself. Otherwise, the hostage will be slain right before the crowd!

The crowd became lively hearing this.

Many cultivators even burst out laughing.

Flying Alligator Progenitor, your clans Great Ceremony is quite interesting! A mere genius from the Eastern Continent is threatening to destroy your Wuliang Mountain!

I bet that the genius from the Eastern Continent would not dare to come and rescue the hostage!

Hehe, why not? Hes the top genius of the Eastern Continent! How would a mere Wuliang Mountain be significant in his eyes? He would surely show himself!

HAHA, I see youre trying to be funny!

Everyone was interested in seeing how the situation would develop.

In their eyes, the so-called top genius of the Eastern Continent was nothing but a clown.

He dared to show himself to rescue the hostage?

Wasnt that the same as killing himself!

Bring out the prisoner! The Flying Alligator Progenitor glanced at the crowd with a prideful smirk. Oh Qin Nan, youd better not be a coward. It would be even better if he brought along whatever ancient kingdom of the Eastern Continent here too, so I can save myself some time getting rid of them together!


A woman appeared at the center of the dojo, who turned out to be Princess Miao Miao.

However, mysterious ancient chains coiled around her figure, hindering her movement and stopping her from unleashing her cultivation.

Beside her stood a man and a woman.

The woman wore a white dress, and had attractive facial features, who was none other than Mu Mu!

The man was Mu Fengsha.

Mm, look how gorgeous these ladies are!

Whos that in the white dress? Why have I not seen her before at the Wuliang Mountain?

Tsk tsk, the Flying Alligator Progenitor is willing to sentence such a beauty to death! What a pity, he should gift her to me instead!

The crowd gathered their thoughts and whispered among one another.

Princess, you still trust Qin Nan under such circumstances? I have already mentioned that if you were willing to submit to my will, your life will be spared Mu Fengsha wore an unpleasant expression. He had tried to convince the Princess many times, but his words were completely ignored.

As he had expected, the Princess continued to ignore his presence as she glanced at Mu Mu and let out a sigh, Mu Mu, I didnt lie to you. The Flying Alligator Progenitor and the people of the Mu Clan were the ones who tricked you and killed your father, besides

Shut up!

Mu Mu cast a cold glare at the Princess and said, Princess, I once trusted you, but who knew that you would collude with Qin Nan and the Unfettered Sword Progenitor to kill my father! If Qin Nan dares to show himself today, I will surely kill him with my own hands.

Princess Miao Miaos expression stiffened, before she glared at Mu Fengsha, the Flying Alligator Progenitor, Mu Kun, and his crew with great fury.

These people were shameless pricks!

As Mu Mu had been asleep during the incident at the Mu Clan, she was clueless about what had happened. Thus, the Flying Alligator Progenitor took a hold of the opportunity to distort the truth and tricked Mu Mu into believing that herself, Qin Nan, and the Unfettered Sword Progenitor were the ones who had killed her father.

The Princess also detected a vague poison inside Mu Mus body, which was most likely some strange poison that the Flying Alligator Progenitor and his crew had poisoned Mu Mu with to earn her trust! quiet! The Flying Alligator Progenitor wore a disdainful look when he saw the anger on the Princesss face, before he shouted, Today, allow me to officially introduce you to a new genius of our Wuliang Mountain, who is the one chosen by the Chaos Sect. Her name is Mu Mu, the daughter of the Mu Clans Patriarch, who possesses a first-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

Upon hearing this, the crowd was left in awe.