Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 792

Chapter 792 The Dragon Bone Showcases Its Strength
Chapter 792 - The Dragon Bone Showcases Its Strength

It was as if time had frozen at the dojo on the Wuliang Mountain.

Within thirty breaths!

Everyone should leave the place, otherwise they would be killed without mercy!

In other words, if everyone stayed, he would kill them all!


How ruthless was that?

Lets go!

People of the Flydrift Sect, leave at once!

Remember to stay thirty li away!

However, the authorities of various sects and the rogue cultivators immediately left the place rapidly with their respective moves without hesitation.

So what if he came from the Eastern Continent?

Now that Qin Nan was supported by the Unfettered Sword Progenitor and the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor, he did have the right to drive the crowd away!

Although they were feeling unpleasant, no one among them was willing to be dragged into the mess.

We will go too!

After hesitating for a moment, Lin Miaoke made the most brilliant decision she had ever made in her life by transmitting her voice to the people on her side, People of the Wuliang Mountain, listen up. This is the business between the Supreme Elder and Qin Nan. We shall let them settle the dispute themselves!

The elders and disciples were dumbfounded.

Leave now!

Lin Miaoke straightened her face and snapped.

For some reason, her instincts were telling her that she should never befoe this young man before her. As for the four peak Martial Sacred Realm disciples who accompanied Lin Miaoke to the Crimson Magic Mountain Range, they immediately fled the place. The fact that Qin Nan was able to survive and even had convinced the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor to assist him was enough to intimidate them!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Countless figures began to distance themselves from the dojo.

If those who were clueless about the situation were to see this, they would be utterly astounded, as not a single person dared to disobey the words of a mere genius from the Eastern Continent!

How bold! A mere genius from the Eastern Continent behaving so lawlessly just because he had found some help! Unacceptable! The Nine-Shade Martial Progenitors face darkened upon seeing this. Frankly speaking, there was no need for him to interfere in the dispute, but people who were disrespectful were the most hated by him!

Did you really think you were undefeatable by relying on a Martial Progenitor and a Martial Progenitor Realm beast?

Qin Nan, you

The Flying Alligator Progenitors eyes were filled with great shock as he wore a dark expression.

How was this possible!

How did Qin Nan convince the Unfettered Sword Progenitor and the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor to help him within a month?

Although he had the support of the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor, he only possessed a cultivation of the fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, which was not strong enough to face the man and beast. In other words, the strength of his side was weaker!

As for the people of the Mu Clan, they were wearing blank expressions, and almost doubted whether they were having a dream.

A month ago, this young man had unleashed a monarch aura through some kind of trick to outsmart them. However, his strength had suddenly become immeasurable now!

Very well, most of them have left. Qin Nan glanced at the empty dojo and the people of the Mu Clan and the Flying Alligator Progenitor, before his gaze halted on the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitors figure and he asked coldly, Who are you? Time is running out. Does that mean youre planning to side with the Flying Alligator Progenitor?

The Flying Alligator Progenitor collected his thoughts and immediately transmitted his voice to the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor, Brother! You have to help me this time! If youre willing to lend a hand, Ill give you everything that I found!

Although the Flying Alligator Progenitor was feeling unwilling, he clearly knew that the situation was entirely beyond his control. Therefore, relying on the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor was the only choice left!

Dont you worry!

The Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor was already feeling displeased being questioned by a mere genius of the Eastern Continent. He took a step forward and glanced at Qin Nan with a cold grin, So what if Ive decided to help the Flying Alligator Progenitor? Do you really think Im not worthy enough to handle them both?

A terrifying aura was emitted.

Even though his cultivation was only at the fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realmon par with the cultivations of the Demonic Bull Progenitor and the Unfettered Sword Progenitorhe was not an ordinary fifth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. Otherwise, how would he have become the inner elder of a Two-Starred Faction, and be selected as their representative!

The cultivators were excited.

Now that the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor had voiced out, what would Qin Nan do?

Qin Nan! Upon seeing Qin Nan remain silent, the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor unleashed a stronger aura and snapped, If youre smart enough, you should apologize to the Flying Alligator Progenitor at once. Otherwise, even if youre not dead today, as youve offended me, when the time comes

However, he could not finish his words.

Enough with the bullshit!

Qin Nan stomped his foot and unleashed his aura as he uttered a roar, Die!

He grabbed with his hand and took out the Dragon Highness Spear!

He had decided not to bother the Unfettered Sword Progenitor and the Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor!

It would also be a good time for him to fulfill the wish of Senior Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon!

The terrifying suppression of a dragon was emitted from the Dragon Highness Spear, which swept the place like a tsunami, causing the faces of the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor, Flying Alligator Progenitor, and his crowd to contort.

The Demonic Bull Martial Progenitor uttered a ferocious roar into the sky as it sensed its kings aura, as if it wanted to witness the strength of its king one last time!

Qin Nan, dont be stupid, Im the elder of the Chaos Sect, a Two-Starred Faction! If you dare to harm me, it would be seen as challenging the authority of the Chaos Sect. As such the Chaos Monarch of the Chaos Sect would never forgive you The others were fine, but the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitors face had become pale white, losing his previous imperious manner.

He could feel it.

If the power of the spear were to be unleashed, he would die for sure!

However, before he could finish, a shocking explosion took place as the Dragon Highness Spear unleashed a tremendous aura, as if the Ancient Purple-Golden Battle Dragon had come back to life. With a tremendous battle intent, it reached out its dragon claws and tore at the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor.

The surroundings instantly dimmed.

Martial Progenitor Tree!

The Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor was astounded. The pitch-black Martial Progenitor Tree in his body immediately appeared, unleashing formidable Nine-Shade Qi that encapsulated his figure.

However, the next moment, the Dragon Highness Spear arrived before him. The tip of the spear unleashed a terrifying power, as if it were executing the punch of an ancient god, crushing the Martial Progenitor Tree and the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitors figure into pieces.

With the Nine-Shade Martial Progenitor at the center, a great explosion covered the area within one li from it, producing powerful gusts of wind that swept into the surroundings like tornados!

Killed with a single blow!


The Flying Alligator Progenitor, Lin Miaoke, and the rest of the crowd standing a distance away were left in awe.

Despite being supported by a Martial Progenitor and a Martial Progenitor Realm beast, Qin Nan himself also possessed such a terrifying weapon!