Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 8

Chapter 8 beheading
Chapter 8 - Beheading

Both Qin Yu and Qin Xiao had never thought that the person who they were just bad mouthing would actually appear before them. Because of this, the two brothers were dumbstruck.

Qin Nan, why are you here? asked Qin Xiao subconsciously in his bafflement.

Hahahaha! Who cares why hes here! said Qin Yu, his face revealed a mocking smile as he taunted, Qin Nan! You walk not the road to heaven but come to hell despite the fact that there's no entrance. We aren't in the Martial Skill Pavilion right now, and neither are we in the Qin Clan! Today, I want to see the capabilities you boasted of previously!

Qin Yus energy immediately erupted, His tyrannical aura had actually reached the second-layer of Body Tempering realm.

Qin Xiao immediately retracted his expression, his face also revealed a mocking smile. A burst of energy also erupted from his body, revealing his first-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivation.

The two brothers detested Qin Nan and wanted to taunt Qin Nan at every opportunity given. However, as long as Qin Nan was in the Qin Clan, the two brothers did not dare to make any moves. After all, Qin Nans father was the Patriarch of the Qin Clan, an existence which they just couldnt provoke.

Now however, they had actually encountered Qin Nan in Longhu Mountain Range. Even if they were to ruthlessly kill him now, the Qin Clan wouldnt be able to investigate it.

Qin Yu and Qin Xiaos gaze was fixed on Qin Nan, they were hoping to see the trace of fear on his face.

However, Qin Nan disappointed them.

When Qin Nan glanced at the two brothers, his face did not reveal even the slightest bit of fear, instead, he smiled indifferently, What capabilities do I have? Im afraid you shameless and immoral brothers alone do not have the qualifications to know.

Qin Xiao and Qin Yus complexion changed abruptly, they were enraged to the point where they began trembling. This fool is simply too arrogant! Even when death is near, he still boasts shamelessly.

Qin Nan, youre courting death!

With bloodshot eyes, Qin Xiao bellowed loudly as he recalled the humiliation he had previously experienced. His Martial Spirit emerged behind him and three golden rays incessantly flickered.

As Qin Xiao grasped the Martial Spirits Long Sword, he rushed over as though he were a fierce tiger. The Long Sword viscously darted over as it emanated a chilly aura with the majestic force of a first-layer Body Tempering Realm expert infused within.

Qin Yu coldly smiled in the back. He didnt have any plans to reveal his cards as Qin Xiao alone was already enough to defeat Qin Nan.

Previously, the reason Qin Nan had beaten Qin Xiao was only because due to the fact that he had used the ten Body Tempering Pills to breakthrough to first-layer of Body Tempering Realm before Qin Xiao.

This time, Qin Xiao had also achieved the first-layer of Body Tempering Realm and even possessed a third-grade Huang ranked Sword Martial Spirit. How could a waste like Qin Nan possibly withstand that?

At this moment, Qin Nan who was motionless standing in his former location suddenly struck out!

Qin Nan didnt pull out the Black Iron Saber on his waist, instead, he took a step forward and a fist suddenly exploded forth.

This fist was the same low-class Martial Skill which he had used to beat Qin Xiao once before, Collapsing Fist!

Youre still using this technique to attack me? Let me show you my new Martial Skill, Autumn Aqua Sword Art! Qin Xiao sneered as he glanced at Qin Nan in disdain. The longsword in his hand left behind remnants, and just like autumn water, it struck down.

Autumn Aqua Sword was equivalent to a middle-class Martial Skill. It was suitable for Qin Xiaos Sword Martial Spirit, and thanks to that, it allowed his strength to become even more powerful.

At this moment, the sword and fist collided.

The sneer on Qin Xiaos face suddenly turned stiff within that instant, followed by fear which filled his face; it was completely red as his mouth was left agape. It seemed as though he was trying to say something, however, he was unable to utter a single word. An omnipotent pressure surged over.


A tremendous explosion resounded. Under this majestic force, Qin Xiao was thoroughly blasted into pieces, turning into countless of fragments of flesh which wafted into the surroundings.

A single punch causing an explosive death, not even a painful shriek could be heard as he died before he could let it out.

Qin Nans face was incomparably tranquil. Dealing with someone like Qin Xiao who only had a cultivation of first-layer Body Tempering Realm with the strength of his third-layer Body Tempering Realm was simple. It was as easy as blowing off dust.


Qin Yu was mind blown, he watched this scene in dumbstruck. He had never thought that his own brother, Qin Xiao, would be defeated while using his Martial Spirit. Not only that, he was also killed by his opponent, even his corpse was completely dismembered.

Qin Nan! You actually dare kill my little brother! Youre courting death!

Qin Yu quickly retracted his stunned expression, his anger reached the heavens. He had completely lost his mind, instead, he was filled with a frenzy killing intent!

Four golden rays appeared from Qin Yus back. Within the golden rays, a Bow emerged as it emitted cold Qi.

This was Qin Yus fourth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, Arctic Bow!


Qin Yu roared as he grasped the Arctic Bow. He immediately pulled it into the shape of a full moon and a Peng sound could be heard. A frozen arrow suddenly shot forth from the Arctic Bow.

This frozen arrow was the strongest move Qin Yu had in his arsenal. The arrow was completely capable of utterly defeating an existence of third-layer Body Tempering realm. It was simply impossible to resist it.

However, at this moment, Qin Nan drew his saber. The Black Iron Saber swung forward.

Following a thunderclap-like sound, cold saber aura exploded forth like lightning in the void.

As a loud noise resounded from the collision, the arrow that had been fired was smashed into pieces by the saber aura, leaving nothing behind. It was not able to withstand the force of the saber.

What? Is that all youve got? Qin Nans face was expressionless, I had only used half of my full strength in that strike.

You. Qin Yu watched this scene in a daze. He opened his mouth but his throat seemed to be stuck, not a single word was spoken.

He used the cultivation of second layer Body Tempering Realm to channel the strongest attack of the fourth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. Yet, Qin Nan had actually received the attack with only half of his power?

How is this possible?

Could it be your cultivation has actually broken through the third-layer of Body Tempering realm?! Qin Yu suddenly came to a realisation. His gaze was fixed on Qin Nan, unable to accept this fact, How is that possible? Youre just a first-grade Huang ranked waste! How could you have achieved third-layer of Body Tempering realm?According to the standard, a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit breaking through the first layer of Body Tempering realm was already a heaven-opposing event. How could it have broken through the third layer of Body Tempering realm? Even if you were to have a myriad of Body Tempering Pills, it would still require time to refine them and would still require time to cultivate!

It had only been a few days since the Martial Spirit Awakening!

How did Qin Nan break through the third layer of Body Tempering realm within this half month?

First-grade Huang ranked waste? Qin Nan coldly smiled, Qin Yu, you really are stupid. You really think I have a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit? Alright, today, I will let you understand just who is the so-called waste!

As Qin Nan spoke, rumblings could be heard from his back. Seven golden rays blossomed and the Divine Battle Spirit emerged in a magnificent manner.


Qin Yu widened his eyes, his face was filled with shock. The lofty human avatar-like Martial Spirit before him emanated powerful pressure, giving him an urge to kneel down and pray.

The seven golden rays behind the lofty Martial Spirit emitted a peerless radiance, it was so bright that he could barely open his eyes!

Qin Nan. actually has a seventh-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit!

This how is this possible. How is this possible?..... Qin Yu seemed as if he had forfeited his soul, his face looked lifeless as he said, Dont you have a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit? How can you have such a terrifying Martial Spirit.

At this moment, Qin Yu suddenly recalled himself ridiculing and mocking Qin Nan, as well as his threats Now that he thought about it, he was just extremely ignorant.

He had actually called someone who possessed a seventh-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit a waste? He had actually threatened someone who possessed a seventh-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit?

If people were to know about this, then itd be equivalent to making a fool out of himself.

A seventh-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. This was something that would appear once every fifty years in Linshui City!

It seems like you have finally understood. Since youve understood this, then you may also go and accompany your little brother. Qin Nan said in an indifferent manner.

The Black Iron Saber within Qin Nans hand immediately emanated a buzzing sound followed by killing intent which encompassed his entire body.

Ah! Qin Yu suddenly reacted, his face was filled with fear and a loud cracking sound could be heard as he kneeled to the ground. His head knocked incessantly against the ground, giving off a series of slamming sounds. As he kowtowed, he plead, Please dont kill dont kill-

Before Qin Yu even uttered the word me, a saber aura flickered and his entire body was severed of life.

As Qin Nan saw the corpse, his face remained expressionless as he remarked, Ive said this once before, you better not kneel down and beg me. Because even if you did, I would still not let you go! It seems like you didnt take my words to heart. In the next world, you brothers should remember that you shouldnt be so arrogant, shouldnt look down on people, and definitely should not be shameless and immoral. Otherwise, when that time comes, you wont even have the right to regret your actions.

After he finished speaking, Qin Nan turned around, his gaze barely focused on the two figures.