Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 806

Chapter 806 Red Dragon Tribe Skyhowl Wolf
Chapter 806 - Red Dragon Tribe, Skyhowl Wolf

Unleashing its suppression prior to its arrival to intimidate the crowd. Even my dragon might is slightly restricted by its presence, it seems like this beast possesses an incredible bloodline!

The thought crossed Qin Nans mind.

Following this, twenty-two figures descended from the sky onto the dojo.

The crowd immediately glanced toward them.

Following a glimpse, everyone inhaled deeply.

Twenty-one of them were covered in wounds and blood, including the mister from the Leopard-Striped Dragons tribe that Qin Nan had stumbled into previously. Their eyes were filled with great terror, as if they had just experienced a disaster.

Before them stood a young man.

The young man had a dark skin tone and a pair of bloodshot eyes. His hair was tied up in a bun, and as he opened his mouth, a pair of golden fangs could be vaguely seen. Meanwhile, two huge sabers with ferocious auras were carried on his back!

He was the reason why the twenty-one beasts were injured!

He was also the one unleashing his beastly aura toward the crowd!


The young man wore a cold grin as he scanned the place, before he straightened his face and opened his mouth wide.


A roar into the sky!

A series of explosions took place on the dojo, as if the roar would cause the sky to crumble at any time.


Many beasts on the dojo were knocked backward as if they had just been struck by a huge impact, with blood dripping from their mouths.

The roar was not just an ordinary roar, but it was a move that contained some magical force!

Skyhowl Wolf!

Its the Skyhowl Wolf!

And its bloodline is even more superior than normal Skyhowl Wolves!

Could it be that the Young Master of the Skyhowl Wolfs tribe is here?

Countless astounded voices could be heard.

Holy shit! Its the Skyhowl Wolf! A beast that is ranked in the top thirty! Each of them possesses a cultivation of the Martial Dominator Realm since their birth The two hounds in Qin Nans body burst out screaming as if their tails were being stepped on.

Skyhowl Wolf?

Qin Nan was slightly startled, before he inspected the young man with his left eye, and immediately saw his blood emit rings of crimson lightfour of them!

In other words, the bloodline of the Skyhowl Wolf was equivalent to a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

In comparison, Man Wu who came onto the dojo a moment ago only had two rings of crimson light in his bloodline, thus it was equivalent to a second-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

As for the other beasts, most of them only possessed a single ring of crimson light!

Furthermore, even in the same clan, the bloodlines of the clan members were classified differently too. Even in the dragon tribe, some dragons only possessed slightly weaker bloodlines that were equivalent to Xuan ranked or Di ranked Martial Spirits!

However, this young man possessed a bloodline that was comparable to a fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, thus he was a formidable existence within the tribe of the Skyhowl Wolves without a doubt!

As expected of the Dragon Emperor Clan, a mere recruitment trial is able to attract such a powerful beast

Instead of feeling pressured, Qin Nans eyes flickered with excitement.

Did this mean he was able to meet stronger beasts if he advanced further in the trial?

Everyone, listen up. My name is Xuan Yue! You should call me Master Xuan Yue from now onward! Xuan Yue withdrew his aura and smirked hideously, If you fail to do so, then dont you blame me for...Mm? Humans? With dragon might?

Xuan Yue was stunned.

Im Qin Nan! Qin Nan brought his fists together calmly, Greetings, Cultivator Xuan Yue.

Although Xuan Yues aura was quite terrifying, and while his roar was powerful, it did not have any influence on Qin Nan.

Meanwhile, Mu Mu who was standing behind Qin Nan wore a pale expression, and subconsciously reached out her hand grabbing at Qin Nans shirt.

Cultivator Xuan Yue?

Xuan Yues expression suddenly changed as his gaze emitted a murderous glow, What did you just call me? Cultivator Xuan Yue? Did you not hear what I just said! You should be calling me Master Xuan Yue! A mere human dares to act disrespectfully here at the Dragon Emperor ClanI shall teach you a lesson today!

Shocking flames of fury burst out from Xuan Yues body.

Qin Nans words had definitely crossed the line!

The thing that Xuan Yue had hated for all his life was not being called Master Xuan Yue!

Even among the Skyhowl Wolves tribe, if anyone were not to call him Master Xuan Yue, regardless of their identity, he would strike without mercy and teach them a lesson!

The crowd of beasts, including Qin Nan, stared with their eyes open wide, as they did not expect Xuan Yue would be infuriated by a single sentence.

This human has messed up!

Everyone had the same thought and immediately felt relieved. It seemed like they would need to call him Master Xuan Yue whenever they stumbled into him in the future!

However, at that instant...

A calm voice could be heard from the sky, A mere wolf calling himself a master? In my opinion, Puppy Xuan Yue suits you better.


A teleportation portal appeared, from which a young man stepped out.

The young man was wearing a white robe, with sharp eyebrows and no sign of an aura. From a distance, he appeared to be an ordinary human.

A mere wolf? Puppy Xuan Yue?

The crowd was dumbfounded. Previously, Xuan Yue was already furious when Qin Nan refused to call him Master Xuan Yue. Currently, this young man had even humiliated him, wasnt Xuan Yue going to be even more provoked?


Qin Nan unconsciously raised his head, before his eyes flickered with astonishment.

How bold of you! As they expected, green veins began to pop out on Xuan Yues forehead when he heard the words. He uttered a roar with bloodshot eyes, You dare call me that! You will pay with your life!


Xuan Yue opened his mouth wide and fired a tremendous force into the sky.

Hidden technique of the Skyhowl Wolves!

Furious Howl of the Sky!

A mere Skyhowl Wolf dares to act ruthlessly, what a joke!

The young man in the sky reached out his hand. His palm instantly transformed into a crimson dragon claw that slashed downward!


A terrifying slash accompanied by a shocking dragon might sprang downward like a storm.

Red Dragon Claw!

Its the Red Dragon Claw!

Could this young man be someone of the Red Dragon tribe!

The crowd was astounded seeing this. No wonder this white-robed young man dared to challenge Xuan Yue!

The Red Dragons among the tribes of dragons possessed a bloodline that was on par with the Skyhowl Wolves, or even slightly stronger!

Thats not an ordinary Red Dragon, his bloodline has four rings of crimson lights. In other words, his bloodline is able to match Xuan Yues, which are both equivalent to fourth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirits

Qin Nan squinted his eyes.


Two shocking attacks collided with one another, resulting in a tremendous impact.

Both of them possessed Law-Defying Martial Sacred Realm cultivations with the same level bloodlines, therefore the power of their moves was somehow the same!

So youre from the Red Dragon tribe! If Im not mistaken, you must be Bai Xingyang! Xuan Yues gaze emitted a ferocious glow as his aura grew stronger, Very well! Bai Xingyang, Im eager to see what youve got

At that moment...

An imperious voice suddenly appeared from the mountain range.

Stop it at once!